G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013) Poster

Luke Bracey: Cobra Commander



  • Cobra Commander : Destro... you're out of the band.

  • French Leader : You will have to answer for this... to your Congress... your courts.

    Cobra Commander : Correction: They will have to answer to ME.

    Indian Leader : What is it you want?

    Cobra Commander : I want it all!

  • Cobra Commander : [after escaping from the prison, Storm Shadow's back is badly burnt from the explosion]  Take him to the mountains to heal. I'll need him for the war I'm about to start.

  • Zartan : [greeting Cobra Commander]  Cool mask!

    Cobra Commander : Someone took his time.

    Zartan : Not easy to sneak out of that big, white, 11-bedroom, 35-and-a-half bathr...

    Cobra Commander : Just don't forget who put you there.

    Firefly : Or the rock you crawled out from.

    Zartan : Firefly, it's good to see we're not running low on crazy. Still have all ten fingers?

    [Firefly wiggles his fingers, then flips them off at Zartan] 

  • Cobra Commander : The Cobra revolution has begun. By pressing that button, Zartan initiated an auto-drop sequence. My Zeus satellites are moving into position over your six remaining countries. The same button that begins this can end it. But I only press it for a price: total allegiance.

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