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An interesting take...
mambx5 March 2012
I'm one of those people who, when a season of a TV show is cancelled or finishes, go on the prowl to look for my next show to watch religiously. This is one of them.

At first I thought this show didn't have much potential and wouldn't be well received.. but i was wrong!

Really interesting take on the genre, and I like the whole plot about using ex cons to take out cons, whilst working with the police dept. All the characters do well and I have to mention Doc, the quirky and fidgety character who really shines.

I watched the Season 2 Premiere last night, and I was utterly shocked at the outcome, I was NOT expecting that at all. Not sure if I think this show will do well now because of that, but I'm certainly interested and intrigued to what will happen next, so I'm not going to spoil it for you folks, watch Season 2 Ep 1 and you'll see what I mean.

Overall a really enjoyable show with likable characters, and I'll be watching this until it's cancelled.
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Captivating show!!
omars112328 March 2012
Breakout Kings has to be one of the most well-written shows in past years. The depth of each character is played out with flawless precision. I was a bit skeptical of the show at first, but once I started watching, there was no turning back. Each episode is purely original without any repeating plot structure. Being someone with an interest in neuroscience and psychology, I find the concept of appointing Cons to catch Cons extremely intriguing. Add on the psychological expertise of one of the team members, it becomes gripping to delve into the minds of not only escaped cons, but convicts in general.

I have not seen a show like this on-air since Prison Break, which really was one-dimensional and drew a single story in its multiple seasons on air. Breakout Kings on the other hand is more Prison Break squeezed into each single episode with the story concluding.

Definitely worth a watch!!
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Actually, It's Really Good
faithofculda7 March 2011
Breakout Kings is the show that i've been waiting for a long time. I enjoyed the prison break, first two seasons at least. And my expectations weren't that much from BK because before the show starts, i knew there's going to be a show like Prison Break but without constantly going story, after and after episodes waiting to resolve some points about whats going on and what will happen. That's why i like BK so much.

It's an one story for an episode show. Scripts are well written, castings are perfectly fit for the characters and the director Nick Santora shows us that he's the one for the prison and convict stories.

The long and the short of it, if you like Prison Break a bit and if you enjoy the episode based stories with good acting and thriller, Breakout Kings is inevitable for you.
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Totally worth it.
ariannafelidae-111 April 2011
The more I see of this show, the more I like it. The characters are each individual (meaning well-written and acted personalities) with diverse backgrounds and issues all their own. One of the hooks (I believe) is that each member of the team is a black sheep in some way...finding out what each of them have done (or can't do?) is probably what will keep most people watching. The actors have a wonderful chemistry, as well!

Each episode, so far, someone breaks out of prison (the "bad guys" are also unique and interesting) and our reluctant band of misfits has to round up said villain and essentially save the day. How they do all this is what we watch for. Different every time...never lets up. If you're not already watching, give it a go.
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To catch the Worst...send the Best.
Sirus_5121 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A former criminal Kingpin, a genius gambler with issues and a hot headed bounty hunter who has killed multiple people in cold blood.

Team up with a former Marine with a heart condition stuck behind a desk, a hard nosed cop who may or may not be on the take. And a highly skilled logistics and information agent who is seems to suffer from panic attacks.

Tasked by the government to bring in the worst of the worst after they hit ground. Given 48 hours to bring them in to limit collateral damage and lessen the risk of letting these criminals get lost in the wind.

This show is a strange mix, however it seems to be finding its balance. the characters have potential however the main plot of criminal recovery may or may not be a hit or miss.

In the meantime if they can get cast chemistry right and keep engaging the viewer it may move beyond its limited premise.

Good fun, could be more.
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Should definitely watch this!
Hannah Cordery2 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
There is virtually nothing wrong with this program. The cons are likable the story lines aren't recycled and the idea is creative, it's not predictable. The relationship between characters helps you connect easily, even the Marshall's have a story that in some way makes them less boring and all for the rules. Makes them as interesting as the cons who come across well, they are treated as they are suppose to as they are violent, they are real criminals they aren't in prison for petty crimes. Which makes the whole story more interesting to watch and intriguing when it gets down to what they will do. Overall it has the right amount of humour for this kind of program and the right amount of action and suspense not to make the story boring and repetitive.
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Best show of 2011
ria_j_phantom22 May 2011
IT TAKES A CON TO CATCH A CON - Driven by the fact that there are few things more dangerous than a prisoner who has just escaped, and tired of following protocol and resorting to outdated methods of law enforcement, veteran U.S. Marshals Charlie Duchamp (Laz Alonso) and Ray Zancanelli (Domenick Lombardozzi) are taking an unorthodox approach to their work: using former fugitives (Jimmi Simpson, Malcolm Goodwin & Serinda Swan) to catch fugitives. "Breakout Kings" follows U.S. Marshals Charlie Duchamp (Laz Alonso) and Ray Zancanelli (Domenick Lombardozzi) as they form a special task force composed of the three most elusive convicts Ray ever captured: Lloyd Lowery (Jimmi Simpson), a former child prodigy and behaviorist/psychiatric expert whoexcels in psychoanalysis; Shea Daniels (Malcolm Goodwin), an ex-gangbanger who knows how to work the system, both in prison and on the street; and Erica Reed (Serinda Swan), a sexy expert tracker who learned her trade from her bounty hunter father. Charlie and Ray also employ the services of Julianne Simms (Brooke Nevin), a civilian who acts as the "funnel" for the group – all information, tips and data go through her.
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Why is it always the good shows that get cancelled
Ad Woody27 January 2016
I've never seen a show that has been cancelled at a worse time. The way season 2 ended was awesome and I was so looking forward to season 3 but 'ey.

The reason I watched this is because Jimmi Simpson, huge fan of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and I wanted to see him in more stuff so I checked this out and it is....AWESOME. I was always looking for another prison show after Prison Break

It took a while to like the characters, especially Ray, but they grow on you eventually.

The ways the runners escape are very entertaining, it's the thing I looked forward to the most.

I like how Jules hasn't got an over-the-top computer set-up either like Garcia in Criminal Mind for example, makes for a nice change. This shows feels a lot more earthy and real compared to other criminal catching shows like NCIS/Criminal Minds etc.

The whole '1 month of your sentence per escaped criminal you catch' is very cool too.
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Better then expected and action packed from the get go
s-alba1 April 2014
Its one of those series that once you start watching it, you find yourself watching episode after episode. From the start of each episode the action starts at the off set. Fully loaded you are sure to enjoy each episode from start to finish. Brilliantly written!! Good characters and very good actors. I call breakout kings the show stopper. This is due to the fact that i have stopped watching all my other series at the moment to continue watching this hence calling it the show stopper.. prison three brings T Bag back to life. T Bag is a character from Prison Break, which i might add that if you liked prison break then breakout kings is definitely the new series for you.. I have nearly finished the first season and cant wait for the second season.. Netflix is the place to find all the episodes. Enjoy
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Breakout kings is a breakout hit!
Jonathan San Juan18 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Breakout kings managed to have me hooked 20 minutes in the pilot.a team of cops & with secrets.the bickering between the kings is one of the best parts of the show along with great character development.the cops r looking to prove themselves the cons are trying to shorten their sentences & must put up with each other to capture prison escapees such as - spoiler alert........-A a female crimeboss who killed her son,a prisoner who was raped in prison hell bent on revenge,an honest family man who collects & tortures women in his spare time & prisonbreaks Theodore t-bag bagwell.this show is addictive fun suspenseful & hilarious my my favorite show of 2011.season 2 premieres march 4th 2012
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Surprisingly Great!!!!!
ga_brandsen15 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was very shocked how good this show has become. At first it was a little shaky for the first few episodes, but it has become way more solid!!! Each episode is so creative and unique. This show has endless options on were to go!! It starts out with these cons who are catching these crazy people who escape from prison. It is weird, because even though these cons who help catch these prisoners who escape, have done some pretty awful things, you really learn to love them and get to them for who they are. The stuff they did is bad, but nothing compared to the convicts that they are attempting to catch. I think this show really keeps you at the edge of your seat. Especially since the "good" cons and the "u.s. marshals", are not that much different. I really think you should give this show a shot!
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hawkeye-827 March 2011
A great drama show. The characters are fully loaded with emotional problems and they will go far more to deal with it. It's an important aspect for this kind of drama, cause there's also a presence of action. I'm very inspired with it, so hardly wait for next episodes. I think PB producers will show us more and I believe it will be one of the best shows =) I think, that Lloyd will have to deal with something romantic between him and assistant girl. Very interesting character, Ph.D, it's so weird for the con. Shea has some sort of motivation, but I really don't understand what kind of it) Cause I think he's not like C-Note in PB, and his girl wouldn't wait him for so long, because he really looks too criminal. Philly is aт enigma for now, I really don't understand her behavior, but trailer said, that she will try to screw Ray in a while, let's just see what it will look like) Ray is great, but, he's too soft for his character representation, dunno. The head guy is just usual, don't think, that he has any issues..
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Breakout Kings
writesromine2 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A squad of U.S. marshals team up with ex-cons to work together on tracking down prison escapees.

This is the premise of the drama series on A&E. I saw a few previews and decided to give it a shot. Opening scene is a prisoner counting as he hangs onto the underside of the bunk above him. He finishes at 230, writes it down, and the scene changes. Okay, I am intrigued. The opening sequence goes on to show this particular inmate collecting license plates and eventually making a very clever escape.

After 72 hours, the odds of finding an escaped convict drops to less than 5 percent.

Ray Zancanelli, the arresting officer of this escaped criminal, is put together with Agent Charlie Duchamp, an officer from a department called Criminal Program Analysis. The two of them are put in charge of this new task force, using selected fugitives to help find escaped and dangerous fugitives. The incentive, all participants are moved to a minimum security prison and for every convict they catch, the justice department will shave time off their sentence, one month per criminal caught.

We are then introduced to our cast of criminals. Shea Daniels, aka the entrepreneur, a suave street business man. Dr. Lloyd Lower, a former child prodigy and behaviorist, with a nasty gambling habit that somehow got him 25 years in jail. Last, but certainly not least, is Philly, literally the beauty queen of con artists.

Pretty cut and dry, straight forward, Cop/Criminal + Criminal= Suspense.

Well, not quite. The glint of hope I found in this program's trailers was the witty writing. Not just a few lines here or there, it is prevalent throughout. The characters are highly developed in just the pilot, revealing bevels in the road previously unbeknownst to the viewer, adding additional tension even in the end. The biggest being the revelation that the "cop" is also actually a con. Each character has their own "thing" early on, and it is subtly pulled through the end of the story. Overall, an outstanding pilot, putting all the elements in place for a break out hit in line with "The Closer", "The Shield", and "Burn Notice".

However, I am concerned. While I became hooked on the pilot, in researching the series itself it looks as if it has already hit some road blocks. The first being immediate cast changes, namely the exit of the beauty queen con-artist, and the entrance of a new female cast member. Also, looking at the canned episodes, it seems we might lose the cop and the agent within the first five episodes. This information is all via IMDb, so the data could be fractured, but it does cause concern for the viewer who already has a full DVR. This being the case, we are going to put it to the three episode test. My husband and I will give a new show three chances to hook us in and join the DVR list. The logic being, if you can't convince us in three, it is not going to be worth our time. There are always exceptions to the rule but they are rare. I have high hopes for the show as it has huge potential. We shall have to wait and see.

Amy Romine BellaOnline's Prime Time TV Editor
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good with a few plot holes
rom_61 April 2011
so far the show looks good , but it has a few plot holes as the person who breaks out from prison always have a crime to commit or something bad to do when he's out .. no one escapes to be free or without motive to do something bad .. also i think that no case ever solved in more than one episode makes it a little boring after maybe 10 episodes .. bottom line that it's a good show but if you are going to compare it with prison break it will be a huge step back unless something new comes up. but if you consider it as a new idea away from prison break it's actually very creative to use cons to help finding who ever escaped from prisons .
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It's got potential
JankavKee30 April 2011
The premise of the show alone compelled me to watch it. I like the cons and find the profiler very entertaining. But the Domenick Lombardozzi character has to be softened up or written out - there is virtually nothing likable about the guy. The leader of the outfit has been given the most predictable lines of anyone and he's an almost totally useless character. They treat the cons like sh#t while asking for their help - I would think there'd be a little more compassion for them considering none of them are in for violent crimes. The US gov't has long acquired crooks to better their work force...and it's not a bad notion. This show could be developed into something a lot more than just crushing the cons and expecting the audience to feel good about it. A good premise...bad writing and mis-casting.
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Nooooo i am not a believer (of this script)
mw579114 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Reading about the show i didn't exactly know what to expect, off course this is meant to be so one should watch, which i did ...

Expecting a bit of prison break meets white collar, where we also meet a convicted con man to help the FBI, this first episode was a bit of a cooler: Where on earth can you release a bunch of tough criminals and expect them to help like they did. Extreme smart persons; no chains, no bracelets, complete strangers to each other who team up in minutes ...

A story to be told in 45 minutes is the next problem, the plot goes way to fast. The blond secretary with personal issues has important files on mail in no-time and also relatives of the man on the run are found in minutes (I know that DNA investigation like in the CSI shows is also not possible in hours, but still) Coming shows will teach us some personal background for sure, but at this point i don't think i will be there to learn.
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US Marshal movie
antunxxx7 April 2011
Last year, a new TV show came out, Chase, about woman US marshal, who extra ordinarily excel in all cases, be it tracking down felon, chase, fights and gun fights, the whole story evolve in one woman, in every episode. I have nothing against woman excelling more than men, but the whole show came to revolves around one woman.

Breakout kings is another US Marshal TV show, the difference? not much, except this one focus on team team, and the team members have law problem, but each individual talent contribute somehow to the pace of the show, despite their being convicts,

I will recommend this one better than the Chase.

After all, it takes a thief to catch another thief.
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A clichéd show built on a terrible premise
dsmyth-311 April 2011
It's a show about US Marshals who track down escaped convicts by using a team of other convicts for absolutely no reason. Nothing about the basis of this show makes any sense. The only conclusion I can come up with is that there's an untold back story regarding the two marshals and how nobody else will work with them because they are so terrible at their job that they need criminals to help catch criminals. Every episode is the same. Somebody breaks out, they come up with a list of places that person might be going and then they catch him. So why are other criminals offered reduced prison sentences when they have no special skills that could aid in the capture of these fugitives? Probably because it's the only way to come up with a different hook from every other police drama on television. Avoid this show.
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Where is Season 3 at???
ajrmtz29 December 2017
Why did they give up on this? yeah some can view this as racist and feeding into stereotypes, but who cares it was fiction.

I'll admit... your like huh???? WTF just happened??? but I know there's some creative people that can turn this around.

Also, I'n kinda mad that they didn't show the outcome of the episode when the boyfriend breaks out of prison only to run into a plot twist? At least a a possible spin-off I see there.

Come-on Hollywood, its time to give people what they wanna watch and not just a dead end show. I bet a Season 3 would be explosive.
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why why why why
Ryan Thompson20 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I think this show is one of the best shows i have watched in a long time. I could empathize with all of the characters. The actors were brilliant and the script writing is even better. I just cried a little watching that last episode, not because of what happened, but because of that (expletive) cliff hanger. How hard is it to do a feature long episode to sum things up? I mean... What like.. Who can i contact about this? I know they are just going to either ignore me or give me a stupid reason but i need justification for this. Jeez i sound mental. But seriously though. Just one more episode is all they had to do the sum things up. I think i am going to have to start watching the last episodes of series before the first one.
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Why should continue Breakout Kings?
Popa Robert10 May 2014
First, was a great show with a beautifully constructed story. In my view, was as good as Prison Break. Both series have had a well-built story. Both the first and the second, have much in common. On one side, Prison Break presents the story of a young architect who tries to save his brother, sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, planning the step by step one of the most spectacular escapes ever produced. On the other hand, in Breakout Kings meet three prisoners who are given a second chance. Using the experience gained in years of detention, they help the judicial police to catch fugitives. With each fugitive caught, they reduce a months of the sentence. Intelligence and perseverance of the three detainees impressed me beyond measure, especially Lloyd. I was glad when I saw him on our old friend, T-Bag. End or been able, pleasing themselves with what is. Second, didn't had a final conclusion. The question remains: What happened with Ray? But with the three prisoners? He'll be in jail or not because he made himself right ? What choice will be Lloyd, Erica and Shea ? They testify to be released or defend their friend ? These arguments support my petition for the continuation of this series. Breakout Kings did not deserve to end like this ! It's like a train that has not reached the destination. He needs a final conclusion ! I hope my voice and all those who loved this series to be heard !
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Make it better
MrChe26 June 2012
You need a criminal to catch a criminal - It sounds good? Well, I have watched many criminal, action TV series, and I must say this one isn't up to it's level, because the idea of criminal cons catching the ones who escaped from jail is pretty awesome.

But lack of acting and writing, it fails there. We have a situation where there are cons who are "masterminds" in their field but aren't so smart in their acting roles, it looks like they are picked from the jail randomly. I have watched 5 episodes, and so far am not planing watching second season, because it doesn't appeal to me so much as it usual do from other shows.

I would recommend better writing, role playing, more intense catching cons who are escaped, better inside into U.S Marshall life's, and more action drama into series. The rating of it self on IMDb shows how structural and liking this show is. I would rate it 6/10
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If mindless violence with no plot is your it is.
geordiesdad25 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I had the dubious pleasure of having been given the complete series of this show and from the very first episode it felt as if it were computer designed. Start with the never-smiling black leader who, naturally has a major chink in his armor. Next are a bevy of ladies...tough, yet sensitive...capable of beating up fellow team members if necessary yet also capable of cuddling a list puppy.....GAG!!! Of course we have to have an overweight wannabee tough guy with a soft heart...and a criminal history as well. Naturally we needed a genius/nerd and there he is...I.Q. 200+..unlikely since he mispronounces at least a half dozen words in episode 1 alone. The plots as well are of the typical vanilla-computer-generated variety showing absolutely NO imagination at all. Was this TRULY a computer-generated series?? Gagging my way through series 1 I then felt I was only capable of keeping down my supper if I only 'sampled' the other seasons....but it made no cookies from a factory each and every episode was a thinly disguised clone of it's brother....cousin...uncle... If you are an attention deficit sufferer then there MIGHT be some excuse for watching 42 minutes it's neither fish nor fowl. There are 2 other GOOD reasons for watching I.Q. or an age in the 1 digit an intelligent HUMAN.....pass it by.
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I can see why it got cancelled
mccabe19654 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The whole first season, no one wore bulletproof vests. The plots were weak, the story lines were unbelievable. they portrayed prison guards as disrespectful and at times abusive towards prisoners. Top notch team. One was an academy washout. One lived in a halfway house, one had a serious heart problem and three were Convicts.

Season 2 went down hill when they killed off Charlie. Then it really turned into the "Erica Show". Couldn't get into her. She looked like a mix between Megan Fox & Lindsay Lohan. Shea's character got tiresome with his constant crying racism.

The show held my interest. But if missed it it was no big whoop. And at times it was on for background noise as I did something else.
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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
Left_back16 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
There are plenty of cancelled series which break some people's hearts, but this is not one of them.

The plotting is not new, and the stories could definitely use some better writers. One of the few things going for this show is that the actors are for the most part relatively unknowns, except for Serinda and Jimmy. I was expecting something between Leverage and Prison Break, but this was nothing like them.

While there are several plot holes that beggar belief, the acting during Season 1 was fairly decent in terms of setting up the characters and their abilities. It would have been more believable if the writers would showcase the talents of the cons moreso while helping the marshals, then the focus on teamwork would be seen holding the crew together better than just a group of perps thrown together each episode to catch fugitives each time.

Season 2 tried to step up the conflict and drama for the show, but killing a main character to shake things up ended up backfiring as crew careened around trying to fill the void of the leader. Again not enough use of the cons' talents were made of, as they mostly sat around discussing the cases. That for me was a real letdown as it would have been more interesting to see how each con displayed their 'A' game in order to catch the bad guy as opposed to just sitting in the car, which is what they ended up doing half the time.

Not a bad series, but it could have been more.
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