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What a house!
coastdaze28 September 2012
This movie was a pleasant surprise to me because I thought it was going to be more of a "horror" movie...I wouldn't call it that, I'd call it a terrific suspense thriller with good twists here and there. I liked the casting and the storyline. The actors did a good job, esp. the young college student male lead. This is a story that could have actually happened, imo. The music was a big part of the movie, too. Good soundtrack that, while I was aware of it, it did not take away from the scenes but built up my anxiety! It was like another character. Definitely worth seeing for all the right reasons. Very entertaining and kept my attention throughout. All this without "blood & guts" galore - made me think of the old Alfred Hitchcock-type thrillers that depended more on the viewer's anticipation and imagination. Lastly, I thought I had the plot figured out, but I was surprised at how wrong I was. Smiled on my way out of the theater.
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HATES is a solid thriller
denza-476-69275514 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
**Alert: Spoilers Included**

I watched an advanced press screening for this film, and I have to say it was not the dead-girl-haunts-house horror story I was expecting, which turned out to be a very good thing. FYI: This one's more thriller than horror.

There's no doubt that Jennifer Lawrence makes this movie. The rest of the characters are underdeveloped and one-dimensional and it becomes difficult at times to separate Jenn in this role from her role in the Hunger Games.

For about half of the film, we're led to believe that the little girl locked away is a rabid serial killer. However, there is a HUGE plot twist at the end --one that is smarter and scarier than the standard horror fare we're used to.

With that said, the first half of the film drags (do we really care about Jenn's rock concert practices?) but certain parts are mysterious enough for viewers to put in the effort to connect the dots.

If you're a Jennifer Lawrence fan or love Criminal Minds/Law and Order SVU, check this movie out. If you're looking for a haunted house movie, you've clicked on the wrong flick.

As for me, I was pleasantly surprised!
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Better than I expected
Big_River17 January 2013
I was a little bit skeptical about watching this movie and I came very close to not watching it. But, because I had a spare couple of hours with nothing better to do, I decided to give it a whirl.

A lot of modern-day horror movies are made on a budget. The typical tell-tale signs which give them away is the use of poorly lit sets, very few filming locations and a very small cast of young and unknown actors. They like to follow the path of "The Blair Witch Project" and rely on heavy breathing to create the suspense. A pretty young lady starts to breathe heavily in the dark, something jumps out and gets her, right? Nowadays, this has become the norm and this is what we come to expect.

Well, I'm pleased to say that "House at the End of the Street" is different and unique in its own right. Why? Because its actually got a storyline and it keeps you thinking! Just when you think you've figured it all out there's another clever twist that comes along and makes you think "Gee, why didn't I think of that". This is a movie which is always one step ahead of you! Also, the actors in this movie actually act. Don't get me wrong, it's not on the same page as an Alfred Hitchcock movie, but it is, nonetheless, very refreshing.

"House at the End of the Street" turned out to be a little gem. I'm glad that I rented it.
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Not a horror film.
We Watched A Movie10 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
So here we are with The Last House on the Left. Sorry, I meant House at the End of the Street. Whatever. Can we start by having a serious talk with the guy picking movie names? He is really slacking off. We are here with Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) and her Mom (Elisabeth Shue) moving from the big city to a small town looking for a new start. Of-course, the house next door was apparently the location of a double murder where a little girl killed her parents and then disappeared herself. The little girl's brother (Max Thieriot) still lives in the home despite the tragedy. The adults hate him because his presence keeps them from bulldozing the house and its drain on the local housing market and the teenagers hate him because his parents were murdered? There really is no explanation for this other than everyone in this town is apparently a jerk. (Just go with it. That's the best were going to get.) Elissa starts to fall for Ryan and also has a hard time understanding the massive hate he gets when her mom and the neighborhood object to their relationship. But whether it for protecting the good or serving the forces of evil, Ryan has secrets of his own and as the two get close things begin to get creepy. (Allegedly)

Minus a few jump scares that I'm not afraid to admit made me drop my popcorn due to some sharp sound editing; this is no horror flick. HATES was advertised as scary business to get the target teenage audience' butts in the seats but is merely a Suspense/Thriller with young leads. With the exception of a single twist that will shock some and slightly nudge others everything is played rather straight. There's not much new to see here and there is certainly nothing to be scared of. Even after the true evil is finally revealed, there just doesn't seem to be much of a threat at any point.

HATES is still indeed, watchable. That's mostly due to Jennifer Lawrence who shines bright amidst all the average. It's impressive how she takes something as boring as a high school girl falling for the "mysterious guy with a past", adds heart and makes it more interesting than it was written. When in danger she's believably strong willed and could be the perfect "Scream Queen" for a horror film deserving of it. Elisabeth Shue played the part of concerned mother well and Max Thieriot didn't detract either. The problems with the film are rather in its constant plot holes and lack of anything interesting, original or more importantly scary for a film that calls itself Horror.
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Dumbed down thriller ripe for TV
yourwarmembrace23 September 2012
I have to admit that there are two or three good jump sequences but there was no real payoff in the end. Nickelodeon does Psycho, Sleepaway Camp and maybe a touch of Kiss the Girls. It was not as bad nor as comical as The Possession and with that, this one perhaps takes itself too seriously. If this movie ever had an R rating then I assure you that all the best bits are on the cutting room floor. The editing is too quick and visually plays it much too safe. This one is up there with My Soul To Take in the disappointment factor. Complete cheese on toast for anyone not in High School. The acting was not terrible but there was just nothing to act on.
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Not bad but not good either...
Kevin Schotte17 November 2012
I went to see HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET last night and didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. The story is dull and predictable and the acting isn't rocksolid!Jennifer Lawrence played her role well though, she "blows" everyone away in this movie BUT, on the other hand, and I don't want to sound too negative, this flick wasn't a very hard nut for her to crack!

The story ;

Elissa (Lawrence) moves into a new home together with her mom Sarah(Elisabeth Shue) and finds out that the son of a murdered couple, who lived next door, still lives in the house where his parents were killed. The surrounding neigbours complain about him and tell Elissa that the boy is bad news! She wants to find out herself though and steps into his life...

It's a not a very bad movie but skip the theatre and wait for it on bluray/DVD.
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too predictable for my taste
obediahsilt23 September 2012
If you've never seen a movie before then this is probably tolerable. Its always nice to see Elisabeth Shue. Jennifer Lawrence is definitely a leading lady of the future but this does no-one associated with it any favours.

Its just too clichéd, too predictable to be of any entertainment value.

In fairness I didn't totally hate it, but it wasn't involving. Its not a movie that you'll ever watch again or buy the DVD/ BR.

This is no fault of the cast but the script which means that you'll know how the movie ends before it is even half over.

Unless you're a rabid Lawrence fan then I wouldn't bother with this until there is a Netflix or DVD release.
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Everything in this film is so clichéd that you stood nearly ten feet ahead of it.
ThePadraigMoista22 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
House At The End of the Street stars Jennifer Lawrence and is about a daughter and mother who move into a house where the next door neighbor's's daughter killed her parents and fled the scene. She only left one surviving family member which was her brother.

A terrible name, terrible plot. Everything about this film is so clichéd that you stood nearly 10 feet ahead of it. There was no suspense and scenes that made you want to scream at the characters. And, just mentioning the characters, they were VERY one-dimensional. I didn't care about them, what happened to them, or what they will do. They all felt too generic to even listen to sometimes.

I kind of got the impression they were attempting a modernized Psycho- twist for teens. But it didn't come off, at all. The first half or maybe quarter was all right. But it went down-hill way too fast for me to comprehend. I thought the film could have went one direction, but when it came to the intersection, it looked at the right direction, gave it the finger, and went in the wrong one. I really had hopes for this one but it didn't deliver.

All in all, a terrible film. The only good thing about it is the first 20-30 minutes, some well-directed sequences and Jennifer Lawrence. That's all. Best to avoid this one, if you know what's good for you.

A low 4/10.
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Good twist, but not clear enough. An audience with lowered expectations will be rewarded.
Nitzan Havoc20 March 2013
If watching HatEotS has taught me anything (taught me again, actually) is that many times a film's worst enemy could be the buzz around it. Had it not been for all the talk about it, I might have had lowered expectations and therefore a smaller sense of disappointment.

As the Horror freak that I am, I've always loved Psychological Thriller/Horror films with a sophisticated twist towards the end. This film makes an attempt on having such a twist, but personally, for me, it didn't work.

Let's start off with the good things: the acting was very good, especially by Max Thieriot as Ryan. The way he talked, the look in his eyes, everything was simply perfect for the role. Jennifer Lawrence wasn't bad either, but sadly the best part about her acting was her not being an eyesore, not at all. Great job also by Elisbabeth Shue as a teenagers's mother!

As for the story - I find it difficult to pinpoint my problem with it. The build up seemed sufficient and the twist was surprising enough, and kept up getting deeper and more evolved. Perhaps it's the difficulty to fully grasp and comprehend what had happened happened that took some of the excitement away. I was too busy figuring out one detail when the next hit. So perhaps other viewers will enjoy it more.

All in all, watching this has been a fun experience, though not overly. I can't say "don't watch it!", nor can I recommend it too enthusiastically. If you don't expect too much - you could be in for a treat.
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Although the movie doesn't posses any intellectual value it is very entertaining and interesting to watch
Sandro Natchkebia13 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The movie doesn't flourish with intelligence, but does it have to? It's genre makes it just a movie for entertainment. Jennifer Lawrence's acting is just flawless as in every other movie, which solely can make this video worth watching, but what I like most about it is it's unexpected ending. This is the very rare case when I couldn't actually guess the ending of the movie. It also sends a little message to the viewers about bullying and aggression, although, I repeat myself, it doesn't serve for the purpose of enlightenment of the viewer. I would recommend to watch this movie, but only with friends, when you want to be simply entertained.
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Great place to hide a key.....
FlashCallahan21 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Elissa and her mother move into a rented accommodation, which is surprisingly cheap due to the fact that a little girl murdered her parents and ran away at the titular location.

They learn that the son, Ryan, still lives there alone and plans to renovate the house and sell it.

All the townsfolk despise Ryan for no good reason and Elissa strikes a friendship with Ryan despite her Mothers doubts.

But is Ryan all that nice, and whats in his basement? Obviously released to make money thanks to Lawrences fame garnered from The Hunger Games, I wasn't looking forward to this in the slightest, but I was surprised.

I hadn't seen any trailers for the film, and purposely knew nothing about it.

For the most part of the film, it kept me uneasy, with an acute sense of dread throughout the film. For once I was thinking 'where could this go?' And then halfway through the second act, it clicks, but this is thanks to the film makers just being lazy.

It's not a horror film, and although there are a lot of jump scares, it's all down to over use of orchestral music, and the film homaging other classic movies (there is one scene at the end that reminded me of Silence of the Lambs, but it was effective).

The main cast are great, but support is just your awful typecast frat boys and geeks who add nothing to the film.

Lawrence proves that winters bone was no one trick pony, she really excels with the material, and although it goes into Pacific Heights/Fear/YUnlawful Entry/Single White Female mode during the finale, she manages to make the film a little bit better than it should be.

There is a little twist at the end, but you half expected it.

My advice is try not to read anything about this film, because if I had, I wouldn't have had enjoyed it half as much as I did knowing nothing about it.
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Waste. Of. Time.
krispee_creem24 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is the worst movie I have ever been talked into going to see in the movie theater.

The story is ultra-predictable, and not at all interesting.

It is great seeing Elizabeth Shue.....but her character is flat and somewhat unbelievable. (What doctor marries a rock star??)

They should have just called this movie: Jennifer Lawrence on Screen for an Hour and a Half

Lawrence wasn't terrible, but it shouldn't be hard to play a high school student who hates her mom in every scene.

All of the supporting characters are poorly developed. I did not feel attached to any of them, and after a while was actually hoping that one of them would be killed, so as to add some sort of entertainment value to an otherwise bland movie.

Overall, this movie was awful and not worth wasting any money to see it in the theater or renting/buying it on DVD/blu ray.

Unless your significant other begs you to see this because they are HUGE Jennifer Lawrence or Horror fans, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.
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Better than expected
phd_travel13 July 2013
This is an above average horror movie.

First the good points: The cast is A list - after all 2 Oscar winning actresses as daughter and mother - Jennifer Lawrence and Elisabeth Shue (who hasn't aged much). Max Thieriot (now of Bates Motel) is their next door neighbour who lives in a house where his parents were murdered. The acting is good and there is some build up of sympathy with the characters in the story.

It's not supernatural so it's not too implausible. Doesn't have too many shock tactics. I'm kind of sick of the recent supernatural horrors with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz and the one with Katie Holmes and Bailee Madison. It's not too slasher like too. No violence that doesn't advance the plot.

It's got some faults: Firstly the closeup photography is a bit too close up. Can't see the whole face. A bit jerky too.

There is a twist of course which is not totally unpredictable.

Overall kind of enjoyed it.
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Apparently people are forgetting how to be entertained...
Robert W.12 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I remember this film doing extremely well in the theatre so before I watched it on DVD I read some reviews and I was shocked at how bad ALL the reviews were. People were endlessly complaining about the movie and no shocker at all, I disagree with them. Actually I don't disagree with them, I agree with some of what they say about the film, I just didn't think it made a less than enjoyable experience. I love horror and I love thrillers and this is what makes for a turn your brain off thriller slasher flick with some decent twists and turns. I don't care how many pretentious reviewers claim they had it all figured out, you won't have it all figured out. Is the film mildly predictable? Yes absolutely but its hard for a horror film not to be. House At The End of The Street is an old school PG thriller similar to Scream in some aspects but it is very genre specific and follows the recipe to a T without changing many of the ingredients. But if you're okay with that and you like genre specific movies then you'll really enjoy this one. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with plenty of cringe worthy moments. It has a clear and concise climax and an edge of your seat ending.

It certainly doesn't hurt to have someone the calibre of Jennifer Lawrence at the helm of the movie. I'm not so sure that she should still be playing 17 year old girls but as an old school scream queen she fits the bill very nicely. Her character is as cut and dry as you can imagine. Teenager with a rebel streak who has a mother trying to do better by her. Moves to a new town and befriends the rebel boy...and she does everything that the 70's and 80's Scream queens taught us not to up instead of down, out instead of in, away from the killer instead of towards him. None of this bothered me, because I enjoy chuckling at the campy quality of an old school thriller like this. Lawrence carries the film well and fits the bill perfectly. Elisabeth Shue is one of two performances that are genuinely bad in this movie. She personifies the campiness and the predictability by her facial expressions and character performance. She was just really annoying so much so that you understood how Lawrence's character felt towards her. The other really campy performance was by Gil Bellows as the Sheriff. Bellows screams camp nowadays and this role must have been huge for him getting away from the straight to video. He was only marginally better than Shue but they shared so many scenes together that it was double the camp. Max Thieriot does an excellent job as the quiet loner Ryan. He fits the throwback thriller role absolutely perfectly and the closing scene on him is memorable and fun. Thieriot and Lawrence have great chemistry making their character arc together even better.

I could list for you two dozen movies right now that House At The End Of The Street rips off blatantly and un-apologeticaly. It reeks of everything from Halloween to Psycho to Sleepaway Camp and how much did that ruin it for me? Well not even a little bit. I love those movies so why would it ruin House at The End of The Street for me. No matter how much something copies something else, its still new characters, some new concept and as long as its well executed then I'm there!! I think a more experienced director could have really fine tuned the details but Mark Tonderai still does a decent job and any other time he would be heralded for doing an homage to 80's thrillers so I will give him his herald. I thought it was very entertaining and well done. Campy at times? Yes absolutely and also predictable in some aspects but for a genre film it is exactly what one should expect and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a thriller. 8.5/10
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Contrived, Cliché, and Snore-worthy Warning: Spoilers
I saw this early because a friend of mine was able to get free tickets. If I had paid money for it, I would've walked out in about twenty minutes. The plot is entirely predictable (except for a half unexpected twist towards the end) and derivative. It's one part Amytiville Horror, one part Black Christmas, and one part Psycho.

Everything from this movie is essentially ripped from another movie. Each "scare" is just a jump scare. Absolutely no ambiance or tension. They keep attempting to do misdirection, but after the first few scenes of "hah! nothing behind this door!" it becomes a parody of itself. There's even a scene in the last few minutes that is mostly a scene-for- scene of the night vision bit from Silence of the Lambs.

The cinematography is awful. During moments of "emotional drama" the camera is all but three inches from the actors faces. The camera is shaky through almost all of the movie, from which my friend became nauseous. They do that cheesy "move slowly towards object of interest" thing.

The director seems to want you feel for the characters by shoving their life problems in your face within the first few minutes" Oh, teenage girl has problems with her mother. Oh, teenage guy is shunned by everyone. Are we supposed to feel for these one-dimensional characters?

All-in-all, a terrible movie. It's definitely NOT for horror fans. Save your money and catch it on cable in about three months.
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Not half bad, really. Jennifer Lawrence's presence ups the value a bit, too.
zetes6 October 2013
People don't seem to like this one much, but I found it totally decent. It's probably better than it should be simply for the presence of Jennifer Lawrence - who is just smoking hot. Okay, she's a good actress, too, and gives a good performance. She won an Oscar last year for Silver Linings Playbook (much deserved, in my book). Her tank top from this film should have been nominated for an award. Okay, enough about how hot Lawrence is (very, is the answer). The story here is decent, if nothing special. Lawrence, moving into a new home, falls for the damaged teen down the street, Max Thieriot (also pretty good). His horrifying past (his parents were murdered by his insane sister) is well known to the small town they live in. He harbors a few other secrets, as well. This mostly wins for me because Lawrence comes off as a fairly smart horror heroine. The climactic sequence is really well done (shades of the climax of Wait Until Dark - would have been nice to see this in the theater, as I came really close to doing last year). Elisabeth Shue also co-stars as Lawrence's mom. She's still good looking and is a fine actress. I'd love to see her in a really good role at this point in her career.
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Don't Listen to the Negativity
dhardman0430 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
So I just caught this movie September 30, 2012 and I really wanted to like it. But when I saw the decreasing rating from 6.4 to now 5.9, I was worried. I asked: what's wrong with this movie? and should I even go see it? I am so glad I ignored the bad rating. I normally don't care what other people about movies, but I was a little skeptical to see it after seeing so many bad reviews.

House at the End of the Street is about Elissa and her mom Sarah moving to a new house that is very cheap because the house next door had a double-murder of the parents there by their "daughter Carrie-Ann". Elissa meets the surviving son Ryan and befriends him, unbeknownst to her that he is hiding "Carrie-Ann" in his basement and a dark secret. Jennifer Lawrence is probably one of my favorite actresses and the movies I've seen her in she is phenomenal. She proved herself once again that she is a worthy force in Hollywood. Max Thierot: I don't really know this actor, but he does a very nice job in the role of Ryan. Elizabeth Shue is also a very nice actress. This trio of actors did an exceptional job with the roles they were given. Lawrence does the snarky, rebellious teenage role very well, as well as the girl with a good heart and the will to help others. Thierot plays the quiet, repressed outcast with a dark secret very convincingly. He isn't creepy but he isn't dull and boring. Shue plays the cliché overprotective mother (which may be my only issue with the movie) who only wants what's best for her daughter and blah blah blah.

Now, the twist. Most people called it ahead of time: Ryan is the killer. Now, I know that it was pretty obvious from the get-go that he was the killer, but that wasn't the twist. The twist was that Carrie-Ann died after falling on the swings, Ryan's parents made him "Carrie-Ann" to deal with their grief, Ryan killed his parents after their abuse had gone too far, blamed himself for his sister's death and then, when he got older, moved back to his house, kidnapped a girl and made her his "Carrie-Ann" because he needs her in his life. When "Carrie-Ann" escapes, she seeks help but Ryan stops her. On-screen, we are convinced Ryan is keeping his demented sister from killing anyone, but he just doesn't want people to know his secret. When she escapes again, he accidentally kills her. We now believe that Carrie-Ann is dead.

While Ryan is keeping his secret, Elissa tries to get closer to him, much to her mother's dismay (cliche again). She enters a Battle of the Bands competition and invites Ryan to come but his car gets trashed and then he gets beaten up until he retaliates and breaks a dudes leg (he's not too important to the story) and the rest of the bullies go to try and burn Ryan's house down but Elissa gets there in time to put out the fire. The last, I wanna say, 30 minutes of the film involve Elissa trying to get away from Ryan after discovering his secret and the truth about him. After defeating Ryan, Elissa and Sarah move from their new house while Ryan is in a mental institution, where he is haunted by his family's abuse towards him after Carrie-Ann died. End

This movie, just like Cabin in the Woods, focuses on the clichés of horror movies, but doesn't necessarily attack them. Great acting and great story. People compare this to "Psycho" and "Sleepaway Camp" but I haven't seen those movies. I liked this movie and I really don't care what people have to negatively say about this movie. I recommend you go see it. It's not a waste of time or money. Don't listen to the dickholes!

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For fans of absurd plot-twists, a rich treasure trove.
fedor84 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I've played this game far too often. "Describe an idiotic thriller in yet another review about an idiotic thriller" is a game I'm tired of playing. Here's a disjointed list of most of the dumb things.

1. The killer is immune to bullets. 2. Shue is immune to deep stab wounds to the abdominal region. 3. The killer is a martial arts expert – just because he was dressed up as a girl during childhood. 4. The sheriff-was-the-boyfriend plot-twist is a hoot. 5. The killer's childhood story is an even bigger hoot: kind of like a parody of "Psycho", with crack cocaine thrown in for bad measure. 6. The utter confusion regarding who was sneaking up behind trees, staring at Lawrence. 7. The over-kill overboard mega-cliché teen-movie scene in which the killer gets beaten up by a bunch of hormonal jocks. 8. Why does the killer keep leaving the key on the door, when the captive woman managed to escape several times already using that same key? 9. Do regular injections turn every kidnapped girl into a mindless zombie? 10. Did the writer have a lobotomy or was he born that way? 11. The less said about the various teen-movie clichés, the better.
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Mystery, Suspense, and a Little Horror Await at the House at the End of the Street
Sean Jump4 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Young Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) and her mother Sarah (Elizabeth Shue) think they are moving into a quiet, uneventful new home to reconnect and start over. The house next door is supposed to be empty, but late one night Sarah sees a light go on in the allegedly vacant edifice. Turns out a young man does live there, in the very house where his crazy sister murdered their parents years before. The townsfolk think young Ryan is crazy for staying in the house all by himself, but Elissa thinks differently. Elissa is drawn to Ryan's quiet, sensitive nature, and perhaps also by the chance to draw him out of his shell. But the local legend is that Ryan's sister is still out there somewhere, watching and waiting for another chance to strike…

Don't think of House at the End of the Street as a slasher film. True, the story could work as a slasher, but director Mark Tonderai has created a film that rises above many of the usual genre clichés. The story is well-written and built around mystery and suspense rather than cheap shocks, and even though most of the main characters are teenagers, the film doesn't take them down the usual paths.

The cast is outstanding. Jennifer Lawrence makes Elissa likable but not without flaws. She is smart and caring, brave and resourceful, and in many ways an atypical teenager, but all the same a young woman who makes some bad decisions throughout the movie, decisions that may have lethal consequences for herself and others. In short, she's a great protagonist that is easy to identify with. Elizabeth Shue likewise does well as Sarah, plagued by paranoia and too much drink but determined to forge a stronger relationship between her daughter and herself...if she doesn't drive her away forever first. Max Thieriot handles the touchy role of Ryan just right, capturing all the nuances of a town outcast living under the shadow of an urban legend with surprising deftness. Together, the performers ensure the story seems populated by real people of flesh and blood.

In some ways, House at the End of the Street echoes that great classic of horror cinema, Psycho. Of course, the current film isn't nearly as good as Psycho, but there are a lot of shared elements which can't entirely be coincidental. Compared to many other horror films, House at the End of the Street may seem a bit bloodless, but that's only because the filmmakers realize it takes more to make a good movie than lots of bloodshed. House at the End of the Street is a fine horror film that delivers the scares without sacrificing good sense.
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Worst movie I have seen this year...complete wastage of 2 hours and $6.50
lakatosjason22 September 2012
Are you kidding???? Is this a "Horror movie"? I had to work really hard to stay awake. 100% piece of junk. Horribly poor storyline. I am sure people have seen that kind of story in about 5000 trash D graded horror movies. Do not not even think about going to the theater to watch this movie. Despite of being bored I was hoping that the movie would give some really shocking surprise that would keep me astonished and spellbound. But I was wrong. I could easily predict what was going to happen and that was exactly what happened. After seeing this movie I am getting really skeptical about going to the theater and watch a movie on the first day. I should really wait for at least 10 days before watching a movie. I don't know how people gave a higher that 6 rating to this movie. It deserves a 1.0 at most.
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An abysmal rip-off of Psycho with countless clichés.
Matt Cipolla21 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Just terrible. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that this atrocity relies on tired character types to propel the "movie," and the ENTIRE thing is a putrid ripoff of Psycho. Not that the target audience would know anything about the legendary Alfred Hitchcock, but this relentlessly copies everything from the masterful 1960 thriller. From the villain's backstory, to the villain's motive, to his fascination with an innocent girl, to the whole setup of the third act, and even the last scene and the last shot. If there's any positive side to this is that I laughed at it a bit. This is very important: THE WHOLE AD CAMPAIGN IS A PLOY. Nothing is backwards, it's just generic, un-scary bulls**t. Do not waste your time, and do not pay for this POS.

3.3/10, two thumbs down, terrible, etc.
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Hollywood "horror" hogwash
Adam Peters5 March 2015
(12%) If you think really hard, and do a bit of mental arithmetic, you'll probably come to the conclusion that of all the bad horror movies of the past so many years this could almost be considered a mild highlight of sorts. But then again does this even qualify as an actual horror movie in the first place? As a very good portion of the runtime is much more of a drama than anything else with only a small section at the beginning and at the end even resembling a horror picture. So it doesn't really qualify as a horror, and the vast bulk of teen based drama that makes up everything else is just bland, forgettable, and flat. The only thing this has going for it is Jennifer Lawrence who is clearly too good for the lame material she's given to work with, and the twist isn't exactly terrible in a kind of camp fire style way, but it clearly lacks enough substance for it to be made into a full length movie. My advice: skip this and watch a real horror movie instead.
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this movie sucks
jessnhalod22 September 2012
i wanted to leave half way through but it was too late to get my money back so i stayed, hoping it would get better, it didn't.

i LOVE horror movies. it doesn't take much to please me. i expected it to be cheesy. this movie gave me nothing. it was not scary, entertaining, witty, creative, weird, it was nothing. Jennifer is hot tho. they could have made it better if they had added more entertaining dialog, or developed the characters better. i guess they were thinking that a series of "surprise" moments equals a horror movie. i don't think so. i just hated that i spent 20 on this movie.

that is all. don't see it.
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Casey's Movie Mania: HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET (2012)
caseymoviemania9 October 2012
Shot in summer 2010, but released two years later to capitalize Jennifer Lawrence's mass popularity after making headlines with her Oscar-nominated performance in WINTER'S BONE (2010) and later became an instant superstar for starring in this year's box-office hit, THE HUNGER GAMES. However, her new movie, HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET, is a dreadful psychological thriller that tries too hard to venture into PSYCHO-like territory but comes up terribly short. Interestingly enough, the movie has been heavily promoted with a designated Twitter hashtag under the short title of #HATES. How ironic! The movie begins with a hyperactive prologue -- annoyingly shot with lots of blinding strobe lights -- where a psychotic teen massacring her unsuspecting parents one fateful night, before vanishing into the woods. It's certainly a bad start that hardly registers any sense of worthwhile thrills. From there, it never regains its footing and goes downhill all the way.

Flash forward to four years, we are now introduced to a spunky high-school student Elissa (Lawrence) and her recently-divorce mom Sarah Cassidy (Elisabeth Shue), where both of them move into a house at the small Pennsylvania town of Woodshire, in hope to start fresh. But coincidentally, the house next door to them is where the infamous double homicide happened four years earlier. The place is now resided by the elder son, Ryan (Max Thieriot). He's a quiet teenager who is branded an outcast from the rest of the local peoples around. But not for Elissa, who somehow feels sorry for him and gradually drawn to his quiet personality. As their relationship blossoms into two lovebirds, little is known to Elissa that Ryan is actually keeping his thought-dead psychotic sister locked under the basement of his home.

Despite branded as a thriller and carries such title like HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET, it's extremely baffling that the movie is almost suspense-free throughout its wimpy 101-minute running time. Apparently director Mark Tonderai has no idea what makes a good thriller at all. He also has no sense of pacing, while his directing style is a stylistic mess (shaky-cam, Dutch angles, etc.) In the meantime, David Loucka's script (who also wrote last year's equally awful DREAM HOUSE) spends too much time lingering around with its pathetic Hallmark-like storyline involving two lovebirds (Elissa and Ryan) slowly goes wrong. Seriously, the whole movie drags a lot it feels like forever. Even by the time the movie starts to act like a thriller for the final half an hour's mark, it's all too late and too little. Not only that, the climactic payoff is also a huge disappointment. Suspenseful moments are poorly executed in the utmost generic way possible.

Poor Jennifer Lawrence, who is clearly wasted in her otherwise meaty role she could have done better. Instead, Tonderai spends most of the time focusing more on her cleavage shot (a lot of scenes involving her in a tight white top) and little on her dramatic acting skill. As the reclusive Ryan, Max Thieriot is fairly adequate here. And Norman Bates, he is not. Meanwhile, Elisabeth Shue delivers some worthwhile performance as the overprotective mom, Sarah.

HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET is mostly a boring movie. Even with all the twists Tonderai and Loucka thrown in to sustain viewers' interest, particularly at the surprise epilogue, the movie is a colossal waste of time. I guess, if not for Jennifer Lawrence in the credit, this movie should have been dumped for direct-to-DVD release instead.
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Gawd Awful!!!!
jaxbubba2 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is the perfect example why you should never attend horror movies rated PG-13. The 'horror' factor is so watered down in order to appease the younger targeted audience market, that the film becomes totally unpalatable to the true horror aficionados. This film is no exception; it's truly an unbearable journey into the pseudo macabre with ridiculous situations intentionally orchestrated to place the film's main protagonist into absurd predicaments.

The opening sequence of this film was original enough, where the audience witnesses the brutal homicide of a husband and wife at the hands of their mentally deranged daughter. We later find out that the daughter was never seen again after the vicious attack on her parents. The film jumps ahead four years later, where Elisabeth Shue (Sarah) and her daughter (Elissa played by Jennifer Lawrence) are moving next door the house of the heinous crime. Sarah (Shue) actually states that the only reason that they are able to afford such luxurious accommodations is the house's proximity to the police crime scene. However, unbeknownst to Sarah, the next door house is not empty. It seems that the massacred family had one lone surviving member, Ryan (Max Thieriot), the eldest son. Ryan, after being sent to live with his aunt, has returned to his family's only remaining asset to fix any repairs and sell the family domicile for any cash that he can garner. As in any adolescence drama/horror flick, Elissa is drawn to the pain and anguish that Ryan is exhibiting. When Sarah (Shue) forbids Elissa from continuing to see Ryan, the teenage is further drawn to Ryan's despair. However, (guess what??) Ryan has a deep, dark secret…..

Ryan's secret is revealed at the film's climax, a secret so ludicrous and completely asinine that everything following the film's reveal is basically too preposterous to continue to even watch this film. A flashback to a childhood accident further exacerbates this conundrum. This film is really bad, and I mean bad awful!!! Horrible acting, horrendous plot, atrocious dialogue, and a farcical premise, I cannot recommend this film, not even home for home viewing. All in all, this is a terrible film. It would be best to avoid this one, if you know what's good for you.
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