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6 Mar. 2011
Hard-core robber and murderer August Tillman escapes from maximum security prison to recuperate the $500,000 loot from his last bank robbery, which requires finding and torturing his high-school cahoots. He becomes the test case for U.S. Marshals Charlie DuChamp and Ray Zancanelli's daring new program, recruiting escape artists from US prison nationwide to earn early release by helping them chase and capture escaped fiends.
13 Mar. 2011
Xavier Price escapes from prison in the midst of a candlelight vigil outside the penitentiary. The Breakout Kings are immediately brought on the case to try and track him down. It turns out this violent criminal is a "collector," and has a history of kidnapping women, torturing them, and holding them captive in basements. Once the team learns he currently has a woman hidden away somewhere, the race is on to the find her before Virgil can harm her.
20 Mar. 2011
The Bag Man
T-bag, a sociopath with a prosthetic hand and a mean streak to go with it, makes a bloody escape from prison and sets out on a path of vengeance.
27 Mar. 2011
Out of the Mouths of Babes
Joe, a convicted pedophile, disguises himself as a crewmember on a film shoot and makes a break for it.
3 Apr. 2011
Queen of Hearts
The team tries to catch a ruthless woman, convicted of murdering her husband by stabbing him 48 times, who escaped from prison on a school bus.
10 Apr. 2011
Like Father, Like Son
Christian Beaumont doesn't just have an axe to grind with the prison system, he's got an axe to grind with the entire system of organized government. The gang must find this escaped felon before something else is destroyed. And the stakes become even higher for the team when Beaumont sends an explosive package to Charlie DuChamp's home. Meanwhile, Lloyd Lowery wonders who his real father is and why his mother never told the truth about him.
17 Apr. 2011
Fun with Chemistry
A modern-day Bonnie and Clyde escape from prison and go on a crime and killing spree.
24 Apr. 2011
An oversized inmate is poisoned and his coffin is used as a "Trojan Horse" for two inmates to escape the Cayuga Correctional Facility.
1 May 2011
One for the Money
Andre, a handsome, rich and cunning jewel thief, escapes from prison leaving all the prison guards scratching their heads.
8 May 2011
Paid in Full
A notorious contract killer escapes from prison to carry out some unfinished business.
15 May 2011
Off the Beaten Path
A violent schizophrenic with the skills of an outdoor survivalist and a history of ritualistic killing is off his meds and on the hunt.
22 May 2011
There Are Rules
A shocking scene at prison erupts when an 18-wheeler crashes into the prison wall and an armored car from the back of the truck escapes with several convicted felons hiding inside.
30 May 2011
Where in the World Is Carmen Vega
Carmen Vega, the ruthless queen of a drug cartel, pulls off a violent and deadly escape while attending the funeral of her slain son.

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