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The young entrepreneurs
jotix10025 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Ben and Cam are two young New Yorkers trying to do something with their lives. Unfortunately, things have not been too good for the friends. They owe money they invested in skateboards that no one seems to be interested in. They owe Cam's cousin five thousand dollars they cannot repay. When the word comes out about some leather coats a guy is selling, they jump into action, buying the lot cheaply. The only problem is they bring the merchandise to Soho, to sell at a street corner. The police confiscate the merchandise, plus give them a summons.

The opening of a photograph exhibit, being promoted by Gingy, a friend, gets the interest of Ben and Cam. She has promised the presence of Jane, who is interested of bedding Ben. At the party, Ben sees Rachel, his former girlfriend with another man, Darren. This man is opening a new hotel at the Bowerie. Rachel acts cool toward Ben.

After the opening, Jane invites Ben to her place. Jane has also asked Marco, an artist, for a drink, but clearly, her interest is Ben. She sits at a sofa with Ben to her left and Marco to the right. Ben figures Marco is gay and seems to be interested in him. Jane asks Marco to go because it's late. Ben figuring his time has come, surprises Jane kissing Marco passionately, so he leaves.

Cam's cousin, Rene, has been released from Sing Sing. He has come to dinner at their grandmother's apartment. Rene makes no bones about the money Cam owes him, so Cam decides to leave right away. Ben, having gotten drunk goes to Rachel's building hoping to get in, but Darren is upstairs.

Help comes from an unexpected source. Ben is spotted at his job at Barney's by a school mate, who is obviously doing well financially secure. He is sporting a Russian beauty on his arm. He gives Ben his card. When things are hopeless, Ben and Cam decide to bring one of the photographs from the art exhibit to sell to their friend. He has no use for it, but he will lend them the money if they can make the bouncer of a fashionable club "like him". The friends get three thousand dollars which they invest in fabric for the jeans they want to make.

A good new series with a lot of new talent. Created by Ian Edelman, who wrote this episode, and directed by Julian Farino, the show moves as fast as New York itself. The young atmosphere is captured in a good screenplay that sets the tone for what will come after. Victor Rasuk and Bryan Greenberg are seen in the main roles. The great Luis Guzman graces this series with his amazing take on Rene.
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