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Season 1

30 Oct. 2009
Locked Out
Freshly ripped from her pillowy oasis, a morning miserable Og gets herself in a pickle when she locks herself out of her cozy abode and is forced to proceed down a reckless, law breaking path in pursuit of her oh-so-elusive keys.
13 Nov. 2009
Yogi Hobo
In a burst of enthusiasm and good intentions, Og has signed herself up for a yoga class. An angry father-daughter duo, injuries and mistaken identities prove to be less of a challenge for Og than actually getting through the classroom door.
27 Nov. 2009
To Kill Ya Wedding
After a night of fun, tequila, friends, more tequila, singing and even more tequila a hung over Og struggles to keep appearances up and her breakfast down as she escorts Jess to an upscale wedding.
11 Dec. 2009
In order to get tickets to the Fraggle Rock Reunion Tour Og covers a shift for Beth at The Lunch Doctor where she meets her co-worker for the day the spasmodic, enthusiastic and possibly psychotic Brooklyn who is certain that she and Og are meant to be lifelong BFF's.
8 Jan. 2010
What's in a Name?
The course of true lov...ike never did run smooth. Nothing could be more true when Og meets Jess' family for the first time and while we may expect to learn a great deal about Jess' background it is actually the mystery of Og that begins to unravel.

 Season 1 

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