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Sex & Nudity

  • Very little. No nudity or sex. This movie does contain one scene of brief, yet somewhat graphic language, in which an inmate refers to how he will sexually treat his future wife after being released from jail.

Violence & Gore

  • The extent of the violence is fairly brutal melee contact including one non-brutal affront of a sexually-abusive nature, and the gore is very mild with small amounts of blood.
  • In one scene, an inmate savagely beats a guard with a chair. There are a few shots of blood shown after the beating. In another scene, an inmate breaks a glass window and holds a shard to the neck of his female hostage. He threatens to kill himself, and holds the shard to his neck.
  • There is a scene in which a sleeping inmate is ambushed and seized by another inmate, in such a way that the attacker is sitting atop the victim and grasping the victim's cranium, threatening to jam his thumbs deep into the victim's eye sockets (crushing the eye balls) if the victim refuses to perform fellatio on him or hurts him.
  • Two inmates fight, but no blood is shown. An inmate punches an aide worker in the stomach.
  • An inmate gets too close to the fence and is struck on the back several times by guards.


  • There is a lot of coarse language in this movie. The F-word is used multiple times throughout the movie. The S-word is used briefly. There are a few uses of the C-word. Sexually graphic language referring to male genitals is used in a few scenes. (The word "cocksucker" is used a few times.) An inmate refers to a woman as a "whore" several times in one brief scene.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • No smoking or drinking is shown, but several scenes show inmates requesting cigarrettes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Just about all of the violent scenes are intense, especially the hostage situation.

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