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So bad, it's good?
ron_phenicie2 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
For those of you who have ever wondered "Gee, I wonder what Twilight would have been like if it was shot for twenty dollars in Canada" here's your answer. How cheap is this movie? It appears to have been shot on a home video camera. The actors all wear the same costume throughout the entire story, despite it supposedly taking place over several days. I can't say for sure how accurate a representation that is of Canadian hygiene habits, but it seems a bit inauthentic to me. I wouldn't go so far as to say that there is a plot. More accurately, it expects you to have previously viewed Twilight in order to fill in the gaps in story the film makers just couldn't squeeze in to the 1 hour running time. I say that again, 1 hour running time. In a revolutionary twist on the genre this "film" doesn't actually show any of the interesting parts from Twilight, it instead merely references them. "Hey wouldn't it be cool if we had the budget to climb that tree?'s been done."

In short, it's entertaining in it's own awful little Canadian way.
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Terrible Movie Experience
madams201010 August 2018
This was a terrible movie experience. It's frustrating, poorly done and awkward. It just looks so totally cheap through the whole movie and is a complete and total ripoff of Twilight.
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Girl meets boy in high school who turns out to be a vampire
Wuchakk1 October 2017
RELEASED TO VIDEO IN 2010 and directed by Scott Patrick, "Blood Red Moon" concerns two outcast students (Sarah Lavrisa & Michael Rogers) at a high school in Ottawa who develop a romantic relationship. The drama takes an interesting turn when Victor (Rogers) turns out to be a vampire who reveals the realities and myths about the undead to Megan (Lavrisa). Meanwhile a series of slayings start occurring, which are blamed on Victor. Mark Courneyea plays a sheriff and Shelley-Jean Harrison a teacher.

The opening credits are great because they feature mysterious forest photography (that looks like the coastal Redwoods of northern California) and a superb moving instrumental. The sylvan cinematography is briefly inserted throughout the rest of the flick. Unfortunately, the actual movie is spare change-budget filmmaking with the typical basic shots (e.g. the outside of the high school), dubious acting and all-around subpar filmmaking. The principle actors inexplicably appear in the SAME clothes throughout the runtime even though it's clear that the events take place over the course of several days, like a week or two, and perhaps even longer.

That said, this is superior to the similar "The Last Vampire on Earth" (2010) due to the decent acting of the principle cast members. In "The Last Vampire on Earth" the wooden 'actors' came across as if they were reading their lines from a teleprompter. The story here is also more interesting due to the mounting deaths and the whodunit factor, as well as the interesting data on vampirism that Victor unveils. Haley Beauchamp with her full head of red hair stands out as the haughty cheerleader.

THE FILM RUNS 70 minutes and was shot in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. WRITER: Kevin J. Lindenmuth.

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Pretty good actually (spoilers!)
charleswright80516 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Blood Red Moon" tells the story of Megan, a young woman who moves with her mother to a small town. There she meets Victor, who is revealed to be a benevolent vampire (of the daywalking variety). When a series of murders plague the town the two of them must find the culprit and prove Victor's innocence.

One thing about this movie is that it was clearly made on a low budget. The cast wear pretty much the same clothes throughout and the effects are, frankly, pretty cheap and underwhelming to say the least.

Despite that I actually really enjoyed it. The acting, while not Oscar-worthy is acceptable and does the job. Personally I found Megan and Victor to be likable and engaging characters and their relationship to be quite sweet. One thing I particularly liked was a scene where Megan asks Victor to bite her and he refuses since he doesn't want to treat her as a food source. I found that a refreshing change from the usual way 'vampire romance' movies depict biting.

One thing I would like to stress is that I have never seen any of the "Twilight" movies (which this movie was clearly inspired by) or read the books. However I've seen enough reviews to get the gist of it and I can honestly say I have no interest in seeing or reading any of them. I suspect many people call this movie a rip-off, but at least Megan and Victor show emotions. They smile, they laugh etc. I can totally accept them as a couple that love each other.

My point is, you do not need to be a fan of "Twilight" to enjoy this movie.

While "Blood Red Moon" isn't to everyone's taste it is not bad by any means. All in all a good movie that's definitely worth at least a look.
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Beyond awful
djsmom-1765525 July 2021
I would rather swim in a tank of sharks with an open wound than to ever watch this garbage again. And that is a certifiable fact. These "vampires" aren't even accurate ones...
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It's a parody not a rip off
Camsteary14 June 2019
A pretty good parody that points out the dumb aspects of twilight and improve on it. Yes it is low budget and it shows, but this proves just how awful twilight is considering how high a budget they had to work with. Plus i love that it was set in canada
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