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It has real snow!
jk-692-2363946 December 2022
This is not great, but it is not bad. It looks like a budget Christmas movie. No actors you will know. Oddly they credit Jon Lovit, but he says like 4 lines in narration. He is not in the movie. The lead actress was good. I feel like they could have leaned in more on the repeat a day theme. This movie was shot in real snow and what a difference. When they walk, they sink down, you can hear the snow crunching. Nice change from the fake ones shot in July.

It follows the usual Christmas movie play book.

This movie is a good low key basic story, and I feel everyone did a fine job. It does feel a bit like a local play, but they pulled it off.
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Refreshing change from Groundhog Day
ldmawit10 December 2022
Warning: Spoilers
It was a refreshing remake of Groundhog Day.

I am not a Bill Murray fan, so I did not like Groundhog Day.

The Christmas theme was a refreshing touch and the real snow was a big plus.

The fact that it was obviously a low budget film with unknown actors and actresses. Made it in some ways a much better film because I believe that when an actor/actress is just starting out they do some of their best work!

My observation regarding most of Hollywood actors and actresses is that most have lost touch with the viewing audience, all they care about is BIG bucks and being a celebrity.

I hope I can get a copy of this film to add to our Christmas movie collection.
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