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Season 2

1 Jul. 2012
Episode One
Four months later Beverly and Sean are living apart and both are cool towards Matt. After Beverly has consoled Carol over her unrequited love for Merc she and Sean brave the hostile critical reviews of 'Pucks'. However the show is a huge popular success and there is double cause for celebration as it is Sean's birthday and cast and crew throw him a party. Though Beverly has put a present,a watch,in his car he goes off on a date with Morning without seeing it.
8 Jul. 2012
Episode Two
Sean and Morning celebrate his birthday with a night of sex but next day Sean is annoyed to find Matt trying to buy his friendship back with the gift of a sports car,especially as Beverly has accepted a similar gift from the star. Unfortunately the second episode of 'Pucks' bombs and Merc is forced to reemploy ideas man Andy Button,who has threatened to sue him for dismissal because Andy is gay. Sean learns that Matt has had sex with Merc's wife Jamie but Matt counters with the knowledge of Sean and Morning's fling so Sean reluctantly accepts the car and Matt's ...
15 Jul. 2012
Episode Three
As Matt confesses to the Lincolns his affair with Jamie the news breaks that Merc's father - whom he once reported for tax evasion - has died and,as studio employees they are expected to attend the funeral,as well as send gifts of food or charity donations. Sean finds his birthday present watch but by this time Beverly has found out that Morning knows what the inside of his bedroom looks like and,at the funeral,she is rather tearful as she reflects on their marriage.
22 Jul. 2012
Episode Four
The audience ratings for 'Pucks' are continuing to fall and Sean - who now has his own Facebook page - and Beverly are told by the network that the scripts should be less about Matt and more about the boys in the team. This enrages Matt,who gets drunk and threatens to both leave the show and tell Merc of his affair with Jamie. However,at Beverly's request,he holds back on both of his threats.
29 Jul. 2012
Episode Five
Sean meets Labia,who has been stalking Matt since she was a little girl and is subject to an injunction to keep away from him. Morning has plastic surgery in the hopes that more youthful looks will give her a bigger part in 'Pucks!' but she ends up with a swollen cheek. Merc and Carol and Matt and Jamie both plan dirty weekends but unwisely use the same travel agent who accidentally gives the game away. As a result Carol tells Beverly she and Merc are through.
5 Aug. 2012
Episode Six
Matt has to throw out a half-naked Labia who has climbed into his kitchen. Whilst make-up men do their best to salvage Morning's botched plastic surgery Beverly meets her attractive brother,whom Carol thinks she should date. Merc feels that Matt should get a former 'Friends' co-star to appear on the show to boost ratings but they all refuse except the man who played Gunther the waiter and Matt is shocked that he is still in touch with all the cast members who have shunned him.Beverly and Sean get drunk whilst writing speech for Matt at a presentation for Merc. They ...
12 Aug. 2012
Episode Seven
Merc asks Beverly and Sean to gently remind Matt that he is overweight. He takes the news badly but during a filming session the bulge in his trouser pocket turns out to be caused by loose sweets he is hoarding. Later he notes that a computer image has been posted,terming him Matt LeBlob and he rings Labia for comfort. She is happy to come round. Beverly goes to dinner with Rob but she is nervous and they are interrupted. Nonetheless he asks to see her again.
19 Aug. 2012
Episode Eight
Labia stays the night with Matt and appals Diane when she answers his phone. Eyebrows are raised when he takes her to the studio but Merc is more concerned with ideas for new shows - such as sea monsters and succubi - as 'Pucks' is flagging. In fact Elliot Salad,the network head,takes Carol out for a drink and tells her that Merc will be dropped from the network after receiving his Man of the Year award and that she is top of the list to replace him. Beverly has another date with Rob,which is much more successful than the first,and they end up kissing.
26 Aug. 2012
Episode Nine
On the eve of Merc's presentation, Sanford Shamiro, Matt's lawyer, rings to tell him that, because he is seeing Labia, Diane plans to stop him from seeing his children. Carol, aware that Merc will never leave Jamie, tells him about his wife's affair with Matt. Merc's Man of the Year presentation starts well despite the fact that, unknown to him, the network is clearing his office to make way for Carol. However, after his speech, he accuses Matt of seeing Jamie and the two men fight with Matt dislocating his shoulder. Merc fires Matt, but Carol tells Merc he has been ...

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