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What can I say, Excellent - Finally!
qdixon-649-7179213 February 2012
If you are tired of Hollywood action movies that are poorly coordinated and where the directors just guess at everything, like I am, you are really going to like this movie.

Personally, I have actively served in the military and the thing that really bothers me is the non- realism of military roles that I see in movies. Directors and crew blatantly cut corners, hire no nothing actors and extras to portray military roles. Actual direction to the actors and extras that I have heard straight from their lips: "just to pretend because the audience doesn't know any better and doesn't care." Well WRONG, we do care...

There are of course directors that DO care for realism such as Ridley Scott & Oliver Stone. Directors that care hire people like Dale Dye or equivalent to produce such realism. It is a very hard thing to do when the "sides" or script simply say "insert tech talk" or "insert military maneuver" and your movie doesn't even have the technical adviser.

For someone who has been there and done that it is excruciating to see actors do everything wrong, shoulder rifles wrong and hear stupid and unrealistic dialog. Since my service ended I have been working in film and TV myself to somewhat try and make a difference in this manner.

This movie may not have Oscar winning acting, but it gave me a true chilling effect of realism. Some say they were not real active duty. Well I can't vouch for that but what I can tell you is that everything they did and said were extremely accurate and I have little problem in doubting that statement.

See/view the film as you want, some will see it as propaganda... Well, anyone showing pride in something is going to show everything at it's best and only the people who have never been there will confuse pride with propaganda. Freedom It is the right to be able to question and doubt everything, but it is the soldier that actually fights to provide this very freedom that everyone else takes advantage of. Sure others will see this film as a recruitment tool. Sure, and again when pride is shown in a cool way of course the young may choose a career in the military. The same being said with movies with doctors, firemen or policemen.

See this movie as a statement to reality in a technical way, pay attention to how things are spoken, how weapons are suppose to be used, held, fired and reloaded on the fly. When you use real military there is an automatic understanding of positioning. I understand that Hollywood need to be in there to actually film things and understand the need to make changes to do so but I could not find very much wrong with what I did see.

To mention live rounds... this is unheard of in film just because of the danger level and would never be accepted in civilian North America. That is why the movie was shot where it was and on live fire ranges. I am impressed.

I very much liked it and the portrayal of the soldier. I felt pride, technically things, were accurate and as they should be. Good Job!
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Good action poor film
whistler11826 March 2012
Act of Valour set out to create a film with 100% authentic and realistic action sequences and promote the lives of US Navy Seals. In that aspect it succeeded, however, failed everywhere else.

The advertisement of using real navy seals as the main characters creates a level of military authenticity and accuracy that I have not seen in a film for a long time. All equipment and vehicles used are used correctly whilst dialogue and radio chatter inside of combat shows detail that inexperienced eyes might miss. However, acting is not something these Seals train for at basic! Dialogue outside of combat is weak at best and any scene trying to get some form of emotion out of the audience is lost as soon as one opens their mouth. Not many good things can be said about the story line. A rather unimaginative plot coupled with the stereotypical 'bad guy' does little but create a backdrop for the numerous fire fights and special forces insertions. Lastly, it should be noted that the film was shot in a noticeable High Definition that creates specular grandeur on wide pan shots.

Those looking for a well constructed war film should look else where. The predicable storyline and patriotic American stance will put most viewers off. However, if HD fire fights, good military realism can be taken with a pinch of salt this film does not disappoint.
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Gripping battle realism like a Tom Clancy wet dream
mattgenne17 July 2011
'Act of Valor' is an impressive movie about the cult of professional warriors in the age of global terrorism. Directors Mouse McCoy and Scott Waugh collaborated with the US Navy and actual Navy SEALs to give the film a sense of battle tactics and environment on par with 'Black Hawk Down' and 'Saving Private Ryan'. What little is lost in the SEALs' lack of acting chops is more than made up for by honest performances from the men who actually do this stuff for a living and the film's gripping battle realism. The movie sidesteps an overt political point of view, wisely focusing on the men and their mission rather than commenting on the times in which they serve. Watch for a great scene where Navy swift boats extract the SEALs from a Central American jungle with an astonishing display of live fire. Plenty of battle action to see here that you've never seen before. Highly recommended.
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Call of Duty: The Movie
KnightsofNi112 July 2012
If you've ever wanted to know what Call of Duty: The Movie would be like then look no further than Act of Valor, the action packed war film featuring active duty Navy Seals as some of the main characters. It's the story of a team of Seals who go on a covert mission to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent from terrorists. It's an extremely patriotic love letter to the armed forces, a film that shows undying respect for these brave men and women, romanticizing their valiant efforts overseas. It feels more like a recruitment video than a film, and I think it might have been better off as one instead.

Act of Valor is a film that wants to be intense, super cool, and also profound. However, it's profundities are incredibly shallow and all of the observations the film makes on war are nothing new, and provide no new insight into war. But as far as intense and super cool goes, Act of Valor accomplishes that more than anything else. It's one giant firefight after another, exemplifying the blaze of glory that the Seals fight within. It's a finely polished and explosively grand picture of modern warfare.

But if you're looking for any kind of story, characters, or halfway decent dialogue then Act of Valor is not what you want. I said before that the film stars actual Navy Seals, so it should be expected that the acting will be dreadful... and it is. But I can easily forgive this. However, what I can't forgive is the paper thin story that is devoid of all substance, as well as the pathetically dry dialogue. The script is beyond awful with incredibly cheesy and lifeless dialogue and a terribly empty story that most certainly, perhaps even deliberately, takes a back seat to the visual spectacle aspect of Act of Valor.

All in all the story is practically non-existent here and the only thing this film has going for it is it's patriotism and firefights. But even the fighting gets a little tedious with it's overuse of the shaky cam and first person video game style camera work that gets overused to the point where it's almost gimmicky. I won't deny that Act of Valor is pretty cool and it certainly makes one proud to be an American, but I cannot say that it's a good film. It's a definite dud and there is little point in seeing this film, especially if you value story, characters, and dialogue.
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Wow - Goes from a solid 8 star action flick - to a 10 star eyebrow-raiser. Strait-Up
brandelpresco24 February 2012
Don't let 'poor flat acting' reviews fool you - This is an EXCELLENT movie.

First of all whoever thought of "Let's train Seal's to be actors" vs "Let's train actors to play Seals" was a genius. Because they obviously did it the right way - putting them through a boat load of on screen training, and getting them to a place where they were very comfortable in front of the camera - cuz they are far from horrible.

True, no Russell Crowe or Denzel comparisons should be made, but the stars didn't ruin the film - they made it.

Heartwrenching. Bold. Un-Hollywood. Gritty. This movie takes you in to a world many idealize in a way that simultaneously shows you how cool it truly is, as well as how mind-bogglingly impossible it is for just anyone to do it.

The mental, emotional, and moral swings of chaos these guys have to stay professional in is crazy. Ultra realism, with a potent emotional message I did not expect to be so moved and effected by towards the end - that took it from a solid 8 star action flick - to a 10 star eyebrow-raiser!

There's something conveyed in the human soul that just resides in an actors presence. Unless they inhabit the role with their very cells (like Heath in the Dark Knight) something's off about it. These guys do that, instinctively, they are frekin Navy Seals for God's sake! No lies can be told when they're up there.

Solid, solid flick that's gonna stay with me for awhile - wow I get it, let's honor the troops...
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Best Action Scenes Ever
rlburd28 February 2012
The action scenes in this movie seemed so unbelievably real. I never left the edge of my seat, and I will watch it over and over again when it comes out in theaters. It is very impressive watching real SEAL's do what they do rather than some Hollywood hero popping cheesy smiles and corny lines. I imagine the critics will hit this movie based on the seals acting - but if so, they are missing the point. Movies are about connecting with people by bringing them into the action - that is exactly what Act of Valor does. It gives you an inside look at what a group of extraordinary men do for this country, without needing actors to accomplish it. Amazing.
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Great movie
jrothw01-296-64403119 February 2012
I had the chance to screen this movie months ago, though the movie was in the final stage and needed a few tweaks I couldn't have been more happy with how it turned out. I am a son of a true Navy Seal, the stories that I heard my father tell when growing up all seemed to be written from a script. There hasn't been a movie that has portrayed the life of a Seal and his family that accurately points out how hard things really are. I am very happy that I had the chance to view this film, it has enabled me to see some of the good and bad situations my father and his Seal friends could have and have been involved in; along the precession that is required of them. For those that have voted this down because of the acting, you knew going into it who the actors are, also this is not a movie about acting, it's a story about the lives of Navy Seals, it just so happens that they get to show you great action clips of what things are really like.
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If you're a hardcore soldier/war freak: watch it. Anyone else: DON'T!!!
tuomasp21 January 2013
I can now see why the reviews here are so mixed.

It's a uber-realistic but Hollywood-style portrayal of war, gore, blood and everything. The brutality of war is masked in the "awesomeness" of war machines, brothers in arms clichés, and heavy duty shooting action.

At times you're not sure if you indeed watching a US army recruitment video, as some have said here.

At times you feel like it's a B-class action flick.

At times you feel like it's an adrenalin filled CGI-effect demovideo, or maybe even like playing Call of Duty on your XBox.

As I am someone who likes movies a lot, especially action movies, who has been in the army, and who lives in Europe, it doesn't make much sense.
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Fast paced, plenty of action!
benkales2 February 2012
Excellent movie. If you remember that these are not paid actors you will appreciate how well this movie was made. Really brings things into perspective of how the Seals operate. Fast action, lots of shooting and explosions, and the first person shooter game feel is quite interesting too. Warning, if you are seeing a movie about war, Navy Seals and shooting people, DON'T be surprised to see people being shot, blood and various other aspects of war violence (had to say that since someone that went with me was surprised). I will definitely be buying this as soon as it is available. But just like another reviewer said, go see it in the theaters, you won't be disappointed.
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Active duty (unnamed) SEALs, not real actors
Alik71311 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The plot is simple. A CIA agent gets kidnapped, and, the resulting chase leads the rescue team all over the world.

What's different, you ask? The actors, or, rather, the lack of.

Lead roles are played by 8 nameless men. You see their faces, you hear their voices, their stories, but, you never learn their names. Why? They are active duty US Navy Spec Op operators. SEALs. SEa, Air, Land (team). Shooters. People, whose job is simple. Don't get killed, while going against rather prevalent odds. Return home by the grace of superior training, special tactics and weapons, and, very often, sheer determination.

So often, when people so doggedly focus on something, they reach excellence, all the while sacrifice skills in other areas. So, how good is the acting? Well, when you are that good, something's gotta give. And, this is no exception. SEALs don't make great actors. And, great acting makes the film. Amazing execution sells the documentary (Just watch Discovery Channel's "Navy SEAL Training/BUDs". But, what makes a good movie is good acting, coupled with great script, held together by great cinematography.

So, what of "Act Of Valor"? Cinematography is outstanding. No "too-close" a shot, where the action gets blurry, decent enough script, albeit simple, yet, no great acting.

WARNING! Here be spoilers!

The entire film is noting more than a deceased father's comrade's letter to the fallen's newborn son. He is one of the critical characters in the film, and, while the act of sacrifice lies in the title of the movie, the action makes up for so much that this movie lacks. Just making out the Spec-Ops speak will keep you entertained long enough to fill the gaps between the action.

So, is it worth seeing? Well, if you're a fan of Special Operations, like I am, then, by all means! If you like a decent action movie, then, prepare to hold on to your seat. But, if you're looking for artistic value, apart from truly great cinematography (you will be amazed by some of the POV shots), then, look elsewhere.

All in all, a solid action movie, with a very sound war theme in the age of political correctness.
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A video game you can't play.
oheanue11 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I love America, but come on. This movie was two hours of propaganda with too many first person shots, too much product placement, and unbearable acting (I know they're real SEALS, but that's part of the movie so I have to take it into effect). I've seen reviews that say "as real as it gets" and "real life, not Hollywood" and they couldn't be farther from the truth. This movie is of the most unrealistic things I've seen in a long time. I've come prepared with examples: A SEAL is shot with a rocket launcher from 5 feet away and it sticks into his uniform (doesn't detonate) and all he does is stumble back a little. They say "good thing it was a dud". Realistically, he'd be killed or at least injured by the force of a 10 pound projectile at 600 mph. There's more, but I think that gets the picture across. If you want a war movie, there are plenty of good ones: Saving Private Ryan, Platoon,Hurt Locker, etc...
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Act of Propaganda
jffryjcksn26 March 2012
I can't believe people would actually consider this a good film by any standard of measurement.

The film is hard to differentiate between an official U.S. government sanctioned piece of propaganda, a navy recruiting ad or just a pure piece of U.S. cognitive dissonance.

If you should choose to endure the poor acting and the lack of actual story telling - did you know there are many sides to a story? - be sure to ask yourself this simple question: If any other sovereign nation on the planet conducted itself in the manner the U.S. does in this film, would you approve? In you backyard?
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Awful, really awful. Warning: Spoilers
The Act of Valour was the fact that I sat through what is one of the worst films I have ever seen. At the end, someone should have handed out medals to the six of us that actually endured it to the end. It really is like watching someone play a very bad video game. They complete a mission and are just looking forward to going home to the wife and kids when they have to go on another mission. That completed and yet another mission and then another. Are there no other SEAL teams due to cut backs ? As with a video game, the baddies cannot fire straight but the SEAL team never miss. Got hit by a dud RPG ? Just pull it from your bulletproof vest, dust yourself off and walk away. Do not waste your money or time on this film.
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Intense and on the edge
ylnot9 February 2012
Wow! Act of Valor was intense. It makes you realize and appreciate our military, not just in terms of the might and scope but also the men and women who serve. This movie shows some of the awesome firepower while staying focused on the Navy SEALs you read and hear about in the news. It humanizes them, and short of being there firsthand, you get to follow them thru covert ops and see how they are truly heroes. The cinematography is excellent, switching between first- and third-person, with gripping realism and keeps you on the edge. It's rated R because of the graphic violence so be prepared. Overall, I highly recommend this movie, the best so far this year.
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Bad Propaganda Flick
CockMcBalls3 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen this movie yesterday, and since it was a long time ago I saw a good war movie I thought this would maybe work out. Sadly, it didn't.

First of all, I think it's a bad choice they went with real SEALS to act in the movie. The objective was probably to heighten the realism, but c'mon, you can't get more Hollywood than this flick. At no point in the movie I got the feeling this was realistic. Every shot the SEALS fire is spot on while terrorists are shooting all over the place. At least show some casualties on both sides (and not only the heroic sacrifice of the 'grenade-soldier').

The lack of acting skills was very painful, as you get cliché after cliché, and laughable (in a bad way) jokes in between to lighten things up. The characters were as flat as can be. I can't even remember one guy's name.

The story was TERRIBLE. This may be based on real missions but at least come up with a coherent background story, or a terrorist plot that's a bit more sophisticated (the explosive terrorist suits, really?). On top of that you never got the feeling the bad guys were even close to striking. They never even got into the tunnel as our hero (who is shot about 73 times) is still capable to gun down the last remaining bad guy. So the threat didn't even seem imminent.

I don't want to play down the job these guy do, but sorry, this was just a bad propaganda fairy tale.
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Laakbaar13 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is some military guy's idea of what a movie should be like. This movie wasn't entertaining. It was tedious. Too many shootouts and chases.

You can't replace proper character development with narration by SEALS about how much these SEALS love their families and each other. Sorry, but you can't. These family/camaraderie scenes were too awkward and seemed phony to me.

If you're going to make "glory", "honour", "sacrifice", etc. the theme of your movie, you really have to play it with a light hand. In this movie the moviegoer is bludgeoned to death with it. Every sappy thing you can imagine is thrown at you.

There were some really dreadful acting performances in this movie.

The dialogue was forced and irritating. "Yes" is not good enough. It has to be "roger that" or "check". Even "you" is replaced by "your ass". Everyone spoke constantly in an abrupt staccato way, as if they couldn't stop doing it. This military-style dialogue just felt forced and overdone to me. If the SEALS really talk like this all the time, they live in a strange world. I've served in the military and it's not like this.

The Christo character confused me. Why would a Russian Jew who spoke such flawless American English be willing to participate in jihadist activities against the US? And how could the same man be considered a local hero in Costa Rica?? I don't require perfect logic and credibility in a movie, but these issues made it difficult for me to enjoy the movie.

The scene of the amateurish and juvenile interrogation of Christo was just....strange.

I found the movie hard to follow at times. I couldn't tell the characters apart at times. When Mikey got hit, and everyone was yelling "Mikey! Mikey!" I was thinking, "who is Mikey again?"

The violence in this movie was over the top and gratuitous. Two scenes in particular. However, I don't want to say anything more about that because it'll give away what happens. OK, we get it. The evil guys are truly evil. No grey. No nuance. Just black and white.

This movie presented a world view that I don't recognise. Apparently there are Philippine Muslims willing to act as suicide bombers. Really? Apparently there is an association, a vast conspiracy, between jihadists and organised criminals in Russia, Costa Rica and Mexico. Really?? The open shootouts in Mexico and Costa Rica are just disturbing. I thought these countries were allies of the US.

To accept this movie, you have to accept that ordinary Costa Ricans and Mexicans (even those involved in nefarious activities) will do suicidal things in the face of overwhelming American military firepower, i.e. put themselves in the line of fire and willingly sacrifice their lives...for what exactly? Their orders? Are the Costa Ricans and Mexicans really that fanatical? To filmmakers with this worldview, everyone is a suicidal fanatic.

And can the SEALS just go into Mexico and terrorise Mexicans like this in their efforts to protect American interests? That surprised me...

Another problem for me started with the use of the word "war" at the beginning. The US is not really at war is it? But even if it is, this does not include the kind of international operation shown in this movie. For these filmmakers, the fight against international organised crime has merged into the concept of war. To enjoy this movie you have to accept that the US is involved in a "war" that entails military operations all over the world. Apparently there are American filmmakers who believe that the US is involved in a universal, never-ending war with almost everybody.

OK, the SEAL tactics and military technology were cool.
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Too much badly done propaganda
realvedmak23 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
If this was cut to around 50 minutes and consisted of just action sequences, I'd give it a 10. In that department it actually beats most recent action movies.

Problem is, the other 60 minutes is nothing but treating viewer like he/she is an imbecile with endless propaganda.

There are scenes where SEAL's do not shoot women. If that were true in reality, SEAL's would all have died due to their stupidity. When elite combat force attacks enemy encampment in middle of the night they shoot everything. Women, children, dogs, cats, everything. If it moves, it dies. In this movie, these guys are all white knights full of self sacrifice. What a bunch of bs.

If you watch this movie objectively, without taking sides (which is hard as suicide bombers are full retards), it pops out that SEAL's as portrayed in this movie are as fanatical as what they are fighting.

I can totally see idiots joining US Army/Navy after watching this crap. If any of those are reading this, don't be stupid, real military is far from entertaining, just visit any vet hospital and talk to those people.
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For the true military and special forces aficionado
raffy-joaquin29 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Excellent tactically choreographed action sequences. Realistic depictions of the weapons, tactics and action one would experience as a Navy Seal. This movie provides the audience with that little insight into the world of special forces that helps you to see the sacrifices these individuals make for each other and country. If you're looking for an Oscar'll be disappointed. If you're an absolute fan of military action and a total wannabe (like me) and love everything special forces, this movie will not disappoint. The storyline was simple. Why complicate a story? The movie delves deep into current political and world issues. Most of the world bears a beef of sorts against US Foreign policy and ideology and despite the movies strong political tones you see that the special forces soldier is neither motivated by politics nor ideology per say but by country and team mate. The movie totally captures the sacrifice these guys make for each other and as best as I know the best representation of US Navy Seals on film so far.
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Beautiful movie
thorzmine9 February 2012
I got to catch a free advanced screening tonight and I have got to say I wouldn't mind paying to see this again. If you love first person shooters, war and action films, this one is for you. It was legitimately a live- action Call of Duty. The main cast consisted of actual Navy SEALS so don't expect the acting to be outstanding. Most of them did wonderfully, while a couple definitely could've done with a few more acting lessons. Because of the flat exchange of dialog in the beginning, you might get confused trying to figure out if it is a documentary or a scripted movie you are watching. Regardless, the cinematography was simply gorgeous and the action was insane. What these warriors can do with their minds and bodies is boggling. Grown men in the audience were going "OHHHHHHHHHHHH SH**" and clutching their fists to their mouths. Very touching story in the end. You might wanna bring some tissues if you are the type to be mushy and cry - the girl next to me was almost in hysterics.
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Brilliantly directed, adequately acted, and poorly written.
shawnfox431 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I decided to give Act of Valor a watch after reading some of the reviews on here. I was fully aware that the main cast were not professional actors, and was prepared for the occasional wooden performance. In fairness to the cast, I felt that the acting was perfectly adequate for the genre, and even exceeded at times performances by the likes of Stallone and Schwarzenegger (that's not really saying much). I felt that the director did a superb job, particularly with the action sequences, and that the cinematography was also fantastic (I love those DSLR's).

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the writing. I have never heard such poorly written dialogue, nor have I ever been witness to such lousy characterization. Here is the sum total of what we came to learn about the 2 leading characters: * 1 can surf, while the other needs practice. * They are both navy seals. * 1 has 5 children, while the other is expecting his 1st. * They are both very, very heroic. If a writer truly wants his (or her) audience to care about the characters, we need to know a little bit about them. They need to feel like real people to us. I can't remember the last time I shed a tear for a caricature.

Almost all of the non-action related dialogue was centered around the Lieutenants anticipation of the birth of his child. The writer clearly felt this was an important plot point, as he continually kept referring to it at every possible moment. This not only wasted valuable time, which could have been better used to acquaint us with the characters, but also made the eventual outcome blatantly obvious. Of course he was going to die!!! They keep referring to it in the hope that we will be sad when it happens. I wasn't sad! Who was that guy???

I am not trying to dismiss the courage of Navy Seals. The work they do is incredible. These brave men risk their lives on a daily basis, in the noble pursuit of protecting their country. They deserve recognition and gratitude for the amazing work that they do. Unfortunately, I felt that this tribute failed to do that justice. What could have been incredibly powerful, was sabotaged by poor writing, relegating the film to utter mediocrity. Such a shame!
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You go for the realism, not the delivery of lines
fact275-124 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers

In 2007, the self-titled "Bandito Brothers," Scott Waugh and Mike McCoy filmed a video for the US Navy's Surface Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen that had actual US Navy SEALs in it. Both decided to make a film about SEALs but their SEAL advisors were so dismissive of the actors the directors hired to play SEALs that a unique idea was born: the use of actual active duty SEALs to portray themselves in an action film.

What results is unprecedented cooperation between the Department of Defense and a motion picture--going even further than Black Hawk Down's mammoth support. Indeed, there probably has not been a movie like this since the Army Air Corps films of World War Two.

Lieutenant Rorke and Chief Dave lead a platoon of SEAL Team 7, based at Coronado. Rorke is going to be a father while Dave already has five kids. They are long time veterans of the Teams and close friends. Of course, Rorke and Dave are real SEALs. I've read on a blog that both are coming to the end of their real-life service and thus were not worried about exposing their identities in a film.

Meanwhile, a CIA agent (Roselyn Sanchez) is abducted in Costa Rica. She was tracking a Russian mafia arms dealer, Christo (Alex Veadov), who is selling weapons to narcotraffickers. Rorke's platoon is sent into action. This is the first action set piece and it's extremely impressive as the SEALs HALO into Costa Rica with the help of two Navy SWCCs and two Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment MH-47s. Like all of the action displayed in the movie, the SEALs themselves choreographed the action--the Bandito Brothers just filmed what the SEALs drew up. There's nothing fake about how these operations are portrayed. How the Army deploys the two SWCCs is outstanding in and of itself. Well done to the Banditos for this part of the film.

The SEAL Platoon then discovers that Christo is supplying suicide vests to a Chechen Islamic terrorist named Shabal. Shabal intends to deploy sixteen Filipino Islamist terrorists through Mexico to major American cities to wreak havoc on the U.S. economy.

The remainder of the movie shows the SEALs, along with members of SEAL Team 4, scurrying around the world to stop Christo and Shabal--from Somalia to the Pacific to Mexican islands and then finally Mexicali.

This film has gotten panned by a lot of critics and this is not a surprise. Most movie critics are left wing and don't appreciate many (any?) military movies. Is is true that the plot is not that complex and the dialog from Rorke and Dave is stilted at best. But these men aren't trained actors. That said, Senior Chief Billy, another real SEAL, obviously has some acting skill and has way too much fun during his interrogation scene with a detainee.

But unlike Roger Ebert, I wasn't looking for Olivier-like delivery of lines. What Rorke, Dave and their men do best is LOOK like real SEALs because they ARE real SEALs. They hold their weapons, move, and stack during Close Quarters Battle exactly as real life operators would. Black Hawk Down made an effort to teach its actors this but you still cannot truly replicate reality without real life operators.

The end firefight sequence is as good if not better than the ones in Black Hawk Down. Throughout the movie, we see camera shots from the perspective of a SEAL holding out his carbine. This is very effective as it gives you an idea of what CQB is like

This was the only military movie I can think of where I had not one major criticism about inaccurate uniforms, weapons, or equipment. A minor gripe was the SEALs using visual light laser pointers rather than IR ones, but this was probably done for the sake of the audience.

This was also only the second movie I can ever remember being at that when it ended, the entire theater was silent. The first time was Arlington Road which ended with a major twist. This time, it was because a list of all the SEALs killed since 9/11 was scrolled. There was no casual talking or laughter. It was as silent as a library.

The casual public won't care too much about this film. Limousine liberals won't like it. And I find it amusing that some are complaining that Call of Duty is better. Give me a break and get off your couch in your Mom's basement.

If you have any interest in the *real* military you must see the film because few films have ever had this much realism. Certainly, I will not be able to look at any other future military movies displaying firefights without holding it to the standard set in this movie.

Plotwise, the movie is a *** star at best. Had it been a standard action movie star vehicle, it would have been okay but not standout. But due to the realism, it has to go ****.
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Enthralling Movie from Beginning to End!
drarkanlodanian16 February 2012
This movie throws you into the action within the first 10 minutes after the opening credits. You get to see the real trials a Navy Seal faces, not portrayed by Hollywood producers and actors who have never seen real action! You really feel the suspense as the Navy Seals are challenged with life and death situations. Very little movies move me emotionally as this one did. The brotherhood between these heroes is really felt and the development of the bond is shown clearly as the movie progressed.

I highly recommend this movie for anyone wanting to see this movie when it comes out. I will definitely see this movie again in theaters! And buy the BluRay!
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506th Review: Decent war flick
intelearts21 May 2012
Act of Valor is what it is - a salute to the US special forces, an action burner that goes for realism in its approach (which works greatly in its favor) Some will see it just an action flick, others will see it as purely propaganda and recruiting - and it really isn't either of those things, or maybe its both? - it does however work, and it works pretty well.

The film is split into two parts - in both parts the SEALs (played by real SEALs) go on an operation - we get to see the insertion, action, extraction, the cost - I would have liked more planning and briefing - but I'll forgive it as there was also no obligatory bar scene. It is reminiscent of British and American war films - John Wayne would be proud - but it brings some modern sensibilities to the filming.

It's shot in a basic action format with some nods to documentary - though more would have been good - and the camera looks and feels quite similar to Arnie's action films - Predator and Commando - and it even borrows some tricks from thriller movies - over- shoulder, heavy breathing, etc; There's nothing new, but it is a good solid, easy to watch, approach.

It is not excessively violent - though the body count is high - it has one major thing going for it , which really surprised me, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen - even though the acting is fairly light, it all works as it feels authentic and looks right.

All in all, a surprisingly good watch.
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Outstanding, fast moving and entertaining! 10/10
jjlaca28 January 2012
Outstanding, fast moving and entertaining film with great cinematography and an engaging storyline throughout. Do not wait for the DVD release - see it on the big screen, you won't be sorry.

This film takes the audience right into the world of Navy Seals without any grandiose pretense or affectation. It just tells the story as it is. Unlike some films, one feels that one is in the movie, in the field of action as it happens. You are there, in the action, not just watching it unfold.

This is authentic story telling at its best. Be ready for 2 hours that will take your breath away and hold your attention completely.
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smilesoldiers12 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Had the honor of watching a screening of this movie. VERY powerful. As a proud Navy mom myself, I can't say enough about how much I admire the portrayal of our brave Navy SEALS in this movie. The plot is very honest and true to what our SEALS and their families deal with on a regular basis and makes me appreciate our military even more. I was completely drawn into this movie and found myself totally engrossed in the story. Just knowing that the characters are all played by real active duty Navy SEALS makes it all that much more believable. It reminds me that these situations go on 24/7 and most of us are totally unaware of the job our brave soldiers and sailor carry out year-round. I highly recommend this movie. A must-see!
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