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Season 3

19 Feb. 2013
Abducted: Part I
Megan's been on leave after the incident (Peter's death). She now goes back to work and refuses to go to therapy. She's given an insignificant case and meets a detective whom she knows. While at the scene, she discovers 5 bodies that have been there for some time. She and the detective work together. She learns that all 5 men were vets who served in Afganistan. And they were killed as a result of an operation. So she tries to find who could have operated on them.
26 Feb. 2013
Abduction: Part II
Megan's performing an autopsy on Dr. Wallace's victims and finds a bomb planted inside him. Megan then gets a call from her daughter but it's Dr. Wallace's accomplice who tells her to bring the bomb or her daughter will die. When Megan refuses the caller tells her to go somewhere and she finds the body of a girl but it's not her daughter. She learns it's Wallace's daughter which means she was being held captive to make Wallace perform those surgeries. She asks Ethan to lie about the time of death and to tell her what he finds. Megan goes to talk to the one in the ...
5 Mar. 2013
Lost Souls
Megan and Tommy are faced with an unusual investigation.
12 Mar. 2013
Mob Mentality
Megan goes to work on a shooting death. She learns that the victim is the son of a New York mobster and Tommy knows him. The man bursts into the morgue and threatens Megan. Tommy is not exactly giving it his all. And when they talk to man who is a person of interest, someone shoots him. So thinking it could be someone on the inside. And they think it could be Lucas, Tommy's partner because he's the son of the lawyer representing the mobster.
19 Mar. 2013
Eye for an Eye
Megan and Tommy are investigating the death of a convicted murderer who was recently released because of a technicality. So they first check out the father of the child he killed. But he has an alibi. Tommy's uncertain if it's important to find out who killed him. But Megan reminds him they have to be objective. Later another murderer, who was also released because of a technicality, was also killed. They talk to the wife of the victim and she too has an alibi. They later learn that both the husband and wife go to the same therapist. They think that they conspired to ...
26 Mar. 2013
Fallen Angel
Kate attends a political event and makes a new friend. A girl is found shot to death in an alley, and the D.A. obstructs the investigation. Kate learns some disturbing information about her new friend, who may be tied to the investigation.
2 Apr. 2013
Skin and Bones
Megan and Tommy are investigating the murder of a girl who was literally torn apart. They think someone on drugs. Tommy finds the man and he attacks him, biting Tommy. Megan looks at the man and thinks the man might have rabies. But when they examine him there appear to be no signs that he was bitten which is how rabies is passed. And when another person who appears to be also infected is also brought in, they wonder if the virus mutated to a strain that can be passed like the flu. But Megan learns that both men recently had some kind of transplant performed on them. ...
9 Apr. 2013
Doubting Tommy
Megan and Tommy are having a drink. She then leaves, and a woman approaches Tommy. Later the woman is found dead and Tommy is with her. All evidence points to Tommy killing her. But Tommy doesn't remember anything after Megan left. It seems like the woman was stalking Tommy because she wants him to help prove a friend he arrested for murder is innocent and she developed an attraction for him. Eventually it's appears to everyone that Megan is not being objective so they have removed from the case and Kate warns her if she continues to work the case she'll be fired. But...
16 Apr. 2013
Disappearing Act
Tommy and Adam are protecting a man named Roberts, who's charged with embezzling money from investors. Tommy and Adam are moving him when some men grab him and they run over a woman as they're making their get away. Tommy thinks Roberts is the one behind the abduction so that he could escape. But later a video shows up on the web of Roberts being executed. Tommy thinks it's a hoax. But when they find a body that's been burned and the DNA matches Roberts, it proves he's dead. But Megan examines the remains again and deduces that they were planted, which means it was ...
23 Apr. 2013
Megan and Tommy are investigating the murder of a patient at a psychiatric hospital. When they rule out that someone came in, it means it was someone on the inside. So they talk to the other patients. Eventually one of the patients asks to talk to them privately and she claims that she was the intended target because the girl who was killed was in the room across from hers. She claims her mother committed her because she says her mother lied about what happened when her sister died. Megan tries to get the girl released but the mother and doctor taking care of her ...
7 May 2013
Dark City
Megan was out with Stafford when they see a plane fall from the sky. It crashes into the power plant, blacking out the city. Megan and Tommy go the crash site. They learn from the survivors that a man went berserk and pulled out a gun and starting shooting. He shot out the windows which led to the plane depressurizing which led to the crash. Megan takes the bodies to the morgue, while Tommy tries to find the rest of the plane, Dunn goes with him. Megan learns that the man who shot the plane was the air Marshall and that he appears to have been drugged. While Tommy is ...
14 May 2013
Some convicts are being transported, one of them gets out of his restraints and forces the van of the road. Some of the prisoners escape. The guard shoots one of them. Megan and Tommy arrive. Megan discovers that the prisoner who was shot is still alive. She treats him. They learn that the prisoner who escaped is a man Megan sent to prison four years ago for murder. Tommy questions the man who was shot who tells him the man who got away is not running is going to settle some old scores. They assume that he's going after the ones who sent him to prison. So Megan and ...
28 May 2013
Daddy Issues
Megan finally has her father's remains exhumed. But when she opens the casket she finds it empty. She then looks at her father's records but finds that they're gone too. She finds a key and finds it opens a secret compartment in her father's office. And in it is a file about a girl who was killed around the same time her father died. The girl was believed to be one of the victims of a serial killer. So Megan goes to see the man who claims she's not one of his victims. Megan goes over the medical examiner's report on the girl and surmises she wasn't killed by serial ...

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