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  • With 10 contestants remaining, Emilio declares that "Now is when all the stops have to be pulled out." Mila, in the meantime, finds it "empowering" that she is one of only three women still sewing. Later, Heidi welcomes the designers to the runway with a "Hallo!" She then sends them off to meet Tim and "one of America's favorite designers." Who could it possibly be? It's Michael, who introduces the next challenge: "You are going to be shopping at a hardware store." An accessory is also required. So let's get started!

    The gang heads to a nearby hardware joint for 35 minutes of searching and buying. Maya is quite excited by the challenge while non-crafty Emilio is not. The first thing pops into Amy's head, in the meantime, is sandpaper. Back at the workroom, Tim instructs them to "make it work." Jay decides to avoid making a dress -- the "easy way out," he says. Maya is making a necklace out of keys. Anthony plans to take something industrial and give it a "soft and airy feel," but worries that the material is starting to control him (rather than the other way around). Tim then enters to do some mentoring. He starts with Mila's "mod-inspired" piece, declaring it "very exciting." Jesse's copper vest, on the other hand, looks "school project." Ouch. Emilio's "intergalactic, macramé, flapper, something" is a big mess (especially because he is running out of material). Anthony's dress is "tortured."

    Tim is quite impressed with Jay's pants, which are made out of garbage bags. Maya's key necklace is "stunning," but can she make the rest of the outfit work? "If you can pull this off, this would be phenomenal," Tim says. The models enter for fitting -- and Jay's pants don't fit AT ALL. Back to the sewing needle. Emilio is nearly out of washers, so he decides instead to make a bathing suit. An awfully skimpy one, too. The next morning, the contestants immediately begin to sweat. With the clock ticking, Jesse turns to tape instead of needle and thread. Jay's reworked pants are tight, but at least his model can get into them. Then it's time for Emilio's washer bikini. "Not only is it naked, I don't think it's done in a best of taste," Anthony opines to the camera. Too late now, though.

    Later, Heidi welcomes the contestants to the runway and introduces the judges: Michael, Nina, Isabel Toledo and Stephen Webster. "One of you will be named the winner and one of you will be out," Heidi explains. Let the show begin! Not surprisingly, there is less enthusiasm from the designers than a normal night. Still, Anthony considers his dress "feminine and sexy." Ben likes his own "sense of futurism." Emilio acknowledges that his bikini is an outfit the judges will either love or really, really hate. Show over, Heidi calls out Ben, Jonathan, Amy and Seth. "If I called your name, congratulations, you're scores have qualified you for the next round," she says.

    Mila is first on the chopping block. Her outfit made out of paint-tray liners is well received. "Bravo indeed," Isabel says. Next up is Emilio. His bikini is deemed "cheesy" by Michael. The other judges more or less agree. Anthony's glowing dress is "boring," according to Nina. Maya's outfit with key necklace is called a complete look by Michael. "You would not think this look came out of a hardware store," Heidi says. And she means it as a compliment. Nina says Jesse's copper-flashing bodice resembles the Tin Man. Stephen likens it to a vacuum bag. Jay's trash-bag pants are called "amazing" and "fantastic." The judges appear truly flabbergasted by its craft and innovation.

    One judges' confab later, Heidi tells Maya she is ... in. Jay, meanwhile, is the winner! "What you did was truly amazing," Heidi says. "You also have immunity for the next challenge." Mila is ... in. Anthony is ... in. That leaves Jesse and Emilio. "Jesse, your outfit was disappointing and uninspired," Heidi says. "Emilio, your look was pure Vegas showgirl ... it's obvious you struggled with unconventional materials."

    Jesse is ... out. "I don't think I should be the one who should be going," he tells the camera. "I just didn't see my mine coming this soon." Few do, Jesse. Few do.

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