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surprisingly good
lizjonesm13 July 2014
I wasn't over enthusiastic about watching this re reviews and film summary but pleasantly surprised..liked the family dynamics (very honest - also good film to show your daughter).. liked the contrast between "showy" people and country club staff. If I was Georgie would probably have ridden motorbike into a tree... although prob would just not have joined country club. But then have got drawn into peer groups in past myself.Some surprises along the way,...watched as trying to catch up on Vincent Donofrios' career and thought he played part of dispirited/bored/gentle middle aged man brilliantly... and loved the fight/drunk scenes and scenes with Georgia. budget let it down a little, but have learnt that lot to be said about independent/straight to DVD movies rather than mainstream cinema.
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A cardboard story
cekadah2 May 2015
From the start you can see this movie won't hold up because it's all wet!

The plot is predictable, the characters are mostly transparent, and the setting just doesn't complement the materialistic power grabbing characters. It tries to portray 'high finance' personalities but they look more like Walmart shoppers.

The movie - taken as is - isn't a total loss because there is a bit of mystery along the way but getting through it is boring at times. And if the bank was in over its head why was Roger so eager to take control? Maybe I missed an important fact along the way but I'm not about to go back and find out why.
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Sometimes wacky, definitely worth seeing
vchimpanzee3 October 2016
At a swim meet at Copper Canyon Country Club, Cynthia is about to jump in the pool when she has her first period. She is disqualified for her reaction.

Cynthia's mom Georgie arrives late on her motorcycle, but of course she didn't miss anything.

Cynthia's brother Henry works in construction. Boss Ernie tells him to space studs 36 inches apart, not 18, even though 18 is required by code. And he is told to use quarter inch, not three quarter inch. I assume that means nails.

And Cynthia's dad Roger Lent, who has worked in the bank for over 20 years (appropriate name), did not get the promotion--again. Ted says he is not making the bank enough money. Georgie wants him to try harder because she's not satisfied living an ordinary life when everyone else they know lives in mansions. The family can barely afford to belong to the country club.

Suzi, Cynthia's gorgeous friend on the swim team, is so excited about Cynthia's news, and she wants to give Cynthia advice about relationships and sex, giving the impression that she is experienced. Josh appears to be interested in Cynthia, while tennis pro Pat, who is also a pervert and Doug's cocaine supplier, seems to want more than a professional relationship with Suzi. And Suzi doesn't need a particular item in a jewelry store, but she WANTS it.

Doug, the developer of Copper Canyon Estates--the housing development where Henry is working--is having a party along with his hot wife Katherine. Georgie expects Roger to go and network. Roger can't afford to invest in the development himself, but he can encourage others to.

After becoming disillusioned with Wall Street, Elise is now a golf pro at the club, and she warns Roger the housing development is a Ponzi scheme, and built on a site sacred to Native Americans. So now what will Roger do? Work to advance his career and risk going to jail, or do the right thing? Will Henry do the right thing?

Will Georgie get the life she wants? And will Cynthia and Josh succeed in their relationship? Will Suzi get everything she wants?

This movie is frequently funny, but it isn't always, and doesn't have to be. There are important moral lessons here, and sometimes people don't do what they're supposed to. But the Lent family is basically good. And sometimes people are just silly.

Rhys Coiro may be the standout actor here. Part of this is the extreme close-ups of his weird behavior. And sometimes he's just weird.

Kyra Sedgwick gives her usual good performance. I promise Georgie's really a good person and we will see that.

Dreama Walker does that spoiled teen routine really well.

But most everyone gives a good performance, and most of them are fairly normal.

There's one physical fight that is unique. It's not quite what one might expect once it's over.

Is this a wholesome family movie? Hardly. I've mentioned cocaine, which we see several people doing, especially Doug. There are sexual situations, including a strip club, but nothing too graphic other than dialogue. And the language is pretty bad. When I saw this, the sound went out a lot, and characters' mouths were blurred at the time. Sometimes the sound went out for a long time. The investment group is YGF, or "You got ... ". No, not really. There's an official name that suggests success.

I don't understand the significance of the movie's title. The characters spend very little time in the pool.

Anyway, it's worth seeing.
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Great Movie
FiftyShadeSeattle9 July 2017
I saw this movie for the first time earlier today on TV and thought it was funny and very entertaining but it also had some serious real life situations it touched on. Though it was mainly about a family where the mom and dad weren't too happy with their financial situation while the other couple they hung out with were super rich. The wife starts drinking a little too much while the dad looks into opportunities to make some money. I enjoyed this movie a lot and think some of you would too.
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