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Sex & Nudity

  • A man performs oral sex on a woman
  • Every episode has sex and much of it is pretty graphic and disturbing, including an adult male who we hear grunting and moaning from having sexual relations with an underage teen boy. There is lots of nudity.
  • Contains infrequent, but graphic sexual dialogue, as well as semi-regular sex scenes, which are sometimes graphic, and often include at least partial nudity.
  • There are scenes of casual sexual encounters, some characters will be seen watching pornography on TV and on the computer and sexual favors are exchanged for money
  • A childbirth scene including a close up of the vagina as the baby's head is exiting.

Violence & Gore

  • There are scenes which depict attempted and successful suicide in a graphic manner.
  • Violence and gore is not consistently shown, but can be graphic when it is shown.
  • Many scenes of punching, often with graphically bloody results.
  • A man's limbs are chopped off, his bloody intestines later shown being put in trash bags.


  • 10-15 uses of "fuck" per episode. Occasional use of "cunt" in harsh situations. Milder profanity such as shit, damn, ass, and hell used frequently. Sexually derogatory terms such as dick, cock, and pussy are also used frequently.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A main character is an alcoholic; this is often depicted graphically. There is also semi-regular underaged drinking, and occasional use of marijuana. Once or twice throughout the series, characters are seen using cocaine.
  • A character is seen consuming a great deal of pain killers, often chopping up the pills and snorting them. He is also seen shooting heroin.
  • One character becomes a drug dealer at a young age.
  • Characters manage a marijuana plant warehouse, and other characters manage an opium poppy plant warehouse. This is shown in two or three episodes, and is not a regularly talked about subject.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The series is never frightening, but is often shocking, disturbing and alarming. All shocking scene are; however, infrequent and over with fairly quickly.
  • A toddler accidently ingests cocaine the was left lying on a counter during a party (not shown)
  • A lot of shock value scenes in which a lot of the characters, commit petty theft crimes, sell drugs from an ice cream truck, break into houses, buy guns from an illegal arms dealer, run a massage parlor from a local bar.
  • After a woman learns she is pregnant with multiples, she insists that the surrogate carrying her husband's child, have an abortion when the surrogate is already several months along, and has a non chalant attitude about it.

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