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Penultimate episode soars with heightening conflict and character moments
Mr-Fusion25 November 2016
Things are coming to a head, and 'Fathers and Sons' (aptly named as ever) sees the elders Crowder and Givens at odds with their respective offspring. Bo's operation is bigger than ever but stands imperiled by Boyd's religious convictions. Arlo is one of the most obstinate and spiteful SOBs, but he has his moments; such as using an old war story to talk down a suicidal veteran. And that conversation doesn't really have much to do with the overall story, but does inform his character. And between that scene, his animosity towards Raylan, and the big third act double-cross, Raymond Barry steals the spotlight on this one.

It's funny, but thus far, Art seems far more of a father figure to Raylan than Arlo does (or has been). Which goes to show how nuanced the season's become at this late hour.

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A Tale of Two Families
gplusr25 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This episode reflects the increasing quality from the "case of the week" formula they presented at the first episodes, this was back when Justified was only starting to become the show we quite know today.

Raylan tries to convince his criminal father, Arlo Givens to help him with the investigation of the Crowder family, while Boyd is still trying to convince his father Bo and his cousin Johnny that he walked out of prison as a changed man.

Arlo stops some soldier kid from blowing up a veteran's establishment telling some fake story from his times on Vietnam.

We're also introduced to the secondary villain of the season Gio Reyes, along with his nephew Ernesto and niece Pilar (we don't really have to care about any of them since Bo Crowder keeps stealing the show, even when Gio is helping him to rebuild his hillbilly empire).

A great episode to set things up for the season finale.



Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins)

Arlo Givens (Raymond J. Barry)
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