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Another good potential ruined by bad writing
Snootz9 November 2021
If you don't have a good script to start with, don't make the movie.

This is a historic drama. As one watches, the potential for the story is there. Some people will claim this has bad acting, but remember where this is filmed and don't expect Hollywood mannerisms from that part of the world. The acting is true to that culture.

The writing and story though... that was pretty poor, as was the directing and choreography. Fake fighting, punches being visibly pulled, swords slowly and barely connecting, the "sword to the side" trope, etc. Not that I care to see realistic battles, but there are non-gory ways to present battles that aren't obviously fake.

Some of the story is presented well. The pain and suffering of slavery. The subterfuge of betrayals. But surprisingly, the main character herself is about as two-dimensional as they come. The King was a more interesting presentation. It seems a great deal was left out of the story, but it's hard to tell what since I haven't studied that part of history. Basically, the story just falls flat with a really lazy ending.

I'm being generous in giving it 4 stars... and I do that mainly because of the unusual setting and the fact that it was moderately interesting all the way through. But when it comes to the end of the movie one realizes what a let-down the whole thing is. As far as a cinematic presentation and presentable story line goes, this fails to deliver.
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A good story ruined by a bad screenplay
rickard-207057 November 2021
This is a weird one. I can tell that it's a good story with several intrigues, but most of the scenes were terrible, and the fighting scenes in particular. The acting goes from stage actors to "I tried my best as an amateur".

What's surprising is the quality of the photo. Really sharp images with great color grading, and I can say the same thing about the score. I can tell that there is some budget behind the movie, with the costumes and all - the movie even got some descent enough CGI.

If a capable person would had gotten their hands on the script, and written a good screenplay, this would actually be something I would recommend to people. If a great screen play, then this would be a must watch. I had to watch the movie with the notion of what it could have been; with dreamy sequences, dramatic closeups, and voice overs telling thoughts over the scenery playing out in front of my eyes.

If you crave for a Nigerian fantasy flick, with inspiration from real events(?), then watch this one. Otherwise, just watch some Nollywood movie instead. At least you will have a laugh.
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Female lead with empathy and love
ssppetralli26 July 2022
Great story, presumable based on real events. It has everything. Featuring plenty female leads, however it would be great to see even more female 'extras as well'. Adventure, mystery, magic, empathy, love, leadership, slavery, darkness, cruelty, action, etc. And the movie treats topics like forced marriage, 'this is not a place for women' mentality, women can't lead or be in power, polygyny (multiple wife's), general discrimination towards women, and how it often takes a farther with only daughters to stop discrimination towards girls and women. I liked the movie a lot.
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Love it
stoudemire-8257116 November 2021
The movie is great.

Sure the fights could be done better but I see this like a work in progress.

The storyline is good, Acting not bad at all, i have seen some Hollywood's production with horrible acting(example Divergente).

The casting, directing was ok .

This movie is a solid 6.
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A decent movie's chance taken away from destructive criticism.
Star346827 November 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Though not perfect, this is definitely a recommended see. But one star? Have people gone mad?????

The movie is amazing on a technical level, the acting (though not purely great) has its striking moments, and it really gets you into the African culture.

This is NOT a "one star" film, this is a objectively good film with a intriguing story and great sets, I would much rather watch this than "Coming 2 Africa", the costumes are amazing and im in love with the scenery and storytelling so it definitely wasnt nearly as bad as people say that it is, its just the critic snobs hating on things for not being popular to them again. Nothing new really...

I have seen "one star" films, this is NOT the case.

Yes the ending was rather... anticlimactic (why did her friend leave her again???? And for her sister, AND her dad, AND her lover to die? And for what? Her friend didnt even stay and the movie didnt even explain why! It just makes no sense....) I guess its because so many of us are used to happy ending where the main rejoices, that a sad ending just leaves us empty, deprived, and feeling like time was wasted just because of the lack of serotonin, which is likely why the movie was reviewed as it was due to the ending itself being rushed with no payoff whatsoever.

She just sits on the throne empty, no last dialogue, no last words, it just cuts to black with a bland drum solo with a "this is where the story ends!" text on the screen. There was no punch! No dialouge to explain why her freind was mad at her in the end just.... nothing!

Besides the rushed ending, the movie itself was pretty decent, especially the beginning with them as kids, the setup was spectacular!

Sure, its not perfect (nothing is lol!) but give the story writers credit where it's due, especially since this was created at a time where the pandemic is still going on and film becomes more and more difficult.

Please give this movie the watch it deserves, the slow pacing takes a bit at first but this (besides the kick-in-the-balls ending where she loses EVERYTHING she loved just to become queen and her friend just leaves her for no reason, I still cant get over the fact that there was no actual ending either she just sits on the throne and... thats it! No ending dialogue, we dont even get to SEE what happened to the kingdom after the shot with her on the throne, (Did they run out of money or something??? Lol!) no establishing shot or even a song to finish things off either. What a blow to the face!) is definitely a good watch if you're in the mood for Nigerian cinema with good action and beautiful enviroments.

Thank you for reading!
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Great film
jdd-2230218 November 2021
Of course, it's not the best film ever, but it's best than many Hollywood films.

Landscapes are gorgeous, colors are beautiful, story is not that bad.

Worth seeing.
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It could have been better if it had a better screenplay.
Geeta3522 June 2022
I found this movie interesting on several levels. It had a strong female lead, and a good supporting cast. The villain was comical, and I was glad when he got his just desert: death at the hands of Queen Amina and her supporters. The epitaph of her reign was informative and made up for all the flaws in the storyline and direction. Watch and learn, you'll be glad you did.
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My goodness
ruud-356 November 2021
How bad can a movie be? Probably the worst acting ever in a movie which seems to be made with enough money. Netflix what were you thinking? More viewers in Africa?
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Bring the fight
kosmasp7 January 2022
It's almost funny that someone who really likes this (even says loves it), still only gives it 6 out of 10 stars. I reckon that is saying something, yes? On the other hand, as you can see by the rating of many, it plays along the general line of what most think of the movie.

Having said that, maybe you will more enticed and more engaged in the story than others. That is always tough to predict. Overall the story is not a bad one and there is even some action here. Still it did leave me quite cold and not caring too much about the main characters. The actors still do a good job - it is just tough for me to actually relate.

Have seen worse, have seen better too.
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Very disappointed
onurucler128 November 2021
Fighting scenes are like a joke. Effects are horrible cz there are none. A great story ruined by really bad writing and really bad acting. Really disappointed.
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Well the movie is bad, but...
ivicacavara6 November 2021
Well the movie is bad, but the story kept me watching until the end, which a I cannot say for a lot of new big production movies. Acting is bad, the production is bad, but despite of its floss I like it. It's 2 hours of my life which I did not regret spending.
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serenitydiver18 December 2021
I am not sure that it is based on which facts exept the names.

Where is her brother. Karami.

The movie did not mention at all that she was a muslim.

Simple search even on Wikipedia will show more interesting things about her to consider in the movie.

Why such a good story could be a great movie, you just ruined it by this terrible way ??
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So disapppointed.
strokersunited10 November 2021
Some acting moments from main actors (king and Amina), but the supporting actor (Maladi), hard to tell if he is comic relief because his role should be serious. Some really good scenic shots but many that look like a stage. Some of the costumes look like I could make them from my own craft stash and fabric remenants, making me doubt how much they represent the time period. The speaking with accents was labored by almost all actors. The real bummer is this movie could be so good with with the story but this rendition isn't. I would love to see it remade.
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Great story. Has potential.
wfpitts30 December 2022
I would like to see this remade with a real budget. There is obviously a lot more to be told and should be made in several parts to present the details. Overall, it is worth watching, but difficult to stay attentive in some scenes. I want to see more historical, quality wardrobe and better weapons for such fierce warriors. Send this and some of the actors to Hollywood to remake an epic movie that, after reading some of the historical reviews, should be told. I would recommend this only to people I know can follow it for the storytelling rather than the movie scenes. For some scenes, it is apparent what the director intended, but obviously lacked the budget to create.
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Bad but good story
wyldeman-7066819 February 2023
The story was good enough to get me to watch it to the end but seriously, was the budget so low they couldn't afford better sheilds. As the warriors were running towards each other they were bending because they were obviously cardboard. In a few scenes you could even see the corrugated cardboard.

The acting was really bad and the fight scenes laughable. I think a revamped write, better acting and a better budget it would be a pretty good movie. The little girl as young Amina was pretty good, spunky child for sure.

I will watch for a remake, maybe it will improve because it is a good story, real or not.
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