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  • The entire question is left deliberately vague. We are told that both the GI Joes in the field and at their base have been wiped out with the exception of Snake Eyes, Roadblock, Lady Jaye and Flint. However, we never see it and it is perfectly possible that any of the characters may have survived in the same way that the main characters in this film did or simply left GI Joe in between this film and its predecessor. The only character we know to be dead for sure is Duke whom we know is killed in the desert attack. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes and no. In the UK, the classic 9-inch GI Joe doll was called Action Man. Inspired by the success of Star Wars figures in the early 1980s, a smaller 3-inch version was introduced called Action Force. A backstory was published in a series of tie-in comics (Battle Action Force) with the terrorist army of Baron Ironblood and his Red Shadows attempting to take over the world and combated by the United Nation's own military unit, Action Force (composed of Z-force infantry company, SAS-force special operations team, Q-force naval squadron and Space Force star fleet). In 1987, Marvel UK launched the Action Force comic (initially a standalone title, but later appearing in the UK Transformers comic under the name "G.I. Joe the Action Force"). These were a mix of reprints of the US G.I. Joe comic book, and new UK-exclusive strips. The additional stories resulted in the UK version having a considerably different continuity to the US comic book, with major characters such as Zartan having completely different origins. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Destro was left ambiguously in the tube while Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander escaped. Since the explosion caused by the warden took out the cooling system, we are left to surmise that he either died in the explosion, or in the resulting over-200-degree temperature. Alternatively though he may have survived so is either still a prisoner or was freed from his tube by the explosion and escaped. Cobra doesn't release him, simply stating, "You're out of the band." It's likely that Christopher Eccleston wasn't available to reprise his role or possibly the writers felt that there wouldn't have been much of a use for him in this particular film and so thought it best to leave him out but not arbitrarily kill him off. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No, because the self-destruct mechanisms don't actually create a nuclear explosion, they destroy the warhead without triggering the fissile material so the fallout would be minimal. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Considerably. For instance in the comics, Duke is a First Sergeant whilst in the film he is a Captain. Cobra Commander himself never knew Duke, was never a maimed soldier but a car salesman who turned against America after the failure of his business and death of his brother in the Vietnam War. In the British Action Force backstory, he was Marcus Kassels, the disgraced son of an aristocratic Swiss diplomat and scientific genius, and who served in the British Army and led a US platoon nicknamed "The Baron's Brigade" in the Korean War before being accused of a massacre of civilians. He fled to Africa where he became a mercenary, fighting in conflicts all over the world before forming his own private terrorist army, the Red Shadows and adopting the alias Baron Ironblood, based on his family's Latin motto of "Sanguineo Ferris" ("our blood is of iron"). After numerous defeats at the hands of Action Force he would abandon the Red Shadows and form the Cobra organisation, adopting the new identity of Cobra Commander. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The "Extended Action Cut" is quite well named with this title because it is substantially better than the theatrical version—not only in the action department. A number of more violent moments are back, a few large ones that are completely new and surprisingly much more character development that even leads to some minor changes in the story. While American audiences will have to be patient to get their hands on the extended cut (it is Best Buy exclusive for the first weeks), British customers have it easier. All Blu-ray disc editions feature both the theatrical and the Extended Cut. In total, the Extended Cut runs approximately 12 minutes longer than the well-known theatrical version. Edit (Coming Soon)


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