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MPAA Rated PG-13 for zombie violence and some language

Sex & Nudity

  • A girl takes her outer wet clothes off in front of a boy. She tells him to look away. Brief shot of her in bra and underwear. Nothing sexual.

Violence & Gore

  • A dozen zombies limp into a city and attack several men and women, knock them down and eat them with ripping sounds as we see blood in the zombies' mouths; a zombie bites a dead man in the throat and another in the forearm and we see blood flow until a woman with a rifle shoots three zombies several times and destroys them (no blood).
  • A zombie tears flesh from his own face (only black soot is left and he has no blood). In several scenes, one zombie eats pieces of brain from a bag (the brain looks like a gray sponge); the last time he eats it, he spits it out and we see it splatter over his face and his chair.
  • A skeleton eats a dead human on a fire escape landing and we see some blood around the human's throat; as the camera pans down, we hear ripping noises at street level and we see a hand fall onto a dumpster.
  • In a flashback, a man and a woman with handguns confront 20 zombies in an alley: one zombie is the man's father, roaring and charging toward the son, who shoots him in the head off screen; we hear a loud shot and the scene ends, but we hear that the man lost his father in that event.
  • A woman throws a knife into a zombie's chest; he pulls it out, unharmed.
  • Four scenes feature soldiers firing at zombies and skeleton creatures and many of the paranormal "people" fall, destroyed, but without blood; one skeleton creature convulses slightly before he becomes totally inanimate.
  • Many zombies decide to come into town and help the surviving humans; they smash several skeletons apart in a short fight, but there is no blood.
  • A scene outside a city features many zombies fighting against skeletons, kicking and smashing their heads to destroy them; a close-up shows a zombie smashing two skeletons and saving a soldier, whom he helps up from the ground, and the zombies join ranks with soldiers and destroy many skeletons (they are shown falling to the ground, unmoving).
  • zombie is shot and we see blood.
  • In a medical lab (please see the Substance Use category for more details), a zombie fights a man, using punches and kicks; the zombie is thrown back against a wall, unharmed, pounds the man's head into a concrete floor several times and we see a little blood. In a blurred dream sequence, we see two little boys fight and one receives a slightly bloody nose and smiles at the blood on his fingers as he touches his nose.
  • A man meets a male zombie and puts a gun to his head, until a woman puts a gun to the man's back allowing another woman and the zombie to escape.
  • Dozens of zombies of all ages limp around an abandoned airport in torn, grungy clothing while grunting, growling and muttering; they have pale faces with purple veins running down the neck and black or purple eye makeup and lipstick; we see some with red or dried brown blood around their mouth.
  • Several roaring skeletons are seen and we hear that zombies ("corpses") will all be skeletons ("boneys") soon.
  • A man asks a male zombie if he is still bleeding and says, "Good" (we see some blood on the zombie's shoulder and chest and fingers).


  • 1 F-word, 4 scatological terms.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two men and a woman drink wine, a woman drinks a bottle of beer in an abandoned plane.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Due to R being a zombie, his appearance may frighten young children despite his gentle nature.

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