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  • Prepare to see what is allegedly the "actual footage" of the supernatural events leading up to the 2008 murder of Samantha Finley. Released against the wishes of the authorities, this D.V.D. proves that nothing human caused Samantha's death.



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  • The film opens with a notice, revealing that a young man named Thomas was convicted of raping and killing his sister, and murdering Dr. Edgar Lauren, a psychic. Despite his pleas, he was sent to prison, where he committed suicide.

    Samantha Finley (Erin Marie Hogan), her older brother Thomas (Shane Van Dyke), and their mother Ellen (Fia Perera), are a family that believe they have made contact with their deceased father and husband David. Ellen tries to contact David by writing to him and is overjoyed upon receiving a written response. Soon the family claims that a ghostly entity is haunting them. At first, they think it is David, but after a series of horrible attacks upon Samantha, they begin to suspect otherwise.

    One night the camera records Ellen sitting up in bed and leaving her bedroom. She walks into the living room, where she writes something on a piece of paper. She then crumples the paper and walks back down the hallway. Thomas finds the paper under Samantha's pillow and sees that it spells out the word MARON. Thomas suggests that Ellen and Samantha stay at a hotel while he remains at the house to deal with the problem. That night, Thomas sets up traps around the house with three bells and thin wire. Should the entity enter a room, the bell on the wire will jingle. When this eventually occurs, Thomas investigates. The wire and bell outside his door are ripped from the wall and thrown at him. Thomas shuts himself in the bedroom and the entity bangs on his door.

    Thomas receives a phone call from Ellen, who is in hysterics after the entity apparently followed them and attacked Samantha. Upon returning to the house, Samantha hunches over in pain. Thomas awakens at night and finds his sister missing, with the front door open. He searches outside but doesn't find her. He finds the attic ladder hanging down and ascends it to find her standing there undressed, in a trance. Upon awakening, she is unable to remember what happened.

    The following night, Thomas calls the previous owner of the house, asking if anyone under the name of Maron ever lived or died in their home, but the previous owner does not recognize the name. Thomas hears Samantha screaming and rushes to the bathroom. He finds her lying topless in the bathtub, severely traumatized. Ellen wakes after hearing thuds from outside. In the living room camera, she is seen standing in the archway with a knife before returning to her bedroom. Thomas wakes up after hearing a door slam shut, and finds that Ellen has slit her wrists, weapon still in hand. She is taken to the hospital.

    Thomas and Sam are left at home when a self-professed paranormal expert and psychic, Dr. Edgar Lauren (Norman Saleet), arrives. He explains that there is a powerful dark entity in the home and that Samantha is the focus of its attention. He says that the entity gained entry into the home when Ellen attempted to contact the spirit of her dead husband. Thomas gives Dr. Lauren the note that says "MARON". Dr. Lauren explains that "maron" is Old Germanic for "nightmare", a creature similar to the incubus, a demon that rapes women in their sleep. The psychic agrees to help them evict the entity and the video fades to black.

    After a pause, the camera's POV shows the doctor's bleeding head and blank face, fallen on the floor and "looking" toward the lens. Thomas is heard panicking. He grabs the camera after hearing Samantha's scream and runs to her bedroom. We see that the house is in total disarray. Thomas finds his sister naked and levitating above the floor in her room, covered in blood, while being raped by an invisible force. He drops the camera and tries to help her. A gurgling noise is heard off-screen, and an unseen figure picks up the camera and focuses it on Samantha's lifeless face and breasts.

    It is revealed that upon hearing of both her children's deaths, Ellen also commits suicide. It is also revealed that the video recording made by Thomas was found in the family's attic one year later and is now shown to the public.

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