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Excellent short film
wezel21 March 2013
Severance is about a selfish and spoilt individual who has lost sight of what is valuable in life in exchange power and money. He finds himself being plagued by his alter-ego who shows him what he has become.

Severance is a really excellent short film. The editing is tight, the acting is great, and the cinematography is excellent. The choice of music was really appropriate, with a great original score by David O'Hearn.

The story is quite thought provoking - how many people have managed to get into a position of power and have lost sight of who they are? This is addressed in Severance, and well covered to spite the short length (30 minutes). At no point do we feel that something is lost, or that a link is missing. It all comes together beautifully. Kudos to all involved.

The main character is well played and is really quite loathsome. We are relieved when he gets his comeuppance.

This film is living proof of how much talent we have in Canada.
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