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  • Chuck and Sara have deserted to lead 'normal' lives as a couple, but the 'honeymooners' find themselves on a Swiss train with ETA cell commander Juan Diego Arnaldo. The men they assumed his accomplices are actually Interpol informer minders, but real terrorist lurk too. The general allows Casey to rejoin as ideal rescue mission leader, assisted only by Grimes. Meanwhile Devon gets stuck with Jeffster and can barely control Ellie's emotions when Chuck misses their send-off party before a year in Africa.

  • Chuck and Sarah encounter enemy spies while on a train trip through Europe and must rely on the CIA's newest team for help: Casey and Morgan.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) have finally decided they love one another and don't want to go back to Burbank just yet. What to do? A train ride through Europe sounds like fun. You see the rolling countryside, the quaint little towns...provided you actually leave your sleeping car. Even the train porter is begging and pleading for them to get out of their bedroom and try the dining car. However, these two have a lot of catching up to do. Chuck admits he made the wrong decision in Prague and asks Sarah to run away with him. This in spite of the fact Sarah STILL doesn't have a favorite band three years later. Sarah doesn't think they can run away, but Casey (Adam Baldwin) has been reinstated and Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) are heading to Africa. Since everybody else is moving on with their lives, he wants to move on as well...with Sarah. Chuck doesn't want to risk Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) finding out and putting a stop to it.

    CHUCK: Sarah Walker, do you agree to quit the spy life with me?

    SARAH: I do. Chuck Bartowski, do you agree to quit the spy life with me?

    CHUCK: I do.

    They throw out their mobile phones and do what they've been doing for the last five days...each other. General Beckman, however, won't take this lying down. She sends newly-reinstated Colonel Casey to find them. However, she recommends someone join Casey. Someone who has an "oddly codependent relationship" with Chuck. That, of course, is Morgan (Joshua Gomez).

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carm...Charles finally make it to the dining car, although their timing isn't good. As they contemplate where to go, Sarah notices a man with a gun passing them by and palms a knife to be on the safe side. It's a good move, because Chuck just flashed on the same person.

    Casey consults Morgan, who doesn't know where Chuck is.

    MORGAN: Let's cut the guy some slack! He's probably got the fate of the world resting in his hands.

    CASEY: I'd say he's got something else resting in his hands. He's off the grid...with Walker. Do the math? He's going to need a walker when Walker's through with him.

    Awesome comes to the Buy More looking for Chuck, and he tasks the confident Morgan with making sure Chuck is at the going away party the following night. Sure enough, the 2000's version of Lenny and Squiggy...Jeffster! (Vik Sahay and Scott Krinsky), arrive right on cue and offer to be the entertainment. After all, it's a bat mitzvah. (You don't want to hear Lester's translation, trust me.)

    Back on the train, Chuck and Sarah are trying not to think about being spies while getting ready for bed. (You look at Yvonne wearing that outfit and you're lucky to even remember your name.) Both of them are trying not to let the other know they're having difficulty adjusting to being civilians. Both of them offer to go get some fresh air, but Chuck demurs to let Sarah go outside to get it. She does, and runs down the hall to find the man Chuck flashed on. She picks the lock to the man's room using a "Do Not Disturb" sign and discovers Juan Diego Arnaldo (Carlos Lacamara) is a Basque terrorist. She has to hide as Chuck enters. Chuck can't hide in the bathroom, since Sarah locked herself in there, so he goes onto the train roof. Diego is suspicious, so Sarah does the only thing she can. She flushes the toilet, jumps out in her lingerie and pretends to be from Texas (complete with accent), accusing Arnaldo of being in her room. She then apologizes, saying she's drunk, as Chuck tries to work his way back to their room. He dives into the open window, thanks to an Intersect lesson on how to do a flip, just in time before Sarah gets back. Both are still in denial about spying. Sarah finally breaks down and admits to faking it..."You've been faking it the whole time!?!?!?!?!"...about being a spy. She tells him about Arnaldo, and he admits flashing on him.

    SARAH: I saw his list of contacts from the Euskadi Tu Askatasuna.

    CHUCK: My God, you even make terrorist groups sound sexy.

    She gets mad at him for making her hide, and he gets mad at her for locking the bathroom on him...and both of them are completely turned on right now. They agree on one last mission before retirement.

    Casey isn't happy he was tasked to Morgan, which is not the same as asking him, but Morgan does some stalker-like thinking that would make Jeff and Lester proud. Knowing Chuck forgot to bring his prescription skin cream, he finds the nearest pharmacy where Chuck's dermatologist would have sent the prescription and cross-checked that with a nearby train station. By finding footage of the nearest newsstand, where Chuck would be buying the latest Justice League comic, they zoom in on his ticket to Zurich. Casey tells him to pack light, because he is going to Europe. Casey is stuck next to a crying baby instead of a fat guy like he was last week, but he has to hear how Morgan is trying to keep the plane afloat by rooting for it. They find the train, but Morgan may need a little help getting up the stairs because of the insanely-sized backpack he's wearing. (And you don't want to know about where he hides his money and tickets.)

    Chuck and Sarah need a plan for dealing with Arnaldo, since they left their spy gear in Paris. The plan begins by Sarah distracting a punk rocker on the train and lifting his handcuffs. Chuck then flashes on some French to an injured skier and lifts her prescription of pain pills. Sarah will continue to play her Texas accent and Chuck fashions one of his own, since they'll pretend to be a married couple. Sarah goes up to their table and reintroduces herself and "Charlie, her husband", and asks them to take their picture. She makes an oopsie and spills their water. They switch out the water bottles with ones laced with the skier's sedatives.

    Speaking of needing a sedative, Jeffster! is set up in the courtyard in advance of Ellie and Awesome's party. Clearly they need the rehearsal, as Jeff blows out the amp.

    LESTER: Jeff, how many times have I told you? It's not the size of the instrument that matters but how long and how much your mother catches you playing?

    Jeff suggests finding Chuck, but of course Chuck is nowhere to be found. Ellie is freaking out, but Lester dials it back. Tonight, Jeffster! goes unplugged.

    Surprisingly, Chuck and Sarah's plan appears to be working. The three separatists drink their sedative-laced waters while Chuck and Sarah contemplate what a great team they make. Casey would disagree. He cuffs the pair as Arnaldo apparently didn't have his drink, but he did get to watch his muscle (Anthony DiRocco) pass out. Casey doesn't believe their story, so Chuck and Sarah do the only thing they can: apologize and punch his lights out. They chase after Arnaldo, in spite of being cuffed together. Sarah gets into his room, but the door gets slammed, leaving Chuck on the outside, still handcuffed to her. In spite of only fighting one-handed, she gets the drop on Arnaldo and pulls Chuck into the room...on top of her, actually. And since this is a comedy, that's exactly when Casey enters. They beg Casey to check the evidence in the bathroom. He does, and tranqs Arnaldo, except the tranq darts hit the book Arnaldo was carrying. Arnaoldo runs...directly into Morgan's backpack. Arnaldo is captured, but he was actually turning himself into Interpol, who were the two agents Chuck and Sarah drugged. Sarah admits to handling this case under the radar. Casey puts two and two together and realizes they're going to quit. Morgan can't believe it, but they have a bigger problem. Another agent was on the train and knows everything. Her plan is to eliminate Arnaldo...and his new friends.

    Beckman gets on the phone to Chuck and Sarah and rips them a new one. She's even more mad when she discovers they called her from a payphone. While they wait for an Interpol team not laced with pharmaceutical-grade narcotics, Chuck talks to Morgan about leaving the spy business and Sarah talks to Casey. Interestingly, Arnaldo hears both conversations. Both of them think they have to give up the spy business in order to be with the other, and Morgan and Casey wonder why can't they have both. Morgan makes Chuck promise to ask Sarah if quitting is what she really wants first. Casey and Morgan will wait for the Interpol team with Arnaldo while Chuck and Sarah run.

    As Jeffster! play a very good instrumental rendition of "Leaving on a Jet Plane," Chuck admits to never living anywhere outside of California and Sarah admits Burbank was the only place she ever lived that felt like home. The two Interpol agents come for Arnaldo, but Morgan's incessant talking makes them slip up into thinking of the beautiful castles near Lake Como, where there should be boats. The Canadian woman from the train who rejected Morgan, Elia (Lela Loren), was really working for the Basque ETA. She captures Casey, Morgan, and Arnaldo.

    Chuck and Sarah try to get on the train, but Chuck fulfills his promise to Morgan and asks Sarah if she really wants to run away. She admits she thought it had to be one or the other. She's about to answer when they're captured by the Interpol agents they drugged. Obviously, they won't believe anything they say, so Sarah and Chuck punch them out and find a scooter to take them back to the restaurant. Elia and her team are beating up Arnaldo as Chuck and Sarah run the scooter through the restaurant and go on the attack. Two minutes of serious tag-team ass-kicking later. Elia gets up and aims a gun, but Casey leaps up with Morgan tied to him and swings him to knock her out. Casey thanks them for coming back and asks them if they have a train to catch. They hem and haw until Arnaldo speaks up.

    ARNALDO: I've been on the run for two years. And no matter how far you run, you cannot run from yourself. And from what I've heard from both of you, it's not what either of you really wants.

    Chuck and Sarah fess up and decide to go back.

    SARAH: Chuck Bartowski, do you agree to not quit the spy life with me?

    CHUCK: I do. Sarah Walker, do you agree to not quit the spy life with me?

    SARAH: I do.

    They kiss, Morgan loves it, and Casey is ready to throw up.

    General Beckman thanks Casey and Casey gives Morgan credit for his help. Morgan goes to bat for Chuck and Sarah, telling the General they deserve to be spies...together. ("Get him out of here!") The General cuts them off before they admit the truth...they are dating.

    GENERAL BECKMAN: I must caution you that allowing your private life to interfere with your professional life can be dangerous. But off the record, it's about damn time!

    Chuck realizes Ellie is leaving and tries to rush home. He is too late, but he plays the DVD of their going away party. A drunk Ellie is upset that "I just wanted the chance to say goodbye and he wouldn't even give that to me." Fortunately, Ellie forgot her phone and was really upset with herself at the party for leaving her little brother. They have a tearful hug goodbye. Chuck says she's not leaving him alone, as Sarah comes in. Ellie is in tears. And Chuck has found the song for Sarah: Nina Simone's Feeling Good.

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