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The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2009
Jackson Booth-Millard24 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
If you are a fan of pub quizzes, and have a good knowledge of the news events in the world, entertainment, film and music, sport, technology and science, politics and much more in the year gone by, then this is a great show to watch and have fun with. Hosted by Jimmy Carr, with celebrity panellists in three teams, the players were Russell Brand, Charlie Brooker, Rob Brydon, David Mitchell, Jonathan Ross and Claudia Winkeman, this quiz focused on the year 2009 with all sorts of questions to answer about the past twelve months. These questions are asked as they are, with video and sound clips, with pictures (including Say What You See), and by celebrity and mystery guests on screen or in the studio, so it really does feel like a proper quiz that you can take part in. Events in the year 2009 that were questioned and joked about included: the swine flu outbreak, the porn industry gaining a bailout, the plane crash landing on the Hudson River in New York City, President Barack Obama swatting a fly during an interview, Christian Bale recorded going mental with a lighting technician on the set of Terminator: Salvation, the song "PokerFace" by Lady Gaga, Twitter becoming highly popular and Stephen Fry tweeting while stuck in a lift, Jonathan Ross made a waxwork figure in Madame Tussauds, Gail Trimble and her team disqualified from University Challenge when one of the players was no longer a student, a rugby scandal where a player faked an injury using a joke shop blood capsule, new service Google Street View, internet sensation Keyboard Cat on YouTube, a highly popular video of little David DeVore Jr. reacting following his dentist operation and anaesthesia, Susan Boyle singing on Britain's on Talent gaining millions of viewers on YouTube and fan messages including from Demi Moore, the MPs expenses scandal where they were using tax payers money for unorthodox things including a duck house and a politician's husband paying for hotel pornography, Joanna Lumley, the death of Michael Jackson and a séance with Derek Acorah, the song "Bonkers" by Dizzee Rascal, Torchwood: Children of Earth, Total Wipeout and the challenges, MasterChef, Katie Price on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!, Psychoville, Inside Nature's Giants, Desperate Romantics, Derren Brown correctly "predicting" the National Lottery numbers, Heston's Feasts with Heston Blumenthal, Boris Johnson on EastEnders, Todd Carty on Dancing on Ice, The Inbetweeners, Robert Webb winning Let's Dance for Comic Relief with his Flashdance routine, Kerry Katona losing her Iceland adverts endorsement after being seen snorting cocaine, an investigation made to determine whether South African sprinter Caster Semenya was a man or not, new MI6 chief Sir John Sawers gaining controversy after his wife posted photos of him and his family on Facebook, England winning the Ashes (cricket) and Stuart Broad having "Dude Looks Like a Lady" being sung to him by the Australian crowd, Sir David Attenborough having a giant rat-eating plant named after him – Nepenthes attenboroughii, the films Watchmen, Slumdog Millionaire and The Wrestler, Sir Terry Wogan quitting Radio 2, Kanye West storming the MTV Video Music Awards stage to complain that Beyoncé should have won the Best Female Video award instead of Taylor Swift and President Barack Obama calling him an jackass, Daily Mail readers complaining that the obituary of dead Boyzone singer Stephen Gately was homophobic, Nick Griffin on Question Time, six year old Falcon Heene nicknamed "Balloon Boy" from Colorado involved in a hoax where people were tricked by his parents into thinking the boy had floated away in a weather balloon to cause mass media, art project One & Other by artist Antony Gormley where over 2000 members of the public occupied and performed on the fourth plinth for one hour in London's Trafalgar Square and Simon Masterson stripping and being arrested, Wayne and Coleen Rooney having their first baby, Tiger Woods divorcing after the discovery of his thousands of intimate encounters with various prostitutes, NASA discovering there is water on the Moon, two people winning a shared fortune with a couple of other people in a £90 million Lottery jackpot, Jedward (John and Edward) on The X Factor, two buskers given ASBOs for playing the same two songs over and over again, recently registered blind man Paul Harris receiving a letter from his local council addressed to Mr Blind Man and burglars Matthew Allan McNelly and Joey Lee Miller from Iowa arrested with rubbish disguises consisting of them drawing masks with marker pens on their faces. Other celebrity and special mystery guests in the show included the children of Mitchell Brook Primary School in Neasden who act out well known news stories, Peter Andre who got divorced from Katie Price (Jordan), Sir David Attenborough, Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson, Daniel 'Lionheart' Ledwell and James 'Lights Out' Lilley the cross dressing cage fighters who were caught on camera being attacked by thugs, Tim Minchin singing a song as a question, Jon Snow who reads news related to lyrics from songs of the year, historian David Starkey describing a celebrity story as if it was an ancient historical event and David Tennant who quit the role of Doctor Who. The jokes and the questions are what make this show so much fun, they always choose the right celebrity panellists, and it also works as a funny way to reminisce on the recent events you remember for good or for bad, a great comedy quiz show. Very good!
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