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Agreeable sequel filled with extraordinary adventures , fantastic journeys and surprising scenarios
ma-cortes15 July 2013
This is an attractive and decent entertainment , the tale is inventive as well as epic, and there's always enough events to keep the spectator interested . Entertaining and funny rendition based on the classic series of the 70s . Amusing movie based on the successful German-Austrian cartoon series , here are correctly adapted on real images . This charming film packs exotic adventures , comedy , noisy action and wonderful outdoors . Long ago, in a small Viking Village called Flake , a little boy , the clever Wickie (Jonas Hammerle) lives a happy life with his parents . The young Viking uses to accompany his father, the chief of their village, and his men on their adventures and often Wickie is the person who uses his wit and instincts to help the men in their times of need . His daddy, Halvar (Waldemar Kobus), is the chief of the Vikings, and would have liked a son a little more valiant and less fearful ; Vickie usually accompanies his dad, and his warriors on their adventures and often is the young who uses his wit and instincts to help the friends in their times of need . Havar orders his underlings to steal a knights convoy . The warriors have to take over but fail to see tiny Wicki being kidnapped with a cargo of Eskimo slaves, who also carry a strange manuscript on the eternal ice palace containing the Norse gods' treasure . Wickie and the Eskimo-slaves are in the slave-carriage but they escape . Yet, chief Halvar is trapped or hopelessly stuck somewhere and kidnapped by the nasty Sven (Gunther Kauffmann) and it's up to Wickie alone to help them out with his flashes of wit . So, Snorre (Christian Koch) , Tjore , Urobe take Wickie along on their voyages to give him the experience he'll need to be an actual Viking . Our friends go out to rescue their chief on their ship , the Viking Drakkar, and Vickie aboard as a captain towards the gorge of Odin .

This fun movie contains adventures , emotion , humor , thrills , fights in Terence Hill-Bud Spencer style and results to be pretty entertaining . The actors are mostly unknown though enjoyable , almost every role has an appropriate resemblance to his or her cartoon counterpart and the performances are adequate . Most actors from first version repeat characters such as the likable Wickie well played by Jonas Hämmerle , Waldemar Kobus as Halvar , Nic Romm as Tjure , Christian Koch as Snorre , Olaf Krätke as Urobe and Günther Kaufmann as Der Schreckliche Sven , among others . Not only did the story convey us to great and funny adventures, it also showed how to solve problems without the use of force . A likable Vickie , he is an ordinary viking boy , he is also not very strong but with his flashes of intelligence saves the day , helping the crew to resolve the numerous problems they suffer . The movie looks and sounds amazing , if it had been a high-budget Hollywood production there probably wouldn't have been too much of a difference to the product at hand , apart from the addition of some overdone special effects made by computer generator . The music composers Nick Reich and Ralf Wengenmayr composed a magnificent work fitting the original melodies into the soundtrack as well as adding some new ones which really matched the film's mood. Colorful and evocative cinematography by Christian Rein .

The motion picture lavishly produced by Christian Becker , Constantine Films and Rat Pack was well and originally directed by Christian Ditter . The flick is as good as the original directed Michael Bully Herbig . Being even more spectacular and thrilling than the first version . Filmmaker Ditter is an expert on children and teen flicks as proved in "French for Beginners" , ¨The Crocodiles ¨and its sequel "The Crocodiles Strike Back" . Rating : 6,5 . Acceptable adventure film appointed for children and adolescents and ,of course, for vintage series fonds . Well worth seeing .
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Better than the first, but still underwhelming
Warning: Spoilers
The sequel to Michael Herbig's Wickie movie was written and directed by Christian Ditter. Herbig, one of Germany's most famous comedians did not return to the action here. But it did not really hurt the film, it rather helped it. Herbig's small role in the first film was pretty cringeworthy and the script is not worse than the one from the first film either. There the kids were abducted, here Wickie's father is. Ditter worked on the "Vorstadtkrokodile" duology before, two other German kids films.

Maybe the best part about this film here is Valeria Eisenbart playing a viking girl who looks more like a pirate girl. Her character adds a lot to the film and may also have been the main reason why she was cast for the "Fünf Freunde" films afterward. Wickie's "love interest" from the first film is also back, but plays a smaller role here. However, Eisenbart cannot really save the film. The humor is fairly weak again and there were quite a few cringeworthy scenes, for example when Wickie is announced the new leader and captain of the tribe in the absence of his father. The Eskimo scenes felt truly random. The animation with the sparkling stars did not fit the situations at all and the grande finale in the ice cave did not really wow me either. The main antagonist is played again by the late Günther Kaufmann. Hämmerle in the lead role is decent, but also forgettable for the most part. If you are familiar with German cinema you will find Christian Ulmen, Elyas M'Barek and a few more known actors in very small roles.

The best thing about this film (apart from Eisenbart) was maybe the music. The "Ein bisschen Frieden" sequence was good and the "Hey Wickie" main theme was also a lot better than in the first film.

There are many great German kids films these days, such as the aforementioned "Fünf Freunde" movies, but the two Wickie films are sadly not among them. It does not look like they will make a third one anytime soon and I'm fine with that. Not recommended.
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A fun kids film thats enjoyable when you have kids around.
braddugg7 September 2014
A fun kids film thats enjoyable when you have kids around.

Before I review, few words please to let you know that I am just sharing this review to keep up with my discipline of writing and sharing reviews as and when I see a film in a theater or on Big Screen.

I caught up with this film yesterday night at the Children's film festival at Lalitha Kala Thoranam with my nephew and my sister. It was fun in many ways to be seeing kids film with so many kids around.

This is a German film and I am surprised how many kids gathered to see this and my nephew was interpreting most of the film perfectly fine, I was in awe with the knowledge and ideas todays kids have.

The movie is a fable like story where a boy loses his father to an evil man and must get him back. It was a simple enough story that was made interesting by some wonderful shots. It is an adventure that shot akin Harry Potter. I believe so, many will mostly like this considering the simplicity it has. The film is done simply with noble intention of presenting a story with a moral. The boy rises above odds and uses his powers and gets back his father and wins over the evil.

The production qualities were good and certain shots made in Computer Graphics were amazing. The art direction was great too. But I am not over impressed by the story as it is more a common place story than a different or a special one which you might expect at a film festival. Also, I loved a few dialogs which were humorous. The acting by most actors was very funny even silly and yet so apt. It's good that most of the acting brought out laughs.

I am going with 3/5 with this film. Above all, I loved the atmosphere and watching kids laughing and screaming at movies.
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So...? Where was the actual treasure in the title?
debruin19756 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie today, and I must say: what a total let-down. First they go to the arctic (why?), then they go on a sort-of scavenger hunt that is never fully explained in the movie (why on earth do they need a Thor's Hammer for?) and... well... there is just way too much CGI in the movie. Really...! OK, I know it's just a kid's movie. The first one was better but this one... I dunno...

And the most important thing of all: the title is hinting at a TREASURE. In the whole movie there is NO TREASURE to be found, only some artifacts, but NO treasure. Could they not call it Wicky and the Great Scavengerhunt? Also, the hammer is kiiiiiiiiiiinda rip-off of the other (greater movie!) Thor, don't you think? So... I give this title a 3.
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