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Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • [The Complete First Season]
  • Almost every episode shows a flashback scene of what could have transpired that led to the death of a victim.
  • One example is the flashback of a man punching another man several times then stabbing him with a knife. The knife is seen jutting out of the man's chest with blood surrounding it. In that same episode, the murderer is shot in the leg by the police and brief blood spurting is seen. Another example is that of a woman who after strangling her sister, puts a rope around her neck to make it look as if she had committed suicide. There is a close-up of her legs convulsing briefly just before she dies.
  • On the whole, Season One features portrayals of violence that include some infliction of pain and injury but are never detailed, intense and/or prolonged.
  • The scenes of violence, while brief, and in context of law enforcement officials using science and creativity to solve crimes and stop criminals, contain some detail of the infliction of pain and depictions of injury.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • [The Complete First Season]
  • 'Body Of Proof' is a crime drama series about Dr. Megan Hunt, whose career as a neurosurgeon came to a halt after a terrible car accident which left some numbness in one of her hands. She then becomes a medical examiner and is excellent at her job, even if it means breaking the rules and incurring the wrath of her superiors. When she is not busy doing autopsies on dead bodies and helping to solve crimes, she tries her best to mend the broken relationship with her twelve-year-old daughter Lacey, who is under the custody of her ex-husband.

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