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I have watched some slow convoluted stories in my day but this one beats them all hands down.
padron70227 August 2011
Yes I understand it was a compilation of short stories. What was missing is that something that normally would tie these stories together or at least if they are all unrelated stories make each one stand on it's own merit. Merit is the missing factor here. I guess I made it thru about one half of this 90 minutes before I had to walk out of the theater. This one should have come with a money back guarantee. Interestingly the plot outline here on IMDb reads, "A compilation of short films about desperate lives in America, starring many of the world's top actors." and I wonder if any of these 'Top Actors' bothered to look at this piece of truly unwatchable garbage after receiving what must surely have been overpayment for services rendered. Did anyone working on this bother to read the script? I think my dog could write more lucid and entertaining stories. Please people that worked on this, don't do it again. Life is too short. This movie was about desperate people and it certainly achieved that, it made me desperate to leave the theater. You have been warned.
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Were the actors blackmailed into doing this?
highwaytourist7 April 2013
Every scene in this film is rank amateur. It looks like a student film by someone who didn't do any studying. Though there is allegedly a plot, no story really plays. Like everyone else suckered into watching this, I was drawn by the cast. One involved a line-less skit about dodge ball, another involved a few barflies, and so on, and so on. Now I wonder how they got conned into appearing in it? If it was for the money, than so much went to the actors, there wasn't any left over for sets or a screenplay. So I can't help but wonder if any were blackmailed into starring in it. Nothing else begins to explain it. Yeah, it's that horrible.
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Amateurish and awfully stupid film with a great cast
OJT1 December 2012
I'd like to warn everybody before watching this piece of crappy movie. As the others writing a review here, I saw this DVD due to the great cast. Josh Hartnett, James Gandolfini, Steve Carrell, Paul Walker, Lois Gossett Jr., Joe Mantegna and even the others like young Stephen R. McQueen are doing their acting OK, but everyone knows that even great actors struggle when they are getting a bad manuscript and bad instruction from a bad director.

They must all have been lured into this, and the result is not only wrong marketed on the DVD-cover as a Crash-like movie. The move is some kind of mush mash of old Ames and archive footage with quite different quality. It's also some stupid kind of fantasy involved here, in what really tries to be some kind of comedy. And this is one which isn't at all funny, not even unwillingly funny.

In addition to that this is really a gathering of short movies put together as one. Not without some talent hidden somewhere here, but as a movie this deserves no other character than a 1 out of 10 stars. Some of the footage is both badly lighted and with bad technical sharpness and quality. When the film also is full of foul language and lines containing incestuous suggestions, and lots of swearing.

The directors, there are two of them, is Erik MacArthur and David Brooks, and should find something else to do. Save yourself a shitty time, and avoid this movie. It's got nothing you need to see, except great actors embarrassing themselves in the hands of what they might have believed was professional directors.
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A waste of time.
Roger Herrera24 September 2011
A terrible movie. It was a shame because I rarely watch movies because of movies like this. I got this movie because of the interesting cast line-up. Not sure how else I could put it. No plot, bad acting, terrible story.

Don't waste your time! I hate when they stick a few stars on the cover and try to sell the movie like that. It is almost like some kid graduated college with a film degree and was buddies with the stars.

Don't waste your time!

I am not sure if I am being specific enough. Even if you are in bed with a full body cast on and the nurse puts it on without your consent. Close your eyes and sing loud. It will be a better use of your time.
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Ill-Conceived Short Film Grab Bag
galenhoward8227 December 2013
Let me preface this by saying that I am a great appreciator of short films and short film collections. Any collection of short films presented as a feature presentation is going to run high risk of being uneven, but I'm able to judge it solely on the sum of its parts. And in this case, the sum is woefully meager. Each film is thinly plotted with ludicrous or non-existent conclusions. The distributors clearly scrapped together any short film they could find with a familiar face, and use those names to market the assembled product. They have two other collections that follow this same principle. Its obvious the distributor has no appreciation for the short film form and is just looking to make a quick buck. That in itself is a greater offense than any of these forgettable shorts alone. Anyone seeking a quality short film collection would be better served by any of the recent Oscar-nominated short compilations, or the web site Short of the Week.
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Cinematic Breakdown
markoolio-129 January 2012
Unfortunately, I was suckered in by the big name stars of James Gandolfini, Joe Mantegna, and Steve Carrell. This was an absolutely atrocious film with poor writing, directing, acting, and themes. I am going to request my money back for this rental. I just wish I could get my time back. Watching half this movie I'm sure took years off my life. I could not even make it through half way. This film certainly belongs in the Rotten Tomatoes category as one of the top WORST FILMS of all time. To give you an idea of how awful this film is, it would make any film from the legendary Top Tomato Director Ed Wood, look like GENIUS. The United Nations should immediately adopt international laws of showing this film to anyone as a WAR CRIME. It would not surprise me if the School of the Americas makes this part of the training mercenaries in poor third world countries. I'm sure this film has already been shown to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. It's not water torture, but it definitely falls under "cruel and unusual punishment!"
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Thought provoking Art house pic, but....
videorama-759-85939125 February 2016
I can't believe the shockingly low star rating this movie has received. An oddity, this is the most underrated one I've seen on the IMDb site. People have really misjudged this film. Yes, the film is very shoddily filmed, I won't disagree with that, but if you look into the heart and truth of the stories, the film is really thought provoking and has a cutting reality, especially as far as alienation is concerned. The film basically presents characters of hopelessness, despair, no more evident and affecting than in the last story, that really hits home with loneliness, about a lonely office clerk woman, who really got to me, and almost had me reaching for my Kleenex. She's reached that point of suicide, not the only used person, in her office, with the same agenda, in a story that's not only sad, but quite comically clever. The film's stories are told in very clever ways, like the first and second one, especially with Carrell. He and Paris are the standout performers in this show. I watched it for the late Paul Walker, and I have never seen an actor, more wasted in a movie, for what little time he had. What a downer? He should of never even bothered, as he was just there for his good looks. Character wise, he almost had nothing to work with. Josh Harnett's film, of endless dreary, and quiet bad monologue, I must say was quite mesmerizing. Noted, Stories U.S.A does have it's problems, low budget really showing, but if you look into the reality of the stories, there's some quite worthwhile and thought provoking stuff to pick up on. It's boring and paining end credit, run running at a near ten minutes, is almost as long as Star Wars, with really an hour, fifteen minute kill time pic. And I'll be honest, there's a lot other worse ways to kill time, than this, really worth the view, pic.
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An OK series of movies that deal with finding meaning in life. Better then Guilty Hearts. Watchable. I say B-
Tony Heck13 September 2011
"Instead of the end maybe we just found the beginning." A series of short movies that involve people looking for meaning in their lives. This is a movie filled with symbolism, most of it I am not smart enough to fully get. Like "Guilty Hearts" this is a series of movies that have the same idea but are not connected. Unlike "Guilty Hearts" this one is easy to watch. There is really not much to review here as it is not a typical movie. If you are into art-house like independent movies this is a great one to watch. The cast and acting is great, the movie is OK, if you like this kind of thing. Overall, not bad, but again this is the type of movie that only appeals to certain people. I give it a B-.

Would I watch again? - I doubt it.

*Also try - Guilty Hearts & New York I Love You
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Paris Hilton delivers, as always!
Horse_Caulk28 October 2012
I only watched this because of Paris, and boy did she deliver! Her acting was brilliant, and saved the film from the poor performances of all the hacks alongside her who conspired to ruin each and every day of filming for her. My heart goes out to her.

She said to TMZ: "it was more difficult then all the other films I had acted in. It was challenging to work with Gandolfini, Mantegna, and Carell because I'm not sure they took it as seriously as I did. I always came prepared, knew my lines, and was a professional".

See? Poor girl. Those amateur clowns probably made each day of filming a living hell for poor Paris. They should be punished! Decades from now, when we are all gone, people will look back at the stars of this generation, and atop that list will certainly be the talented, stylish, intelligent, and iconic Paris Hilton. Just as we look back at Monroe, Bogart, and Brando today, she'll be a legend forever.

She's the brightest, shiniest, and most goodest star in all the heavens, and an inspiration to all young women around the world, even those dark peoples with flies all over the place. Jesus gots nothing on her! The church of Paris will have billions of followers before the end of the decade. Everyone in my trailer park agrees, so don't even try an hate on holy mother Hilton! If Mother Theresa woulda had the good sense to make a skanky low-rent sextape, she could have been the one. But she didn't! Only Paris had the wherewithal for such forward-thinking and next-level consciousness. Plus, Mother T wasn't very pretty. Or stylish.

Women, learn from this. Ascend to the spiritual heights which you've seen can be attained. Forget your silly nonsensical values, intellect, class, morality, ethics, and chastity. These things mean little. Do what you want, when you want. Worried about contracting an STD? Don't! It's just one step closer to Hiltonization. Don't you want to be more holy!? And speaking of 'holy', feel free to share your "Holy of Holies" with anyone, and everyone, at all times. Become more like Paris! Aim High!!!! Paris Hilton: Icon.




HAIL Paris! Paris SAVES!
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