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  • Only six contestants remain as alarm clocks sound. Emilio and Seth lament the absence of Anthony. Sure, it's quieter, but it's also a lot less fun. Mila, meanwhile, notes that the judges were particularly harsh during the last runway show. "And so I'm stressed out," she says. "But I think my age and experience have taught me to brush myself off and move on." The contestants then head down to the runway, where Heidi explains that they'll design a red-carpet look for a "difficult" celebrity.

    And that "picky, opinionated" celeb? None other than ... Heidi. So the sketching begins -- and the music tells us something is wrong. Maya has gone missing! Where is she?

    A short time later, Maya and Tim enter the workroom. "I've decided to leave the competition," Maya tells the room. "I just feel like I'm really not ready to go all the way yet." Huh? "I'm feeling that I'm not fully developed as a designer yet," she tells the camera. "I don't want to put myself out there when I'm not completely ready to." Works like "perplexed" and "baffled" are bandied about. Emilio calls it a "cop out." "Quitters never win," he tells the camera. Seth, on the other hand, tells us "not to judge" because we have no idea how hard it is to compete on a reality show for18 hours each day.

    Tim then drops ANOTHER bomb: to make the field an even six again, a previously ousted designer will return. So welcome back Anthony. "Who wouldn't want Anthony back?" Anthony asks. No one in the workroom as there are hugs all around. But wait! The drama isn't over as Tim asks Seth to talk to him outside the workroom. Turns out Seth's model has been offered a job on runway day, so he'll have to work with someone new. That someone has a different shape, though, so adjustments to his tight-fitting, black number will have to be made. Montage time! The contestants cut, sew, etc.

    Later, Heidi and Tim enter to take a look at the outfits. She first stops by Seth's workplace. "I feel that something has to be a little bit more somewhere," Heidi advises. "You have to have some sort of showstopper." Wha? Next up is Anthony, whose black-and-white dress gets decent marks. Emilio's floor-length look shows promise, but will be "difficult" to pull off. Jay's ruffled dress makes Heidi worry that it might make her look bigger than she actually is. Mila's multi-fabric might be on the simple side. Jonathan's fabric, according to Heidi, resembles "curtains." The designer then does a dead-on Heidi impersonation and complains that following her suggestions would take a full week.

    The models enter and Seth tries to figure out how to make his dress work for an unfamiliar body. With the clock ticking, the designers throw it into overdrive. "It's insanity in here," Jonathan says. He then decides that his dress is horrifying -- and begins the draping process all over again. The next morning, an exhausted Anthony also decides to redesign the front of his dress. Jay worries that his "intricate and tricky" bodice might be a too intricate and tricky. In the end, though, they all opt to "make it work."

    Runway time! "As you know in fashion, one day you're in and the next day you're out ... and then maybe the next day you're in again," Heidi squeaks. Anthony giggles. The host then introduces the judges: Michael, Nina and "surprise guest" Jessica Alba. The show begins and -- shocker! -- the designers approve of their own looks. Jay notes that he has a thing about "exaggerating" certain areas of the female anatomy. "I guess I like big butts," he tells the camera. But will Heidi? Anthony finds his gown "absolutely beautiful." Emilio unleashes a string of superlatives to describe his sparkly creation.

    Judgment time. Michael sniffs at Seth's dress, saying: "This would be the girl who actually came out and carried the statue when you won, but this isn't the winner." Jessica doesn't think the look is for Heidi. Heidi herself finds it lacking in sex appeal. Anthony's dress gets high marks from Heidi. Jessica calls it "eloquent." "I think you're finally in your zone," Michael says. Mila's bust-revealing dress with "modern lines" is a bit too revealing for Jessica. Heidi doesn't feel it is a "showstopper." Emilio's evening gown is deemed "impeccable" by Michael. Says Jessica: "It fits like a glove." Jay's strapless dress with rear-end ruffles gets slammed by Michael and Nina. "She looks wide," Nina says. Jonathan's thrice-revamped dress looks "rushed," according to Michael.

    One judges' confab later, Heidi declares Emilio and Anthony the winners! Seth is ... in. Mila is ... in. So it's down to Jay and Jonathan. After insulting both contestants one more time, Heidi declares Jay safe. So it's goodbye, Johnny-boy. "I wish I could lie and say that I'm more surprised," he tells the camera. He also notes that he "kicked a little ass" in previous challenges.

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