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  • It's a new day and the contestants struggle to wake up. Anthony is overjoyed not to have finished the bottom three. Mila, meanwhile, notes that no one was particularly happy that she finished in the top two (duh). "Maybe it's about jealousy," she theorizes. "It was kind of big bummer." Time to get over it, though, as Heidi warns that their next challenge will have to be "picture perfect." What can she possibly mean?! Our man Tim is happy to provide more hype: "This challenge is one of the biggest in the history of 'Project Runway." In short, the challenge is to design an outfit to be worn by a celebrity to be on the cover of "Marie Claire." GASPS! OMGs! "It's once in a lifetime," Emilio says.

    The celebrity, meanwhile, is ... Heidi! More GASPS! More OMGs! Back at Parsons, the designers get to designing. Anthony looks to create a dress that is form-fitting, but not "slutty." Anna sketches a look featuring an "icy" color palette (is that comment on Heidi?). Mila wants her creation to say -- wait for it -- "Mila." One shopping trip to Mood later, Anthony notes that the work room is very quiet -- except for Seth, who makes strange singing noises. Everyone is annoyed. "He needs to bring it down a notch," Emilio tells the camera. Ben, meanwhile, worries that his magenta is looking fuchsia (if we only had a dime ...). Mila notes that Anna and Anthony are using very similar fabrics.

    Cut to much cutting, sewing, cutting and sewing. Janeane worries that she is going to "screw myself." Anna, who acknowledges "craftsmanship problems," stitches like there's no tomorrow (and there might not be). And what does suddenly cocky Mila have to say? "I really haven't seen great competition in this challenge so far," she tells the camera. Tim enters to do a little mentoring. He worries that Anthony's tight and short turquoise dress might "gimmick it up." Janeane's layered light-blue dress is a risk. "You don't want it to look like clown clothes," Tim notes. Ben's one-piece dress made of metallic leather could go either way, according to the Timster. "Make it work everybody!" he demands.

    Enter the models for a quick fitting. It reveals that Anna is once again having craftsmanship issues. Mila, in the meantime, is testing the patience of certain designers. "There's something about her that's kind of fake," Jay says. And he's not just talking about her hair color. Sniffs Emilio: "She's a one-note wonder." The next morning, Janeane wonders if she or Anna is worse off. The pair is definitely far behind. Anna rushes to complete her shorts, while Mila thinks Heidi is "going to look amazing in my dress." Ben wonders if "this could be my moment." We'll soon find out as Tim enters and declares work time OVER. Time to hit the runway!

    Heidi enters. "As you know in fashion, one day you're in and the next day you're out," she says. Perhaps someone could design a new catchphrase Heidi? But we digress. Heidi introduces the judges: Michael, Nina and Joanna Coles, editor of "Marie Claire." The show begins and most of the designers are very, very happy. How happy? "I'm 300-percent happy," Seth estimates. Less confident is Janeane, who notes "issues with bulk." Considering the race for the finish line, however, she is pleased. Jay's "flowy, romantic and sexy" dress makes the designer "proud of myself."

    Heidi calls the following names: Seth, Jay, Maya, Jesse, Jonathan and Amy. "If I called your name, congratulations," Heidi says. "Your scores have qualified you to move onto the next challenge." The remaining contestants then line up to be judged. Michael and Nina love Ben's approach. "It's a real contender," Joanna says. And she would know. Anna's icy shorts-and-top combo fares, well, horribly. "It's like three ingredients in a dish that leave you feeling slightly nauseous," Joanna says. MEOW! Michael thinks the outfit belongs in a teen magazine. Bigger MEOW! Anthony, on the other hand, gets high marks for his turquoise concoction. "If that's where next spring is going to be, then just beam me there," Joanna gushes.

    Janeane explains that her outfit was inspired by the sea, which is perfectly reasonable to Joanna if that sea is "polluted with plastic bottles on it." OUCH! And can someone please sign Joanna up for the remainder of the season? Proud Mila is next -- and gets knocked down a peg or two. "That peach comes off like Ace bandage," Michael sniffs. Nina notes that the arrows sewn into the dress appear to be pointing at the model's crotch. Interesting. Emilio's highly detailed red dress is good -- but even better once Michael urges the designer to snip off the shoulder straps.

    One judges' confab later, the designers are called back onto the runway carpet. Anthony is ... the WINNER! The designer FREAKS OUT! "Thank you soooooooo much!" he exclaims. Ben is ... in. Emilio is ... in. Mila is ... in. That leaves Anna and Janeane, just as the latter predicted. Heidi insults both and then announces the biggest loser. Anna is ... out. She is sanguine. "I know that really amazing things are going to come," she says.

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