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Dr. Katz: Are you old enough to remember the, um, cranberry scare of the fifties, Stanley?

Stanley: Yeah.

Julie the Bartender: What are you talking about?

Stanley: The poisonous cranberry scare.

Dr. Katz: Well, it was, it was the insecticides they were spraying the cranberry crop with. So for, maybe at most, two years, it was considered unsafe to eat cranberry sauce.

Stanley: Yeah.

Dr. Katz: Those were such dark years for me. Those also happened to coincide with the, with my parents being subpoenaed by the House of Unamerican Activities Committee.

[Stanley laughs]

Dr. Katz: But I think it was the cranberry scare that stayed with me.

Julie the Bartender: Did they have to testify?

Dr. Katz: Yes, they did.

Julie the Bartender: How old were you when this happened? Ten?

Dr. Katz: I think I was... maybe even younger, maybe I was nine.

Julie the Bartender: That's pretty young. That must've been incredibly frightening.

Dr. Katz: Well, it was frightening, but it was my decision to turn them in.

[Stanley and Julie laugh]

Stanley: Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

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