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  • The boys wake up in the morning to discover that, while they're still in the game, the competition is only going to get tougher. "It felt horrible," Jesus says. "I need to step up the game." The ladies, in the meantime, are one less after last week's elimination. Cut to Parsons, where Heidi enters and squeaks "hallo!" "We're sending you out on a little field trip," the host continues. So where is this trip? The farm, actually. Tim stands in the middle of a muddy field surrounded by models wearing burlap. "You will be creating a party ready look out of potato sacks," he explains. Also: the models are their clients!

    The models take turns choosing designers. Mila is the last one standing. "What am I chop liver?" she asks the camera. Apparently. The designers then go shopping at the "farm stand." Mood, it isn't. Ping wants to "play with the texture of the potato sack." Anthony worries that his model is a bit too "verbal." "I would like to make Alexis happy without sacrificing my thing," he says. "Period." The gang then heads back to Parsons to start working. "Don't lose sight of who you are as a designer," Tim says. "Make it work." While the rest of the designers sweat, Emilio is happy to have immunity. Mila, meanwhile, can't let it go that her previous model didn't pick her. Anthony, who was chosen instead, doesn't like the griping, as he feels it is a not-so-subtle swipe at him. "Mila can kiss me and my entire family's asses," he tells the camera.

    Tim enters do some mentoring. He thinks Pamela's "corset dress" is borderline fabulous, but worries that it might be better as two pieces. Next up is Mila, who explains that she is trying to incorporate the tastes of her model. Tim urges the contestant not to "compromise." Jay, meanwhile, is busy dying his outfit and adding trim. Tim is "flabbergasted" at the ambition -- and worries there won't be enough time. Ping wants to create a "neck like a necklace," which Tim finds intriguing. Tim loves the dip-dye treatment of Amy's outfit, though he notes that it doesn't "look like you." Amy pledges to personalize it. Jesus, in the meantime, has covered his sack almost completely in ribbons. "Forgive the pun, but you skirted the challenge," Tim notes. Jesus is sad.

    The next day, the designers are freaking out about finishing on time, especially Jay, whose dye job turned out to be a little more navy blue than he would've liked. Janeane mainlines coffee, but it doesn't seem to help. Tim then ends in the models. Ben is delighted to find that his model loves his red cocktail number. "I think half of the contestants are going to have to sew their model into their dress," Amy notes. Jonathan, in the meantime, worries that Ping's extremely short dress isn't functional. "It doesn't cover her ass," he says. Then again, Ping is bouncing around the room looking mighty happy. Anthony takes delight in the fact that Pamela's model looks to have a big booty. "Everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off," Jay observes.

    Later, Tim enters and announces that preparation is OVER. "We're going down to the runway now," he says. Yet some designers -- Mila, in particular -- lag behind to make last-second changes. At the runway, Heidi appears and winds herself up. "As you know in fashion, one day you're in, and the next day, you're out," she squeaks. She then introduces the judges: Michael, Nina and Lauren Hutton. "One of you will be named the winner and one of you will be out," Heidi explains. "Let's start the show." Not surprisingly, most of the designers LOVE what they have created. Anthony, for example, comments that his red dress is the true personification of "fashion and glamour." Yet not everyone is pleased with their work. Ping's dress not only looks like, well, a potato sack, but is so short that the model's sculpted bottom is exposed. Not good.

    After the show, Heidi calls the following names: Pamela, Mila, Ping, Jay, Jesus and Amy. "If I did not call your name, congratulations," Heidi says. "You're scores have qualified you to move onto the next round." The six called onto the carpet represent the highest and lowest scores. First on the chopping block is Jay, who explains that he loves style lines with a feathery bottom. "I think he made burlap look expensive," Hutton says.

    Next up is Pamela, whose form-fitting, corset dress has a "faded blue-jean look." Nina doesn't think it looks sophisticated. "I have a feeling that a plain potato sack would be more flattering on her," Michael says. Mila's "futuristic and modern" dress gets high marks from Heidi for its low, low neckline. "The boys will like it," Michael quips. Ping then tries to defend her disaster -- and starts crying. "Your entire ass is hanging out," Michael says to the model. Predictably, Jesus gets dinged for hiding the burlap under ribbon. Amy gets high marks from Michael and the movie star. "You've taken burlap and made it into a real working dress material," Hutton says.

    One judges confab later, Heidi explains the rules (again): "One of you will be named the winner and one of you will be out." Amy is in. Jay is in ... and the winner of the challenge! "I felt like I was in heaven!" he tells the camera. Mila is in. Ping is in. That leaves Pamela and Jesus. "Pamela, your dress was not at all flattering for your model," Heidi says. "Jesus, you missed the point of the challenge." Jesus is ... in. So it's goodbye Pamela. And then there were 14.

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