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  • Morgan considers quitting the Buy More. Chuck, Sarah, and Shaw go after the Ring operative who killed Shaw's wife.

  • Chuck fears that the ring Director has recruited Shaw and starts a full-blown rescue, which proves unnecessary, but the coast infuriate the general, so Chuck's Rome mission is canceled. Shaw and Sara are transferred to Paris, where the Ring's alternative Intersect is presumably being assembled. Chuck musters his alternative team to rescue and win back Sara.


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  • "Chuck" - "Chuck vs. the Other Guy" - April 5, 2010

    We pick up where we left off with Shaw (Brandon Routh) driving Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) to a mysterious locale where Sarah has no cell signal. She is eventually able to send out her distress signal locator.

    Chuck (Zachary Levi) in a panic goes to Casey (Adam Baldwin) for help, beseeching him for guidance. Casey gives him a number to call to bring on full tactical support.

    During his hunt to find Casey, Chuck told Morgan (Joshua Gomez) he was officially part of Team Bartowski so, naturally, Morgan quits the Buy More in a teary scene with Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence). As Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Lester (Vik Sahay) watch from outside Big Mike's office, they tell Casey there's room for him on their "crew" now.

    Shaw brings Sarah to a warehouse where he has the home video of his wife telling him she loves him on a loop with Sarah's red test. She asks him what this is. He explains it was his wife Evelyn. Sarah is freaked she killed his wife. He tells her not to worry, she was set up by the Ring to do this and it's not her fault and they'll get to the bottom of it. Shaw then embraces her. Chuck leads the assault team to the warehouse and just as they're about to move in, Chuck sees the embrace. The team from above crashes through the ceiling and Chuck quickly calls off the air assault and the tank.

    Back at Castle, they explain to Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) who is angry with Chuck. Shaw defends him saying Chuck thought he was going to betray his country and he would've done the same. Beckman doesn't know why Sarah's red test was to kill Shaw's wife and that it's time to break up the team. Shaw says they can all still work together and should to bring down the Ring mastermind as originally planned from Washington. Chuck wonders what he should do. Beckman says he's staying in Burbank until she can figure out what to do with him since he's clearly not ready to be a real spy after all.

    Chuck is bereft Sarah is going to be leaving him yet again. He gets drunk and plays Guitar Hero. When Morgan finds him, he tries to get him to stop. In their struggle Chuck flashes and ties him up with the video game cords instead. Sarah arrives in the morning and Chuck is embarrassed to be wallowing in his underwear. He says he needs to ask her something he should've before: does she love him? She hesitates but eventually says yes. She says Casey told him about the red test and she realized he was still "her" Chuck. Chuck is thrilled and they kiss. But just as they're about to go further, Sarah says they need to leave. There's a new mission to take down the Ring master, they've got a plan. Morgan, who had been eavesdropping, comes running in to begin his new duties as Chuck's assistant and helps by picking Chuck up and plying him with coffee.

    Chuck, Sarah, and Shaw head to Ring headquarters. Sarah and Chuck rappel down the elevator shaft while Shaw plans to take control of it. While they are waiting on top of the elevator two Ring agents bust in on Shaw. Just as Chuck is voicing his fears Shaw can't be right in the head and he probably wants to kill them, Shaw shoots down the elevator shaft in the act of fighting the Ring agents. He takes them down and apologizes for the shot. He opens the hatch to the elevator and Chuck and Sarah pop down. They stop on the floor where the Ring master is waiting to get on. They pull guns on him and tell him to call his assistant to bring "the Cypher" - the Ring version of the Intersect- to him. She comes, he gives her a code word forcing Chuck and Sarah to pull her into the elevator as well. The elevator stops again and another assistant is pulled in. The Ring master tells them this is a trap and there's no way they're getting out alive just as the doors open again and two Ring agents plus the two assistants in the elevator pull guns on Sarah and Chuck. They surrender, but then out of nowhere Shaw takes out all assailants. He tells Chuck and Sarah to go and he will bring the Cypher back to Castle. Sarah doesn't want to leave him in the elevator with the Ring master, but Shaw tells them to go very sinisterly. Chuck and Sarah depart the elevator and as the doors close, they hear a shot ring out. Chuck decides they might want to wait on telling Shaw about their exciting new love story.

    At the Buy More, Morgan is cleaning out his locker and Casey watches. They wish each other luck living each other's respective old lives.

    In the elevator, the Ring Master and his cronies all pop up and the Ring master tells Shaw he thinks Chuck and Sarah "bought" it. Shaw says he's sure they did.

    Back at Castle, Beckman commends everyone all around. When Shaw points out there are design flaws in the Cypher and the parts were made in France, Beckman orders him and Sarah to Paris to check it out. She tells Chuck he's staying put for the moment. Sarah promises Chuck on the way out this is the last mission before they can be together.

    Chuck heads home worried again since Shaw is such an amazing hero, putting aside his own emotions over his wife to keep on mission. He shows Morgan the video footage of Shaw battling the Ring agents above the elevator shaft. Morgan takes a close look, and as a serious kung fu movie fan, recognizes the fight was fake. Which makes Chuck realize Shaw is in fact bonkers and Sarah is in danger... again.

    He and Morgan go to Castle and wake up Beckman to present their evidence. She's so aghast Chuck has brought Morgan in that she essentially hangs up on them but not before telling Chuck he's suspended.

    So, once again, Chuck runs to Casey to beg for his help. This time he has Morgan on his side, and Morgan goads him by saying there's no way he's really happy at the Buy More like he claimed and being a superspy is who he really wants to be. It works. Casey tells Morgan to get his black suit from the closet.

    On the flight over, Chuck is frantically looking over Shaw's files trying to figure out where he would take Sarah. Casey tells him to calm down and to remember that before he was a spy he was a very smart person and he can look over the intel and make deductions.

    In Paris, Sarah and Shaw walk down a familiar street. She realizes he's brought her to where she shot his wife. She wonders why. He explains she was right in the first place, OF COURSE, he just can't put aside that the CIA killed his wife and Sarah was the one who pulled the trigger. Sarah pulls her weapon but suddenly she's very sleepy. Shaw has drugged her with a toxin which won't kill her but slows down her nervous system. The Ring master shows up full of glee. Sarah collapses into Shaw's arms and they drag her to a nearby cafe to conduct business. Shaw gives the Ring master a computer with the Intersect in it. The Ring master offers to off Sarah but Shaw says he's got to do it.

    But before he can, Chuck shows up behind him, dressed as a waiter, pointing a gun to Shaw's head. He tells Shaw he's under arrest and to stand up. We hear gunfire in the distance. Shaw realizes Chuck brought Casey and he's now taking out the Ring dudes and recovering the Intersect. Shaw says Chuck should just shoot him, but of course he can't. They fight, Shaw disarms him and drags Sarah away. Chuck sees a gun lying on the ground, grabs it and follows in hot pursuit.

    He catches up to them on a bridge. Chuck begs him to simply surrender. The images of his wife's murder flash through Shaw's head and he says he can't. Shaw says he knows Chuck can't shoot him. And then Chuck shoots him. As he's falling over the side of the bridge, he grabs Sarah's arm so they go together. Chuck grabs Sarah's body and stops her descent. Shaw falls away.

    Sitting at another cafe, Casey, smoking a stogie, calls up Beckman on a laptop. She points out he no longer works for her. He pulls the Ring master, out cold, into the frame pointing out he has something she might be interested in. She asks what he wants. He says he wants to be reinstated at his old rank and a new Crown Victoria. He'd also like one more thing she won't care for.

    At the Buy More, Morgan asks for his job back. Big Mike hands him his vest saying he didn't have the heart to even list the job. As he's leaving the office, Beckman calls to inform him he's officially part of Operation Bartowski thanks to Casey. Morgan is thrilled and says he'll quit again. Beckman tells him not to since the Buy More is his cover. She can't believe she's doing this, but he is over the moon.

    At a Paris hotel, Chuck is working on his laptop while Sarah sleeps. She stirs and asks what happened. He tells her Shaw is dead. It comes back to her. Shaw tried to kill her and Chuck shot him. Quickly, Chuck tries to explain he did what he had to and he's still the same Chuck. She says she knows and he saved her life and she kisses him. Just as their about to get friskier, Beckman pops up on the laptop commending them on a job well done. She says they need to get back to Burbank for a new mission. Chuck begs off, saying they need a few more days to regroup. Beckman says nonsense. They close the laptop and make out and get under the covers.

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