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Meteor Storm Brings Chaos to San Francisco Again August 23rd (DVD)

Meteor Storm showed on the SyFy Network in 2010. Now, Monarch Home Entertainment will deliver fiery meteorites on DVD August 23rd. Meteor Storm stars Michael Trucco ("Battlestar Galactica"), Kari Matchett (Cypher), and Kirsten Prout (Eclipse). This space born disaster is set in San Francisco and the DVD art signals that the Golden Gate Bridge will have a destructive encounter with this space debris. Have a look at the plot details, as Meteor Storm gets set to release August 23rd.

The synopsis for Meteor Storm:

"San Francisco becomes a target for waves of destructive meteors after a rogue comet orbits the earth… For astronomer Michelle Young, what was meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime celestial event turns into her worst nightmare as thousands of meteors break the surface of the atmosphere and bombard the city of San Francisco" (Monarch).

Release Date: August 23, 2011 (DVD).

Director: Tibor Takacs.

Writer: Peter Mohan.

Producers: Sean Bowers,
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Alt.TV – 20/7/10

Are you bored of the same old TV shows? Tired of the mainstream? Then check out this round-up of alternative movies and series showing on UK television tonight…

8.00pm Meteor Storm (Syfy)

A rare celestial occurrence becomes a city’s worst nightmare when a rogue comet orbits close to the Earth, leaving San Francisco a shooting gallery for a host of destructive meteors. Sci-fi thriller directed by Tibor Takacs (The Gate).

9.00pm Backwoods (Horror Channel)

Gripping and brutal thriller starring Gary Oldman and Paddy Considine. An English couple’s holiday in remote northern Spain turns nasty when they discover an abused and deformed child.

10.00pm King of Miami (Film24)

Comedian Dave Hill moves to Florida to become the King of Miami, where he looks for a castle, a car and a boat. Plus, the royal seal of approval is granted to one of Miami’s restaurants.

10.55pm Buried Alive (Horror
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