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Bad and predictable comedy but a insightful drama
kluseba16 December 2010
I know Patrick Huard as a great and funny actor like in "Good cop, bad cop" and I was looking forward to see his work as a director in a comedy movie involving the story of three unfortunate police officers.

I was very disappointed to see that this movie wasn't funny at all. I was disappointed to see that it took a lot of time before the movie started to get interesting and before the main story finally got in after many minutes of random and boring surveillance and everyday life scenes.

And then finally, after I had finally accepted that this movie was no comedy or action movie, I began to appreciate it. The force of the movie are the three well played and crazy main characters. Three outsiders, three losers who are suffering personal problems and mental illness and who have nothing left to loose anymore. The movie becomes then a very interesting, detailed and insightful movie about the personal struggles of those three characters in some sad, some despaired but also some hopeful and amusing scenes. You don't care about the fact that the ending is predictable or that most parts of the movie are just not funny and somehow random because of the great acting, especially by Claude Legault and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge. This is a movie about the struggles of life and how to live with them. This movie could have been an excellent drama if the director haven't tried to put some forced and annoying jokes and a boring and random main storyline in it that doesn't really touch you.

That's why this movie, even if you don't get what you expect, is still watchable and interesting from an artistic, dramatical and philosophical point of view. Now, with this warning, you might be able to appreciate this movie and get a less bad surprise than I had and you might even like this movie more than I do from a more objective point of view.
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Surprisingly gentle humour
raymond-andre3 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
In many ways a follow up to "Trois P'tits Cochons", another film pairing Claude Legault and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge.

The plot is partly stolen from the Richard Dreyfuss, Emilio Estevez buddy cop movie "Steakout". Don't expect too much originality on that front.

Director-actor Patrick Huard creates very flawed and vulnerable set of characters who only want what everyone else wants, peace love and understanding. Even the "bad guys" have gentle motivations that underline their humanity. One criminal is trying to smuggle dirty money out of the country in order to retire with his beloved wife and give her a comfortable lifestyle. Another is trying to get to his aged mother. When he finally shows up he talks about bringing her a cream for her injured arm.

The cop protagonists are going through their own ups and, mostly downs. What could have been a straight drama becomes far more endearing as we see the bond these guys form through their common misery.

Lemay-Thivierge is given a couple of brilliant comical scenes in which he gets out of tight situations by improvising and creating characters. He is well known as an energetic (even manic) performer. In recent years though, he has shown the ability to control and modulate his performances.

Legault is always an outstanding actor. I am a little disappointed to see his character is a little too reminiscent of the one he created for "Minuit le Soir".

While the film is perhaps not a must see film, it does have enough going for it that I can recommend it. Enjoyable.
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Excellent movie!
exa5631 December 2010
O.K...If you were waiting for "take 2" of Bon Cop Bad Cop then maybe you will actually not like this movie. Sure the pace is slower, the humour is different, and the storyline not typical of a big commercial comedy/action movie like Bon Cop, Bad Cop. However, that is in my opinion what makes this movie a good one.

In my opinion, Claude Legault proves once again that he is a very talented actor, as does Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge. I thought the storyline was original in its own particular way. I really did laugh throughout the movie, especially in one particular hilarious scene with Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge...In the end I really do think that Patrick Huard did accomplish what he was trying to do with Filiere 13, which is to make an intelligent comedy with great characters and great actors to bring them to life.

I saw the movie without high expectations, because like a lot of people I had also read some bad reviews, and I was pleasantly surprised. In my opinion, Filiere 13 is well worth a watch!
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