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It has improved
mannoman-128 April 2011
As much as I REALLY like Dana Delany, the first show did not showcase the writer's best abilities and I would have rated it a 5, at best. Nonetheless,I continue to watch the show and it has improved quite rapidly. The episode where Megan's (Dana) spoiled daughter has a school video project on what your parent does for a living was quite well written, particularly the closing. I think those who have given the show a chance have been pleasantly surprised.

Much has been said about Dana's character being obnoxious. I don't find her obnoxious at all. I think "direct" is a better word. The weakest links are the medical examiner's staff. They don't appear capable to have risen to that level of medical smarts. In general, the casting is a bit weak but, as always, Dana Delany is a joy and she carries the series.
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Give it a has potential and is medically accurate
MarkoFromWreath1 April 2011
The series is about a defamed neurosurgeon Dr.Megan Hunt who has now left her profession as a surgeon and has become the medical examiner . She uses her expertise as a brilliant neurosurgeon to solve murders. ### THIS is the review based on PILOT ###

Just by seeing a pilot one can never decide if the show is good/ can only guess how it might turn out..Most reviews here seem to judge it too early.

Dana Delany was good, not excellent. She tried her best in the pilot to portray in forty minutes , how a woman would feel in her position. It is tough to make an impression in the very first episode because an actor needs to build a solid foundation upon which her character would develop richly and as something people will connect to in the coming episodes. If in some scenes she seemed to falter I feel the writers are to blame because they seem to try hard to stuff all the emotions and past story in just 40 minutes and hey don't forget, there is a murder to solve too. Her character seem to unravel in a hurry and it's not Delany's fault.

The supporting cast were okay, actually they seemed like stereotypes taken from series like house(boss of hunt seemed like cuddy), the detectives(csi and castle?) and so on...yes the writers need to develop these characters better, although the confused doctor played by Geoffrey Arend (Dr. Elliot)and the frenemy played by Middlebrooks(Dr. Curtis) were unique and entertaining.

And for the plot, I cannot think of any plot holes and as a person in the medical field I can say that the medicine part was not slouchy like some soaps ( cough..grays anatomy)and was actually convincing.

So in conclusion, I would not write off the show this early...Let's wait and see how it develops.
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Hooked me!
lbrandst330 March 2011
I loved 'Body of Proof.' The quips were funny, Dr. Hunt was intriguing, and Dana Delany put on a wonderful performance. I started watching because I loved Dana in 'Castle' as Special Agent Jordan Shaw. Her character is similar, which I like; blunt, snarky, but human. She has a softer side that it a refreshing thing to see on a show like this. Her situation makes you want to hug her, but her edge makes you want to cross the street when you see her coming.

While unconventional, (I know some people's heads are spinning because of an ME playing detective, which really wouldn't happen,) I think it is in the character's nature, and that is really the premises of the show. I mean, it really just shows how extraordinarily smart she is.

I am really interested to see where this goes. I realize that shows like this can be overdone, but I am ready to give BOP a shot. I can already see parallels to shows like 'Castle' and 'CSI', but it is only the first week. I am definitely going to watch on Sunday and Tuesday to see what transpires. :)
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Not as bad as I thought it was going to be after the first 5 minutes
dmgreer30 March 2011
It was often silly, with enough clichés to fill all the cheesecakes in Philadelphia, enough exposition to require a PowerPoint presentation, and enough irascible doctor/detective work to make you wonder if the main character was the love child of Monk, House, Patrick Jayne, Tim Roth, Alexx Woods, Jessica Fletcher, and maybe even Harriet Korn but by golly someone was found to have died of Lupus in the first episode, and you can't beat that with a stick!

The thing is, I love medical shows and I love detective shows, so it's hard to go wrong with a combination of the two, and how are you going to do that except by keying on the Medical Examiner? Like House, the medical part of it seems pretty accurate, and it's fun trying to beat Dr. Hunt to the diagnosis. Oh yeah, and I also enjoy shows where people notice a lot of seemingly unimportant things - it gives me an incentive to heighten my own sense of awareness.

So you've got the keep-it-simple cop, and the hunky blond guy, the hard nosed but incredibly good looking female boss, and the somewhat incompetent assistant all playing off of the irascible main character who's so good at her job you can't fire her. But at least it's a woman this time!
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redhead_9au-119 September 2011
I love Dana Delany and I love crime shows....this show delivers in a similar way Desperate Housewives and the such do, unbelievable in certain aspects but thoroughly enjoyable at the same time.

I take some issue with the stiletto heels and the autopsies performed with the male cast members in a hair net and Miss Delany performing the main tasks with hers long and flowing.... but of course she looks great doing it ;)

The characters are fun and likable and the show has potential, I will continue to watch for the entertainment value, but don't expect too much complexity or originality.
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Dana Delany in police procedural
SnoopyStyle20 August 2013
Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) is a self-possessed former neurosurgeon who suffered some setbacks. It's been 4 years since a car accident left her with unknown medical issues which led to her patient's death. Kate Murphy (Jeri Ryan) hired the highly skilled doctor as a new medical examiner. She works with Ethan and Curtis in the lab as well as partnering with investigator Peter Dunlop. Police detectives Bud and Sam work the cases. She is desperate to reconnect with estranged daughter Lacey Fleming.

It's been awhile since Dana Delany has led a TV show, not since China Beach anyways, that lasted more than a season. She's good enough to anchor a police procedural. There is a functional group around her. Her relationship with Lacey holds a little interest. Her abrasive character never truly found the required love interest although Peter comes close. There are some big cast changes in the third and final season and they try to pump up the action/danger. It was probably done to try to save it from sure cancellation. Both renewals were surprises. It was obvious that this show was the low man on the network. The final Hail-Mary failed.
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Just hits the spot
tennis_star_12520 August 2011
i personally love crime shows like 'Bones' and 'Castle' and 'Body of Proof' is exactly what i wanted, it mixes the excitement of crime fighting with the complex work of forensic analysis.

It is shows like this and my liking towards science which led me to want to be a forensic examiner. It keeps interest, which is hard these days with so many crime shows on TV, while still staying in the context of crime fighting and has a well composed back story.

To conclude, 'Body of Proof' is wonderful in its ability to bring together all the best aspects of modern crime shows while staying unique in its own way and is a great show for people of all age
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nice character development
sydboy00725 March 2012
After watching the first few episodes I wasn't sure if I'd bother with any more. Initially I found Megan Hunt annoying, with her colleges too weak. It felt like a poor version of house.

After the halfway mark in the first season I noticed the character development and started to like most of the support cast. There's a decent level of comedy and I suppose we're seeing Megan learn how to deal emotionally with others.

Yes the show is formulaic, but then these days what show isn't. For an hour of my time I get a decent drama, a few laughs, and the odd smile. I'm looking forward to seeing how the character develop further nd hop we'll get a season 3.
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Decent series but too predictable/generic to keep my interest.
awdlnd30 March 2011
I really like crime series like Law & Order, NYPD Blue, Life, Blue Bloods, Detroit 1-8-7, and Chicago Code but this one lost my interest within the first 5 minutes. In order to properly review it I watched the rest.

This is very similar to House only with the existence of criminal elements. I like House unfortunately I don't feel Delaney's character is anywhere close to being as strong as Hugh Laurie's.

Most people should be able to figure out most of the elements of where this series will go as well as the characters' synopses within the first 10 minutes which I find unfortunate.

I will agree that Law & Order can have very boring and generic/predictable dialog from time to time which is the same as this series but for some reason I have trouble getting passed it on this show.

So I would chalk up Delaney's character as a weak House character with mild generic overtones similar to Goren on L&O: Criminal Intent, Gibbs on NCIS, and Horatio on CSI: Miami only without the over-the-top comedic values of Horatio. I am tiring of the know-it-all, super-hero, arrogant type characters in TV series these days...

I may catch an episode later to see if there have been any improvements but I won't be setting this up on the DVR yet.

I am curious how they will be developing the beer truck driver as Deputy Chief Medical Examiner though...

...Something else I just discovered is that this seemingly Horatio-inspired series will most likely replace Detroit 1-8-7. I can't help but think there was some politics involved...I would think this was a horrible move but the CSI franchise remains alive and well so what do I know...
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Abysmal writing, Caricatures not Characters
catgirl615 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The reason certain shows make it and others don't, when they basically have the same general setting (hospital shows like Gray's & ER, or coroner shows like Bones & the '70s Quincy, M.E.) is because of the *main* characters, not so much each week's patient or each week's story line, except as it moves the relationships between the primary parties.

Will Bones & Booth from the series "Bones", ever get together? Will Angela & Hodgins find their way back to each other (which took several seasons to find out!)? It's a "hook" that keeps you coming back for more. And that's what this show is sorely lacking.

Here, the writers introduce us to Megan Hunt, neurosurgeon turned coroner, due to a condition that causes her hands to go numb at inopportune times, so she can no longer work on live patients. Being a neurosurgeon, she obviously has to have a healthy ego, and we learn that she's also a workaholic who has a reputation for not being very nice. Having put her work ahead of her family, Megan is divorced and her daughter Lacey lives with her father, who won custody by convincing the court that Megan was an unfit parent due to her consistent absence from their daughter's life.

So after that introduction, we're meant to wonder how Megan will be able to rebuild her broken relationship with her estranged daughter. We hope to see a poignant story unfold about a mother earning her daughter's trust and love again.


In episode 2 (Letting Go) Megan's daughter, Lacey, angrily ran off, telling her mother she was "trying too hard". It broke Megan's heart and she's left at the end of the episode crying in her car. We don't see or hear about Lacey in episode 3 (Helping Hand) and in episode 4 (Talking Heads) Lacey has chosen to do a video essay about her mother's job for a class and asks to spend the day with her at her work. What? When did she stop hating her mother?

Yet for all the begging and pleading to spend more time with her daughter that the audience is subjected to, and the father doesn't allow, Megan is suddenly reluctant to have her daughter with her for the day and starts off objecting! Suddenly she doesn't want her daughter to get to know her better?

But of course she relents and by the end, "what Lacey learns in the process profoundly changes her view of her mother." Well isn't that nice and wrapped up? Except it's apparently not. By episode 7 (All in the Family), when Megan's ex-husband asks her to fill in for him and pick Lacey up at a friend's house the next day, Megan has to call Lacey to make sure she's really all right with that. Why? Well, as Megan explains, "the last time I saw you, you said I was trying too hard." Uhm, no she didn't. That happened the time *before* last.

Megan Hunt is extremely driven with a reputation as a "ball buster". Her colleagues are afraid of her wrath and she storms around talking to people like dirt. So, will she ever be able to lose her anger and start to build relationships with her co-workers? YES! In three episodes she went from a woman who was a hard*** to a woman who sews torn jacket sleeves. Awwww, how sweet -- and completely unrealistic of a turnaround.

According to the back story, she's been working with these people for 4 years in the coroner's office, but they write their interactions as if they only started working together a few weeks ago. Now in episode 3 she suddenly cares about their lives? Why? What was the catalyst? There wasn't one. At least not one the writers bothered to take any time to *build*. No, all it took was her boss, Kate Murphy (played by Jeri Ryan) telling her she might try showing an interest in her colleagues. She's never said that to her before in the past 4 years? And that simple request was enough to make her Mrs. Nice Gal?

This show is trying too hard to mimic "Bones", while not-so-successfully pretending not to. And just so we "get it", in episode 7 (All in the Family) the writers have Megan's ex show up at her office because he needs a Forensic Anthropologist, which Megan must, of course, remind him that she isn't. That would, strangely (because this is supposedly the coroner's office, not The Jeffersonian), be her boss. Or should I say her boss's boss. Except for the fact that Megan's always giving orders to her boss and reporting to her boss's boss as if she were her boss.

This show is so sloppy they should put it on a bun, call it Joe, and serve it with a tall glass of milk.
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jeepster_696930 March 2011
I personally took 20 minutes out of my day to enrol myself with a membership to this site, and submit my personal email address to potential spam just to express how bad this new series is......

I am Canadian, and this reminds me of Canadian content which most Americans would agree is pretty bad. It's an awful mix of House and L&O with a horrible predictable story line. Delaney's character is just simply annoying. Since when do doctors go knocking on suspects doors, interrogating them while detectives stand by in astonishment that a "medical investigator" knows how to deal with witnesses and crime scenes more than they do. GET REAL!!!!! The very first review posted by awdlnd speaks my mind exactly, but just in a more political way.

I understand this is only the first show, and better things can develop as anything is possible, but I definitely won't be watching, and standing by waiting for this to happen.......BU BYE!!!
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shallow plot with an unbelievably annoying main character
grandmaste_f6 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly, I'd like to mention that I signed up to IMDb just so that I can write this review.

I watched the entire first episode of this series only because I was constantly trying to give it a chance. However, it did not get better. But why exactly is it bad? The main character is a smart neurosurgeon who happened to lose the right to work in that field after an accident. Now she is an ME and knows everything including how to solve crimes in the field. She also lost custody of her child to her husband because of an unjust court. She basically got screwed from all directions but, being the strong, modern and emancipated woman she is (read: c****), she copes with all the hardships life has presented to her. Now, the main character is highly annoying and makes it almost impossible to watch the series, but she shows emotion when story parts about her child pop up and this is supposed to make the viewer identify with the main character. It did not work for me.

Baseline: If you want to watch a good series where a ME solves crimes and is not an irritable c**** then watch Quincy.
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Wow that was Painful to Watch
Cliff31 March 2011
Watching the show you could see that they did put some money and time creating this show. The problem is they forgot to spend any money on writers. This was like a glee mash up... Take one part Law and Order, mix in one part Quincy, add a dash of Bones and shake until you have killed several brain cells in your viewers.

You could plot the story points five minutes before they were to appear. Now if predictable was the only problem. This powerful emancipated woman is just irritating, grating and over the top. And wow talk about enlightened television programing... the Black medical examiner... no one will call him Doctor and he's played as a fool. So very insulting!

Anyone else notice how many clothing changes the main character has during the show. This has got to be the best dressed medical examiner in the history of the earth. Chance of being cancelled before 12 Episodes.... 95%
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Body of Proof- Proof that it's Really Good ***1/2
edwagreen30 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Dana Delany stars as an emancipated woman who allowed her career to get ahead of her role as wife and mother. A neurosurgeon, she suffers a car accident, which will not allow her to practice neurosurgery and so she turns to the position of medical examiner.

Delany really takes this role seriously. She is smart, tough and doesn't go exactly by the book in doing her work. She can be abrasive, but she comes to the point. She seems to be running afoul of a certain detective in the police department.

She pulls out all the stops in the investigation of the death of a 32 year old woman. She has some wild theories and directly comes into conflict with the detective and her superior at her office.

She leaves no stone unturned, while she thinks of the daughter she lost full custody of.

This appears to be a hit show. I assume that the other critic didn't like it because it wasn't vulgar or sexy enough. We need more quality shows like this one. Thank you.
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Oh no - not another one
annieb196531 March 2011
I really enjoy good police and medical dramas. This show is neither. Dana Delaney is just too unbelievable. In fact she is too everything. Too glamorous, too glib, too know-it-all. The cops are the usual bumbling fools, while she solves the case all on her own, and solves everybody else's cases along the way. The chief and deputy chief medical examiners are also made to look inferior to her. I'll be amazed if it goes far beyond "pilot". I was looking forward to a good new, medical examiner, police series. What a disappointment. Dana Delaney is such a talent, but it sure is wasted here. Bones is great. Body of Proof is trying to cash in on Bones popularity. Two thumbs way down.
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Average and poorly devised protagonist
mlwilliams-538844 April 2015
I watched series 1-3 when recovering from surgery and it was a thorough disappointment. The main problem is that the lead character is totally unlikeable (for anyone with a brain and knowledge of criminology or criminal justice). Her arrogance is not endearing rather it is off-putting with her constant omnipotence causing her to be the type of person one would fire rather than admire. Her 'findings' are constantly based on supposed science but in fact are more about proving and validating her own existence. The idea that an ME would be going in to question suspects is pathetically unrealistic (alright I know it's TV but come on) and her footwear at crime scenes abominable. Furthermore, how is it that as the pathologist, she only ever seems to wear clothing which emphasises her physique rather than preserves evidence (don't even get me started on CSI programmes). She is an unworthy character and wholly annoying; the show should have been cancelled after a few episodes and were it not for a long convalescing period, I would have never stuck it through to the end. The best thing in it was the scenery!
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Worse show on TV
anita-669-40078225 April 2013
Why in gods name does Megan Hunt get to be a total horrible monster and abuse everyone she meets....she isn't a genius these cases are not hard to figure out? I wanted to like the show but got sick of the same old same their is a death, a murder and here she comes abusing everyone that comes into contact with her.... they should just run!! Do not suggest anyone watch this dumb show until they remove Megan Hunt and her bosses character (she is just a badly written).. A spin off of her two lab assistance - they are incredible characters and could develop into a great show with a little effort.

Since I have to add more, here goes. What else oh they can keep the daughter she can act and her lines are decent. Again this is such a badly written show I don't know how its now on for another year.
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Angry Show with Angry Star...Anger, Anger, Anger
PartialMovieViewer5 May 2011
Silly detectives!!! Only mean and nasty ME's can solve crimes – duh! This woman (excuse me WO-MEAN) has such a rotten personality, hating the typically acceptable group of politically correct targets - ONLY. The detectives she works with must all be complete idiots – morons from Moronica – dummies from Dummania, or ignoramuses from Ignoramia. Talk about cutting sails from that same old tired cloth. ME's provide clues to police, that is their job. They provide testimony to help put criminals away – that is also their job. They clarify their findings and help paint a clearer picture of a crime – that also is their job. I noticed nowhere were they supposed to act overly condescending towards fellow employees, or be so smug – after symbolically driving stiletto heels deep into the backs of those supposedly on her side. This girl has serious social problems, reflected in her total disdain for those working with her. I suffered through three shows, and see no potential for this to get any better – it is a loser. That is my opinion only of course. Should this be canceled? Nah! I just won't watch it anymore.

Additional: I have seen another show in this series and have come to a new conclusion. I was looking for a rating vote for 'painful' and could not find one. I guess I will stick with 'awful'
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Appealing at 55!
geraldc_9913 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Caught the pilot at the end of Dancing with the Stars. I'd heard about her show from endless commercials on ABC, so I figured I'd give it a try. I found myself unable to take my eyes off her! Granted, she may have been showing a little more cleavage than usual, she still has a certain charm about her. The plot wasn't anything super bizarre, threw a bit of twists and turns, but was sufficiently pleasing fare. Also, I thought the pilot was written in a very clever way to introduce all the show's characters. Props to the writer.

I'll happily leave the channel alone after my weekly Dancing with the Stars fix.
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This show is good
Josh Hardy7 April 2011
Since Crossing Jordan has been ended. I have been waiting for a new medical examiner show and i have found the last three episodes really watchable and not as predictable as i thought it would be. I am hoping Abc renews this for next spring season. Cause every time they put something on the fall. the writers try and compete and they never succeed. Look at some other shows they have done. I will be watching and falling in love. Dr.Megan Hunt is relative with her life falling apart with a lot of Americans right now. I hope to see ABC renew this. A lot of the other shows they have just well suck. They have canceled a lot of shows and some were good. To some up this show. Dr. Megan Hunt and her coworkers dissect and use tools to solve Deaths. She ends up getting more involved since her losing her Nero surgery job. I believe the show has more to offer than just a plain Jane seen it before show.
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On the Fence
ancientdragoneye26 April 2011
I decided to watch the show because I am a big fan of Jeri Ryan, but I have found that she has yet to play a significant role in the series. The show so far lacks any personal information about the characters besides Dr. Hunt. Also is missing that emotional depth that is required for any good series. I have watched several of the episodes so far, but nothing has grasped my attention to make me want to watch every week. Body of Proof is definitely not the best crime or even medical related show I have seen and it lack originality. The series is like a mesh between CSI and ER except with less focus on the relationships among the characters. I still plan on giving the series a chance to pick up speed before I make a definitive decision on it, but if I don't see any character development I might move on to something else. I hope to see more from Jeri Ryan's character Kate during the next few episodes and more emotion from Dr.Hunt.
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Annoying Characters in this Body of Confusion
Love_of_Film23 April 2015
Although the approach was rather new, the characters were too artificial for me to enjoy. The main character played by Dana Delany was abusive, arrogant, and disrespectful as well as being portrayed as a jealous, self-serving parent. I am also a fan of Jeri Ryan from her Star Trek days and was hoping to see more of her but the people who made this show let her down. In this series, although her mannerism appears strong, she is weak and easily gives in to Dana Delany's character who is supposed to be working for Jeri Ryan's character. There are useless characters in this drama that seem out of place and serve no purpose but to fill up the lab to make it look busy. They write this drama so it appears that Megan Hunt has no respect for authority or personal feelings, she oversteps her boundaries with no regard for policy or legal boundaries in various situations in an attempt to make her look like she knows what she's doing. You are left asking at times, 'Can she really do that?'. Good and bad story lines are mixed in but overall, disappointing.
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Body of Bordem
killer1h18 May 2011
Alright so we have yet another cop show *sigh* and I was so hoping that it was going to wow me or introduce some interesting characters yet... no. This is another show where they're supposed to have a "unique" approach to crime but there is nothing unique about this approach, we already have tons of shows where medical professionals of some caliber help cops solve there cases and first let me say that this cast while awesome in other movies and shows is terrible in this one. I've tried to give this show a chance watching multiple episodes but every time it comes on I truly want to sleep its so dull. No character evolution, no hook to grab the audience, no interesting side story, I'd be supremely amazed if this show made it through the entire first season without being canceled. Just a failure, please give it up and do stop canceling shows that were awesome like Kidnapped.
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Looks predictable
Gabriel Isfjäll30 March 2011
As most reviewers said, this show looks SO predictable. Le me list what I think will happen: -The blond detective is gonna hit on her -She will say no, because her life is pretty messed up and she can't love no one and she doesn't want to ruin anyone's life again -Eventually they will kiss in some crime scene investigation where they both lean down at the same time to pick a piece of evidence -They start dating, everything is complicated, but then it works out. Then something happens and they split up -In the meanwhile, she screws up some investigation and is close to being fired -She reconnects with her daughter during that time and even her ex-husband starts to understand her and forgives her -They start falling in love again, but Mr. blonde cop still has feelings for her. Everything turns into a soap opera -season finale: her daughter gets kidnapped by some mafia guy because she solved a crime one of his men committed. -blah, blah

As someone already said, she behaves like the House of medical examiners, only that since she can't treat patients like sh*t(because they are already dead), she treats suspects that way.

Also, did this show really need the stupid, cliché, don't-make-things-complicated cop? "Hey, he seems angry and he was in the crime scene, case closed!". Come on, reminds me of that stupid cop in True Blood (but the character does fit there). The stupid cop reminds me of Cuddy (House); and the blond cop, of Wilson (HOuse)

I don't know about this show. I am sick of crime/mystery investigation shows, they all end up being the same. We already have CSI and NCIS, no need for the same stuff over and over again. I'll probably watch the next episode, but I doubt I will be able to watch it completely.
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Excellent Script but questionable acting
sandysherrie119 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have found that just listening to the show proves to be much more enjoyable than to watch an over-the-hill vogue want-a-be attempting to physically run around in spiked heel shoes. Except for the terrible choice of wardrobe where people are dressed in skin tight clothing that reveals every curve and wrinkle on their body, exposed cleavage and inappropriate footwear, this show proved to be both entertaining and an attention grabber. However, watching the actors clamber around what is suppose to be their work area or outside defines the word preposterous. I could not imagine anyone being allowed to wear such attire at a workplace unless they work in strip bar or other sex based establishments. Guess they were trying to keep the attention of viewers by having the actresses being seductresses.

I understand wanting what is socially considered to be beautiful to watch, but all this over sexualizing has become ludicrous.
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