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The film is chock-a-block with extraordinary performances and no one will fault the filmmaking either. This is a well-made movie, make no mistake. It just suffers from a dysfunctional hero.
Los Angeles Times
The picture benefits from its performances, notably Evans' roguish appeal as a guy simultaneously driven and destructive.
It's Weiss's sheer gonzo energy and his determination to keep it together (barely) in the name of justice that initially fuel this underdog tale, giving it a far more manic, unpredictable edge than your usual courtroom handwringer.
Puncture excels in the smaller touches, from Shaw's quiet performance to the woozy, unrushed motel idylls where the hard-driving Weiss finally slows down for a few breaths.
Though conceptually intriguing, the mix of downward drug spiral with uphill struggle for good never really coalesces.
Slant Magazine
Puncture's story only moves forward thanks to Evans's charm. But a good lead performance can't single-handedly save thin material.
Village Voice
Puncture is proudly "Based on a True Story." As is so often the case, this means an indifference to "true" human relationships in favor of crusading self-righteousness.
Like any good cautionary tale, Puncture tells a suspenseful story responsibly, creating food for thought and leaving the audience both enlightened and entertained.
Boxoffice Magazine
Puncture is rarely more convincing than the usual legal saga.
Notable at least in part for its fumbled potential, this health-care-industry melodrama possesses all the right ingredients: an idealistic young lawyer, a corrupt corporate villain and a sympathetic victim. It just fails to assemble them into a compelling whole.

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