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  • After a disastrous family vacation, Jackie returns to work for a day of reckoning. The mounting pressures and conflicts in her personal and professional lives reach a boiling point. Unexpected alliances lead to revelations that even Jackie can't avoid. Between Dr. O'Hara, Eddie, Kevin and the drug dealer, the wagons are circling around Jackie Peyton.


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  • On the road back from the beach Jackie tries to get Kevin to get in the car. Grace says he's having a tantrum and he agrees. Jackie drives off.

    Waiting back at the house, a bike pulls up. Kevin walks in and tells Jackie not to talk to him. Eddie's right behind him.

    She stands up. "Tell me you didn't f---- say anything," she says. "'Thank you' would have been nice," he says as he leaves.

    Jackie finds Kevin in the kitchen with a beer. Neither of them can believe she left him on the side of the road.

    She tells him he's right, she's not "there," not like he is. She starts crying, telling him she took the money to help them, not to rip them apart.

    She admits she pretended to consult him, but thought he knew that's what was happening. He says it never occurred to him.

    "I keep telling you I'm no prize and you won't listen," she says. She hugs him.

    "Is that everything?" he asks. She says it is and he hugs her back.

    In the morning, Kevin reassures the girls that everything's OK. Grace heard Eddie drop him off. Fiona finds Jackie's keys in the front door. She left them. Kevin looks at them and sees her post office box key.

    Zoey consults Jackie about a gift for Lenny, a pocket watch.

    Sam comes in to work, totally bummed.

    Cooper reassures Sam, who just got dumped. He tells Sam he dodged a bullet since his girlfriend just wanted to be a doctor's wife and her cat was horrible.

    "You slept with her," Sam realizes. "Yes I did, my friend," Cooper admits.

    "Why would you want to be with someone who has a thing for doctors? You're a nurse, you deserve better," Cooper says.

    Sam punches him in his recently broken nose.

    At home, Kevin goes through all of Jackie's things and finds a bill for her post office box.

    O'Hara fixes Cooper's rebroken nose as Jackie assists.

    Jackie finally tries to talk to O'Hara, who can't even look at her. She simply tells Jackie she went up to ortho. She knows Jackie lied to her.

    Lenny brings Zoey egg rolls. "What? No duck sauce?" She asks and he proceeds to take multiple packets out of every pocket.

    Cut to them making out in Eddie and Jackie's old hook-up room. Eddie walks in on them.

    Mrs. Akalitis walks through the ER, shouting that she smells someone smoking and she'll find them.

    Jackie calls O'Hara and they talk on their cell' 'phones until they're face to face in the chapel.

    Jackie tells O'Hara that Kevin left her last night, but came back. She tells O'Hara she never lied about the pain. O'Hara says how she manages it is her business. Jackie apologizes for involving her.

    They hear a noise from the pews and find Zoey on top of Lenny. She pops up, shouting "fully clothed!"

    Cooper meets with Mrs. Akalitis with Sam, trying to get him fired. Instead she extends Sam's probationary period. She presents Cooper with his bill for six more weeks as the face of All Saint's.

    She smells smoke again, and goes through the ER, poking up ceiling tiles.

    Kevin checks Jackie's post office box and finds a bill for numerous charges, all from pharmacies.

    Mrs. Akalitis climbs the ladder to peer into the ceiling's overhead. "Jesus Christ, it's God," she says as she sees "God" the crazy guy smoking in the crawl space, watching over his "flock." He says there's vermin in his apartment.

    He wants to stay there, it's cozy and he isn't ready to walk among them. She lures him down with the promise of candy bars in her office. She reports that his land lord said that his apartment will be clean the next day and he can stay 'til then.

    Kevin walks down the street shouting into his phone that someone needs to tell him when he can meet her or he's coming down now.

    Mr. Martin, the drug dealer who Jackie stole pills from, again drops by with a bouquet. Thinking he's the benefactor he says he is, Mrs. Akalitis sends him to Jackie.

    Cooper looks at his billboard, lamenting his busted up once perfectly good nose.

    Jackie finishes snorting a line of pills in the bathroom and opens the stall door to find Sam standing there. She starts to yell, then sees that he's loaded as he slips to the tile floor. She drags him into the stall. When Zoey comes in Jackie sends her for blankets and an IV.

    Jackie, Zoey and Thor take Sam to the basement to watch him.

    Cut to Kevin meeting with...O'Hara. She can't believe the bill she's looking at. He tells her she can't believe a word Jackie says. He tells her Jackie promised him they wouldn't take money from her and that Jackie swore on their daughter's lives.

    In the basement, Thor has found a way to keep Sam awake. He brought metal EKG nodes and asks forJackie's shoes. They adhere the nodes onto their shoes and flawlessly perform a joint tap routine to keep Sam up.

    Jackie stops by Eddie in the pharmacy. She thanks him for bringing Kevin home. She hugs him and tells him it's all crashing down around her.

    "So, step aside, right?" Eddie says.

    She tells him she has to put her marriage back together. He tells her he wants to help as much for Kevin as her.

    Zoey and Lenny eat ice cream in the chapel. She toys with the pocket watch in her pocket and finally gives it to him without saying anything. He says he feels bad, all he got her was duck sauce.

    The drug dealer comes up behind Jackie in the hall and pulls her to the side, demanding his $12,000 worth of Roxy back. She's briefly panicked then starts talking tough, saying she doesn't know what he's talking about and cops will be all over him if he touches her.

    Suddenly, he's tackled to the ground, unconscious, by a charging Thor.

    Jackie comes home with a cake and shouts for everyone. Kevin comes in and tells her they have company. O'Hara's there and they're both very serious. The girls aren't there.

    Kevin calls her a drug addict.

    She realizes what's going on and goes on the offensive, calling them pathetic and idiots. Kevin shows her the bill and she runs up to the bathroom and locks herself in.

    She envisions herself on a beach at night. She looks in the mirror. "Hi, my name is Jackie, I'm a drug addict," she practices.

    She busts up laughing. "Blow me!" she says to her image in the mirror.

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