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4 Jan. 2012
How Did You Guys Meet, Anyway?
While waiting in line for a restroom at Browns Stadium, the girls tell Elka the tragic story of how they all met.
11 Jan. 2012
Two Girls and a Rhino
While Joy and Elka are visiting the zoo, the rhinos get amorous. So the zoo keeper asks them to stay so that they could procreate but the process takes three days. So they have to sleep there. Melanie and Victoria try to pick up guy. Melanie picks up a senator. But later fears the man's a perv when he texts her a racy photo. And Victoria picks up a guy whom she later learns is a janitor.
18 Jan. 2012
God and Football
Elka and Joy's CT scans get mixed up. Victoria donates blood as a publicity stunt and wakes up thinking Elka is God. Melanie takes a liking to the Browns' kicker who knocked her flat.
25 Jan. 2012
Love Is Blind
Elka fixes Joy up with a young blind guy but neglects to tell her he's blind. Victoria's daughter Emmy brings home her whipped fiancé.
1 Feb. 2012
Life with Lucci
Victoria's enemy Susan Lucci comes looking for support after the cancellation of "All My Children," but Victoria warns her friends that the soap star is not to be trusted. Meanwhile, Elka talks hoops with Baron Davis of the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers.
8 Feb. 2012
I'm with the Band
When Victoria's rocker boy friend dumps her she tries to make him jealous by hanging with is ex partner, who her boyfriend hates, in the middle of a charity rock concert. It doesn't help that she takes along Elke, Melanie and Joy who each get into trouble.
15 Feb. 2012
Lost Loves
The girls decide to look up their old loves. Victoria contacts her first husband and when he arrives, he's not the man she remembers. Joy tries to find the man who left her at the altar. But when she and Elka get stuck in an elevator on her way to meet him, they run into Max whom Elka misses. And Melanie contacts the first guy had a crush on but finds he's not available.
7 Mar. 2012
Tangled Web
After Joy struck out at meeting the man who left her at the altar and when Victoria bails out on her ex, the girls decide to go to a cabin for a rest. Melanie invites the guy she met, Casey to join them not knowing he's the guy Joy was looking for. When he arrives Joy recognizes him and says that he now goes by his initials K.C. Melanie drags a guy in and makes him pretend he's Casey but he's more interested in Victoria. And Victoria took one of her ex's venomous spiders and it unwittingly went into her luggage and is now loose in the cabin.
14 Mar. 2012
Hot & Heavy
Victoria hopes to one up her co-anchor Colin with an award winning expose.
21 Mar. 2012
Rubber Ball
The girls try to join a club and as per the club's rules, they need to be sponsored by a member. So they attend a ball and Victoria spruces herself up with some expensive jewelry she rented and when a wealthy member takes a liking to her, he introduces her to his parents and she loses one of her earrings in his mother's bosom. Joy runs into Colin who has a fiancé whom he is marrying because she is wealthy. Melanie sets up to hook up with a member but learns that the member is Colin's fiancé. And Elka, who once worked at the club, crashes the party to get back at the ...
28 Mar. 2012
Everything Goes Better with Vampires
Each of the girls becomes infuriated by their guest in the house but the police lock-down the neighborhood forcing each couple to deal with their strained relationship.
11 Apr. 2012
Claus, Tails & High-Pitched Males: Birthdates 3
The gals try again to fix each other up for their "birth dates" with the usual odd results.
18 Apr. 2012
Cruel Shoes
The girls model Victoria's new line of shoes in Cleveland's Walk & Roll fashion show. Elka comes along to see Mr. Jeff's new track suit line. Joy considers a long term relationship with a man with mere months to live.
25 Apr. 2012
Bye George, I Think He's Got It!
Joy prepares to marry her not long to live boy friend.
2 May 2012
The Gateway Friend
The girls will go to any length to keep their Botox dealer but all attempts backfire.
9 May 2012
Some Like it Hot
Go behind the scenes of "Hot in Cleveland" to discover never-before-seen footage of the cast and crew, in-depth interviews as well as favorite show moments and bloopers all from the third season of the hit sitcom.
16 May 2012
Storage Wars
The girls go to a storage locker auction. While there someone recognizes Victoria from her commercial which thought would not be shown in the country and she feels humiliated. They buy the contents of a locker. And what they find is a letter which they think was written by Lincoln wherein he admits to an indiscretion. Victoria hopes by bringing it out it could offset what the commercial is doing to her. But Melanie warns her that this could offset everything Lincoln did. And Elka tinkers with a CB radio that's in the locker. Eventually Joy chats it up with someone and...
30 May 2012
What's Behind the Door
Victoria persuades her costar/writer to resurrect their soap opera as an app.
6 Jun. 2012
Blow Outs
Melanie tries to keep her new salon a secret from Joy and Victoria so they don't ruin it for her.
28 Nov. 2012
That Changes Everything
A baby unexpectedly enters the ladies' lives. Meanwhile, an unhinged super-vixen offers Melanie a great job and Elka gets the 'upper hand' with her boyfriend, Pierre.
5 Dec. 2012
A Midwinter Night's Sex Comedy
Melanie's boss puts her in an awkward position with her attractive co-worker, while Joy is self-conscious about fitting in at college. Meanwhile, Victoria's director asks her to change her appearance, and Elka keeps a secret.
12 Dec. 2012
Method Man
Victoria schemes to get to the bottom of her co-star's true intentions. Joy is still trying to fit in at college while Elka befriends the popular girls. Meanwhile, Melanie gets herself into a dishonest situation.
19 Dec. 2012
Melanie drives herself crazy wondering if Alec heard her confess her feelings for him. Elka and Mamie scam Joy into helping them with their new business. Victoria and her costar fake being lovers as a publicity stunt.
26 Dec. 2012
A Box Full of Puppies
During a trip to the vet, Elka tries to teach Mamie how to flirt. Joy's turned on by the idea of male pet-owners - especially when a smoldering fireman walks in. Victoria's interviewed by her daughter about second acts in life.

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