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Season 1

25 Dec. 2009
A group of living statues that show themselves to the public daily are being ignored. Bill Nighy's character, having nothing else to do, approaches them and one member of the living statues decides to gently stalk him. He doesn't suspect this, although she's hiding in places around him. Finally, she inappropriately reveals herself with a sparkly lit up kitchen. Bill Nighy realizes he's in love with a different statue, so he leaves her, only to take her place as a living statue, to be with the one he loves.
28 Dec. 2009
Through the Window
A young soldier, who has been away at war, returns to find his lover has been killed in the Blitz, but their child has survived the blast. As he and the child grow older, we see that her ghostly presence has not left their home...
29 Dec. 2009
A man wakes from a warm dream of domestic bliss but there's something wrong with his ears. What he sees and what he hears don't match up. And when they do, they're the wrong sounds. His world is out of joint. Peter Capaldi stars.
30 Dec. 2009
Perfect Day
A child is born in uncompromising circumstances to a girl who can't cope, and walks away. The baby is picked up by an unlikely, modern-day angel: a hoodie with time on his hands, and a desire to give the little'un the happy ending it deserves. Following the guiding lights of the youngster's mother, the pair embark on a memorable journey in this story of love, hope and redemption.

 Season 1 

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