G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013) Poster

Dwayne Johnson: Roadblock



  • Roadblock : In the immortal words of Jay-Z: "Whatever deity may guide my life, dear lord don't let me die tonight. But if I shall before I wake, I'd accept my fate."

  • Captain Duke Hauser : Drive it like you stole it!

    Roadblock : As your good friend, you need a new catchphrase.

  • Captain Duke Hauser : Anyone ever tell you, you fight ugly?

    Roadblock : Not from their backs, they don't.

  • Roadblock : That's on the rise. Like your panties.

    Captain Duke Hauser : You love my panties.


    Roadblock : That's an interesting choice of a joke. Of all the things you could say...

    Captain Duke Hauser : Alright, okay, I'm just saying...

    Roadblock : You love my panties?

    Captain Duke Hauser : Are you going to shut up?

    Roadblock : What does that mean?

  • Roadblock : Damn ninjas.

  • Joe Colton : [offering his minitank]  It idles a little rough in neutral.

    Roadblock : I ain't gonna be in neutral.

    Joe Colton : Hoo-ah.

    Roadblock : What about you?

    Joe Colton : DOD says I can't come out of retirement. They didn't say anything about reenlisting.

  • Flint : We have to assume that there's no one we could trust.

    Roadblock : There is one man. He's the reason we call ourselves Joes.

  • Roadblock : [seeing Mouse is nervous]  My first drop, I popped a live round into my mouth. It keeps your teeth from chattering. Give it a shot.

    [gives him a bullet, which he puts into his mouth] 

    Mouse : Delicious.

    Roadblock : Attaboy.

  • Roadblock : [to Snake Eyes, after planning to take down Cobra Commander]  Snake Eyes, how's all of that sound?

    [Snake Eyes is silent] 

    Roadblock : That's what I thought.

  • Roadblock : General.

    Joe Colton : Call me Joe.

  • [last lines] 

    Roadblock : Where can we find you, general?

    Joe Colton : Just need my orders.

    Roadblock : You know we'd make a hell of a team.

  • Roadblock : I came here when I was fourteen, with a life expectancy of thirteen. I was bounced around from home to home until this... became my home. Guys would line up outside that door to fight me. They whooped my skinny ass so much I started to enjoy it. Until one winter, I grew eight inches, gained sixty pounds, punched a guy so hard he couldn't move his arm to tap out. Then when the Joes came recruiting to the hood, I'd already beaten down half of it. I became a Joe to serve. In the field. So if we're fighting uphill, we take the hill.

  • [from trailer] 

    Roadblock : Let's move! The world ain't saving itself!

  • Flint : [watches as Cobra Commander escapes by helicopter]  Block, Cobra Commander's bugging out. No sign of Firefly.

    Roadblock : [watches Firefly coming]  I've got him.

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