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Was it really made in 2013
Goksel Tan26 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I believe the script was written way before than facebook or twitter and then produced recently.

The characters do not show any ability to use cell phones, internet or the computer itself efficiently. The dumbest character is not only the blond ex girl friend but also every single of them.

The acting when Laura encounters the boy at the bathroom door is so poor by both sides, they don't seem surprised even a little bit.

This is just another poor romantic comedy to watch when you have nothing else to do.

I have seen better low budget movies made in 90s.
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absolutely ridiculous and unrealistic farce
BasicLogic2 February 2014
so, here we got two girls who rent an apartment in l.a., the rent in this city, especially in west Hollywood area is outrageously high, yet these two young women neither obviously got no steady jobs, the main character with a day-dreaming problem still tries so hard to get a 'tooth fairy' dental commercial hiring temp job, yet she does not seem to worry about how to pay her next month rent, still can afford sitting in her room day dream to meet a guy she encountered in a coffee shop. the other girl is busy in meeting guys on date.com and bring the new stud into her apartment for one night stand. so, they both got no jobs, they both do not like millionaire off-springs with steady monthly allowances from their foundations their parents set up for them, they still can afford dating, buying and eating ice cream, watching TV, going to coffee shop, buying newly released how-to non-fiction, manicuring their nails in expensive saloon... and the young man that main girl role dream about encountering again is not a rich guy but another struggling absolutely non-talent screenplay writer, but again, he could afford renting (or even owning?) a decent apartment in downtown l.a.? are you bullshxxting me? so i must point out here is this screenplay was obviously written by a day-dreaming poor struggling young writer who got no steady job and incomes, so he dreamed up such a ridiculous script to fulfill his day dreams, wishing a big pie would fall onto his laps. this is absolutely a unrealistic fantasy that only the imbeciles would buy it.
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Witty Script and Brilliant Cast
richievee23 December 2014
I loved RANDOM ENCOUNTERS and found the leading couple, Abby Wathen and Michael Rady, to be adorable and perfectly cast. Somehow they bring off the virtually impossible feat of creating powerful chemistry while sharing very minimal screen time together. I was rooting wholeheartedly for Laura and Kevin to find each other again after their chance meeting early in the film because these two likable characters seemed so ideally suited. Screenwriters Nate Barlow and Boris Undorf have produced an inspired script that is witty and smart.

(NOTE TO SELF: Skip that stupid, anticlimactic scene under the closing credits.)
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Creativity lacking in a not so amusing and sappy love story.
karlyta16 January 2014
The premise was promising, as the two main characters were developing nicely to their ill fated encounter. But that's where things fizzled and became quite predictable and mundane: silly, sappy formulaic Hollywood. The narrative was not very amusing, a fast food romance. Michael Rady as Kevin was flat and the sequence with the studio executives was pedestrian. Laura, played by Abby Wathen, teased with potential but could not muster enough without the hook of her roommate, Meghan Markle who sparkled as Mindy, offering the only real laughs throughout the movie, salvaging it from being flat out awful. The tie in to the talk show interview with the "Laws of Attraction" thread was sophomoric and hard to watch especially the scene as the credits rolled.
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Worst ADR an audio production in feature film history.
charleshowler7 June 2018
Holy Moly.

How and why did Meghan Markle agree to do a film with such poor production ? Holy moly. About 90% of scenes you will hear a word that doesn't actually come out of the actor/actresses' mouth.

There was a scene where Meghan was in her car talking to her friend that I swear sounded like it was recorded in a hallway or something. It was confusing because there was a lot of emotion going on in her face, but the ADR dialogue didn't match her facial expressions.

Cringe. Would not recommend. Burn every copy of this film. and hope it never is seen again.
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