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jotix10030 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Claire is horrified. She discovered what she considers to be porn in her laptop. She believes what she saw came from Luke, the picture of an almost naked woman atop a tractor. She wants to get rid of all the smut in her house. Little does she know it was a mailing to Phil from a friend that was causing her to be shocked. In the middle of all this, Haley is furious because she thought Alex was looking in her journal. The house in turmoil. What's more, she wants Phil to talk to their son about it, which he does not mind doing, rather than have her getting involved.

Jay won some money on a recent trip to Las Vegas. He decides to treat himself to a dog butler statue he liked. The thing sitting in their living room is an eyesore to Gloria, who hates the thing. Jay even named the contraption Barkley the Butler. Gloria, having her superstitions feels bad about having Barkley at home, so she decides to bring it into the spare room

Cam and Mitchell are getting ready for a puppet show they want to bring Lily. It would be her first experience. Cam, ever so dramatic, watches the gardener crying as he is about to leave. With his limited Spanish he talks to the man, saying words that he thinks are appropriate to soothe the man. The gardener comes in the house and proceeds to go into their bedroom where he continues his weeping. What to do?

Jay's reaction to Gloria's hiding Barkley is expected. He claims he does not like the mountain of pillows she has in their bed, but he goes along. Well, Gloria figures she is only making the room prettier. Jay decides if Barkley is not wanted in the house, he will give it to people who would appreciate having him, like Cam and Mitchell.

Claire continues to nudge Phil about the porn issue. So Phil talks to his son about a revised version about the birds and the bees, which the boy does not have a clue what his old man is telling him. As it turns out, Luke was the culprit in seeing Haley's journal. Haley, in turn, took her revenge in drawing all over Alex's poster of Maya Angelou.

The gardener problem turns out to be nerves about his impending wedding. The bride arrives fully dressed to get married at Cam and Mitchell's house.

Chris Koch directed the episode written by Caroline Williams who is involved with the production of the show. As usual, good all around fun is created by all the regulars. Impossible to single out anyone because the sitcom is a team effort.
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The One With The Dog Butler...
Taylor Kingston9 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this episode. I thought it was quite funny. I totally agree with Gloria about the dog butler, it's horrible. How could Jay ever like something like that?

In this episode, Gloria is scheming, and plotting to get rid of Jay's creepy, and obnoxious dog butler. Meanwhile, Claire finds a dirty picture on their computer, and she automatically assumes it is Luke's, but a guilty Phil doesn't come forward with the fact that it is his, sent to him in an email, for a while. And Cam's delightful, helpful, and caring nature gets him into trouble when he gets sucked into the gardener's problems, and Mitch desperately wants him to stay out of everyone's business.

Overall, I give this episode an 8 out of 10, which in my ratings book is: Awesome.
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