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Liked the sniping
vincekaz18 April 2011
This movie is far better than the previous sniper instalments at least the ones I remember seeing, first of all I'd like to commend the screen writers for the choice of setting, the savannah bathed in the African sun provided a unique and enchanting backdrop for good action shots.

I found fascinating the way the producers made use of visual effects to create the blood splatter and the plot development was not too bad, the movie starts of in the future- with a court martial thus leading us back to the events that led Sgt Brandon Beckett to go AWOL in search of the sniper that wiped out his entire unit.

While I find that the story line keeps you interested in finding out how Beckett intends to find the sniper it doesn't give you a punchy ending, I feel the endgame was rushed through and the villain (masiello) disposed of in a manner that defied the reputation that the writers had so painstakingly built to create.

Beckett received the unsolicited help of Miller (part played by Billy Zane) to achieve his mission, Miller is a friend of his late father and being something of a sniper legend offers to help his friends son along on his mission.

In the end director Claudio Fah I feel will need six stars from me for the effort.

Recommendation: Watch the movie.
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I think some other reviewers missed the point.
David Holt (rawiri42)12 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Sniper Reloaded is a film about politics but apparently some of it's bloodthirsty reviewers expected some sort of African cowboy action movie! Well, for what its worth, they got one insofar that there was plenty of blood (one wonders about their mentality though).

OK, this is a (relatively) low-budget movie with (for me) only one known actor (Zane) in it. I particularly noted that, for over half the cast, this is their only film credit. Well that made it real! Congolese people played Congolese people as they would be in the prevalent conditions. Kayla Privett, in her first (and only) acting role, portrayed a kid who's dad had been shot only a short while after their reunification. Maybe her youth and inexperience was a valuable asset in portraying a bewildered girl in a hostile environment. I hope she has a professional manager and we see more of her in the future. I wish that there was a bio for her on IMDb.

In particular, I liked how Beckett (Collins) and especially Miller (Zane) did what they were supposed to do and actually hit their targets - no messing. This is a kill or be killed action - so they only had one chance.

We (the viewers) weren't insulted by any of that crappy 'hero' stuff where the good guy gets into a big moralistic discussion with his target (except at the end where that was the plan anyway). When the hero, Brandon Beckett eventually faces the sniper, Masiello, he just shoots him in the face! There was nothing to discuss. Masiello knew why Brandon was there and Brandon knew why Brandon was there - end of story! I guess I'm sick and tired of movies where the protagonists do numerous death scenes when, given the number of bullets/sword wounds (or whatever), still come back for more. As I say, it insults the intelligence - and this film doesn't have any of that! Great!

I also liked the inclusion of wildlife and scenic shots throughout the movie. That gave it realism and showed how political conflict and ambition are no respecters of location. Not a blockbuster by any means - did the producers ever expect it to be? Surely, if they did, then they would have used some big-name action stars like Bruce Willis and Jason Statham. I enjoyed it though.
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OK for an action movie
banduw17 April 2011
This movie has good quality action, good sound effects, and not too bad for an action movie.

Script is very weak. Poor dialogs and poor acting is pulling the quality of the movie down. I guess actors are inexperienced but doing their best with limited talents they got (or limited by the script - not sure).

Storyline is all right. It has a little twist but it becomes apparent at the start of the movie. No deep emotions and drama element, although, there was enough room for it in the story.

If you are looking for a thriller or a serious action movie, this is NOT it. This is something little better than a tele drama, which will keep you occupied till the end.

There are few "adult elements" in the movie: a short sex scene, shooting, blood, and display of child soldiers.
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Not bad
85122222 April 2011
Greetings from Lithuania.

Now that's a nice one action film. I love the first "Sniper". It was my childhood film. Me with my friends watched "Sniper", "Rambo" hundreds of times. That was a GREAT (slow) action film. Years later, i watched "Sniper 2". I don't even want to remember that one because there is nothing to remember. Couple of days before i saw "Sniper Reloaded" (like "Matrix Reloaded" heh) and - what a surprise, i really liked this movie. Sure there isn't anything special - no SGI or Oscar worthy stuff, just a simple low budget action movie. And it works. Maybe because i was a fan of the first "Sniper" i really liked this one. The lines where they remember "a father" are a great ones (to the fans of the first one). Overall it's a really nice one film, just don't expect much and you will be really surprised.

My vote is 7, but because i'm a fan of the first one i'm actually giving this one a solid 8.
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Not bad but had more potential
QinetiQ13 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
We see the son (Chad Michael Collins) of the original Sniper (Tom Berenger) in a story that goes up and down a bit. The part where the whole team gets wiped out shows some good directing and camera-work in my eyes, but the whole story goes a bit downhill after that, and with it, the directing and that same camera-work.

There's a whole lot of running back to bases and then back into the jungle, on the way there's a very stubborn rebel that can take about 6 snipershots and the skirmishes and battles get more and more amateuristic near the end. In the final I found the "feared evil" sniper being rather clumsy and he didn't come across as a well-trained soldier.

Maybe I am just a bit disappointed that this is not really about the sniper, it is about finding the sniper. I never got that thrill from this movie of what a sniper feels and sees - thats basically what I wanted to see.
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Worthwhile movie, especially if your intrigued by sniper legends.
cccl35031 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Almost every guy I've known has seen the original "Sniper" movie and enjoyed it, despite it's cheesiness. The original was a TV movie with corny acting, yet it became a well known classic that set forth the role of the modern military sniper. It focused on the technicalities of the sniping profession. I never wrote an IMDb review before, but I decided to share my brief thoughts because its low IMDb star-rating might deter viewers who would miss out.

"Sniper: Reloaded" may not have memorable sniping/sharpshooting kill shot scenes like "Full Metal Jacket", "Enemy at the Gates", Saving Pvt Ryan", etc. However, it gives the viewer some romanticized insight to the sniping profession. That is what made the first movie so interesting. We will always remember the scenes about peeing in parasite infested rivers and smudging feces on the face to evade search dogs. "Sniper: Reloaded" teaches us similar macho lessons. Its an educational experience, even if it is an improbable survival lesson.

The movie begins with Beckett's son, a US Marine Sgt, that is deployed to Africa to train the Congolese Army as part of some UN thing.

Without spoiling the plot, Beckett's fire team is sent to rescue a VIP plantation owner when a mysterious rebel sniper pins down the group. The sniper pwns the whole squad, picking them off one by one. Beckett Jr is shot and left for dead, but is later rescued by a big game European poacher. The news reaches Richard Miller (Billy Zane from the old movie) who is now a veteran CIA spook and shooting instructor at Ft Benning sniper school. Miller is now portrayed differently. He isn't the same effeminate bureaucrat that wore Ray Bans and a silk scarf during a jungle mission. This time he looks like an old veteran killer. He's buffer and balder than he looked 20 yrs ago, but still has some eccentric flair because he now rocks an anchor mustache. This time he's got the cool fallacious phrases like "One Shot, One Kill!"

Apparently, Miller is a master that teaches a new generation of elite snipers how to excrete their urinary and bowel movements while aiming a rifle. I'm not making that up. Its these insightful situations that make "Sniper" films a must watch "man" movie. Miller then gets interrupted by an urgent telegram in the middle of the lesson that summons him to Africa.

Miller arrives in Africa to manipulate Beckett's vengeful son. Miller tells Beckett the true identity of the enemy sniper and how to take him out. Its a reuse of the classic "Sniper" scene, in which Beckett Sr tells rookie Miller the identity of the skilled jungle sniper. Beckett Jr then embarks in an unofficial vendetta against double agents and govt assassins.

I rated this movie an 8/10 because it was a decent and enjoyable foreign film(I think it was foreign). We see some interesting stuff like creating sniper dummies, and evading night vision scopes which I found more interesting than the fictional characters. Its not a great movie, but it is definitely worth watching.
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More significant than the past two sequels
For the most part, any film that relates itself to a franchise by having the words "Son of" end up doing horrible with fans and audiences. Son of the Mask (2005) is a perfect example of this type of fail. And then there are the few that actually respect their elders instead of jumping all over them. Sniper: Reloaded is exactly what it implies in the title; Berenger's out, time to bring in his "son" to fill in the shoes. And it's done almost perfectly to that of the first Sniper (1993).

This "fourquel", as some would call it, is about the story of Sgt. Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins) who decides to fill in for his legendary father, Master Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Beckett, played by Tom Berenger in the past three films. Collins looks astonishingly similar to that of Berenger and it was stroke of luck that he acts just like him too. Thank you Christa Schamberger for casting Collins, you're great! And that's just one actor to be thankful for.

Then there's the character of Richard Miller (Billy Zane) who is now overgrown looking and has receding hair. So much for what he used to be! Now he's back to help Beckett's son become a sniper. And it's an honor to see Zane's character as the father figure in this film. This is the duo that made this franchise a hit and it's gratifying to see Richard Miller reciprocating what he learned to Tom Beckett's son. Not mention the fact that Zane makes his character so nonchalant yet charismatic. I laughed at a lot of the lines Miller had to say. It was fun to see him again.

The way John Fasano configured the script was cleverly written. There are some many juicy hints and references that will fans cringing with joy. Right at the beginning fans will even see a military record of Tom Beckett with an authenticated picture. Sweet. The audience will even learn why Brandon Beckett joined the marines. A specific character mentions even the line "One shot, two kills". Ahhh the memories! One thing that disappointed me was that even with all these clues, the truth to what happened to Thomas Beckett is left unmarked. Why? I guess the only thing we can assume is that since Berenger did not reprise the role, the character of Beckett Sr. is dead too. Oh well.

Like the past two sequels, the sniper franchise has moved to an action genre and has abandoned the thriller part of it. That still annoyed me but for what it's worth, this particular action was more entertaining than Sniper 2 (2002) or Sniper 3 (2004) put together. The carnage was turned up too which was a nice touch. It made the warfare more fun to watch. Credit to director Claudio Fäh, also director of far less entertaining Hollow Man 2 (2006) for the action sequences. His direction was much better than the Hollow Man sequel.

The scenery is great too. Sniper 2 (2002) was in the midst of a city and it didn't seem as real for a sniper to be taking out enemies there than in a Panamanian jungle. Sniper 3 (2004) had some of that but still failed to elevate it much higher. But Sniper: Reloaded is all filmed in the African Sahara. The audience will even get to see live animals; simply beautiful. Both Mark Sayfritz and Marcus Trumpp had an enjoyable musical soundtrack. Of course since this is a direct-to-video sequel it won't be released, but it does feel authentic and not just random notes put together.

Finally, as love interests go, I'd say it didn't have to be penned in but it did help make a good subplot. Annabel Wright plays Beckett's secret lover, Lt. Ellen Abramowitz, who helps him find the bad guys and take them out. I'm not sure why a sex scene was obligatory to have in the running time though. I guess it was that the story revolved around Collins, and because he's hunk, he's suppose to have sex with a fairly attractive military chick? I don't know. But overall I was very pleased with the outcome and it even leaves itself open for another sequel, which hopefully will happen with the same cast from this movie.

Aside the few nit-picks, Sniper: Reloaded is hard not to enjoy. The story, action, music, script and atmosphere by far surpass the last two sequels.
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An unexpected gift to the fans! Make another one!
sanmiguel14 April 2011
I kinda feared a disaster coming when I first heard about this movie only a couple of months before its release. No Berenger, at all. Some guy I never heard of playing his son. However Billy Zane's involvement sounded promising(although it had the taste of 'we couldn't get Berenger, so here have Zane instead') The trailer looked solid but showed absolutely nothing that could probably have promised quality of the first Sniper.

After having watched the final product, I have to admit that I enjoyed it. A lot. Chad Michael Collins plays a charismatic character but underacts in some situations for my taste(final kill). His physical appearance is very close to Berenger's. Think of Bruce Li in Bruceploitation terms ;) Billy Zane has just enough screen time to qualify his second name listing in the credits. He comes a lot more likable than in the first movie and has some gory kills and cool one-liners. The remaining characters also do their jobs pretty well considering their limited screen time.

The script is nothing special but so were the scripts for the first 3 movies. It pays a lot of homages to its predecessors for example in some kills and camera shots. It's clear that the makers have seen the original movies and were trying hard to bring the most enjoyable elements from those movies into the reboot. The typical "mission went wrong, fight on your own, cover up a conspiracy" element is there. As usual for the snipers series the main bad guys are not evil 'just because the script says so' but have realistic motivations. The sex scene comes out of nowhere but is needed to make some later plot points more realistic. This surely could have been made in a more fluent and less forced way.

The camera work is solid. The shaky cam is nowhere as annoying and overused as in a lot of new action movies ala The Expendables. There are some beautiful landscape shots and the locations are always exciting to look at. The mounted on the weapon camera angle is competently done for a movie of this budget league, although admittedly somewhat less impressive in the year 2011 than in 1998. The action scenes are shot furiously. Like in the first 3 movies there are not many of them, but when they come, they come with a bang. The more dialog-heavy scenes in between always have something going on and never feel like boring padding. Some weak points of the action scenes is that the baddies seem to like to run towards the sniper's hideout without shooting just to be easily killed instead of trying to hide. Maybe they are just in panic, don't get where the shots are coming from and think that they are running from the shots and not into them. Maybe it's the director's fault, both possibilities are realistic.

The soundtrack is nowhere as subtle-but-memorable as Gary Chang's soundtrack in the first two movies and also not as melancholic as the American Beautyesque soundtrack of the third Sniper movie. It sounds generic however it fits to the mood of the slower scenes and gets more energetic in the action scenes. It still manages to play a couple of similar tunes to the Chang version. Not much to complain about.

In conclusion I have to say that the Sniper series treated their fans way better than other series based on movies from the 90ies(see Darkman, Anaconda, Operation Delta Force). They might not be masterpieces and surely the Sniper sequels have been criticized for some factual errors in their plots/weapons/locations. In these regards "Sniper: Reloaded" may not be different. However for fans it is a great reboot of a series that just could not have survived with an aging Tom Berenger. I would never had thought that I would say that but: Introducing Beckett's son to series was probably the best solution in order to being able to continue the series. With Billy Zane the producers have established connection to an important character from the first movie. While the movie never feels like it belongs into the cinemas, it is obvious that everyone involved put huge effort into making the final result as good as possible. Which sadly is not that common in today's DTV movies.

Ratings Sniper: Reloaded 8/10 (with a possible fan-boy bonus of 1.5-2 points :) )

For reference: Sniper 1: 9.5/10 Sniper 2: 6/10 Sniper 3: 6.5/10

With that in mind: Make another one!
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Must watch.... very very good
alionline8319 April 2011
I was about to write a detailed review on this but Matt-441 said it all... i totally agree with him.... with no super-duper stars, this movie really hits the very best of Genre in recent times... Me, i like movies where i can go inside the screen and be in the movie. I didn't move an inch watching this one...

Script was well written, acting was way above average.. sound effects are key to the sniper movies, sound rocked in this movie!!!... what else?? scenery... it is based in Africa so what not to expect? beautiful views of jungle, Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes etc... it is worth watching in short...
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Edge of your seat suspense!
Matt-44117 April 2011
One of the most exciting sniper films in the past 10 years. It will keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. The ending is totally unexpected and very satisfying. The portrayal of the military service is quite accurate unlike other sniper films that have too much sensationalism and exaggerated bravado. Don't expect too much special effects. This is a sniper film which relies on sneaky cat and mouse or hide and seek tactics, not a film about exploding robot aliens or mercenaries wielding dual Gatling guns. If you are looking for a fun action movie with a lot of suspense and a tiny hint of drama and romance, you will enjoy this movie.
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Surprisingly a good movie!
K K13 April 2011
I have to admit that it was a chance that I saw this movie, moreover I wasn't expecting anything much from this flick, however to my surprise this movie came out to be a complete winner!

I have to commend and give credit to the director and camera crew of the movie, which made this flick so interesting.

Even acting by different characters is not bad, further I would suggest that everyone who is a snipper movie fan and an action movie fan should give this flick a chance.

This movie is shot in Africa, among real African people as background actors, unlike clichés which we often see these days. This move has substance and shows how plutonic determination of a soldier can make him overcome all odd.

I am sure whosoever watches this movie will be glued till the end!

Happy Viewing!
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The best part of this movie was the ant in the intro.
greathoax16 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know if you have to be an American to enjoy this movie, but as a non-US citizen, it made as much of an impression on me as a wet sponge would on concrete.

The plot is basic, generic and predictable down to the last detail, perhaps except for the trusted mentor figures decisions near the end of the movie, which only deteriorated the entertainment further.

If details such as speaking with an indoor voice when instructing army personnel in weaponry, pointing a loaded weapon at said personnel during the instruction, applying black camouflage paint to your face once you're in firing position (with a bright-brown background) doesn't subtract from your enjoyment of a SNIPER MOVIE(!!!!!!) then by all means, watch this one.

If all it takes for you to enjoy a movie, is guns, a blonde with a British accent, more guns (and sniper rifles!), a sex scene, fake blood and an exploding sniper scope, this is the movie for you. If not, save 90 minutes of your life for something worthwhile.

Despite the nudity, the best part of this movie was the ant crawling on the guys face in the intro.
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Waste of Bullets
killer1h26 April 2011
Have you ever seen a movie and wondered "if someone were going to ruin this type of movie how would they do it?" Yup you guessed it this is in fact that movie.

First after watching this movie I truly wondered if it were possible to make a movie with (sniper) in the title with less sniping. Secondly the entire movie is not about snipers its about a soldier trying to get as far away from sniping as possible because in his words "its a cowards way of fighting". Then there is the laughable acting, almost no one in that movie knew what real emotion was supposed to look like so they just acted the best they could in hopes of attaining some shred of realism.. utter failure. Plot line, um what plot line it was just an endless scene of a guy angry about his buddies getting killed and running back to get revenge as if that's supposed to be heroic, more like pathetic and exactly what no marine would ever do in a situation like that. 1/10 and I'm being generous.
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About as good as the other three. Nothing exciting, needs more action and less drama. Not the worst one. I say C
Tony Heck27 April 2011
Can you ever compare to a legend? After being ambushed on a mission Sgt. Beckett (Collins), must step into his fathers shoes. Can he become as good of a sniper as his dad was and fight his way home? I spent the last few days watching "Sniper 1-3" in order to catch up. Although it helps to know the back story of his father and why Miller (Zane) is helping, but it's not necessary. This movie is very much like the other three, action is very good and exciting to watch. When there is no action or shooting, which is about 80% of the movie it slows way down and is hard to stay focused on it. If you like the other ones you will probably like this one. I did not. If you like "The American" you will probably enjoy this also. I just couldn't stay interested. I give it a C.

Would I watch again? - I will not.
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I thought it was 2011, not 1945
Goldrobinzon2 June 2011
Sorry for the short review, but I just don't see what to write about. This is simply one of the worst cheap and uninspired movies I've ever seen in my life. Yes, it might be OK for 1940's, but for 2011 even I could do a better job. All actors are awful, and absolutely everything that happens in this movie is completely unrealistic. It even gets to a point when in the beginning of the movie you first see the colonel and hear the footsteps of the two soldiers coming in, but when the camera shows them they just start walking from a wall opposite to the entrance into the room. I fast-forwarded through most of the movie because I just couldn't handle the absence of talent in everything in this movie, starting with the composer and ending with the director. Berenger's face and the ant in the beginning, as one of the reviewers mentioned, were the best parts of the movie, if there were any at all.
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There's always Montana
refinedsugar29 November 2011
I have always liked the original Sniper. Seen it numerous times. Quoted it numerous times. It's one of those movies. I even sat through the two hit-and-miss sequels that followed. Which made me all the more surprised when I found out another sequel was to be released without Berenger, but low and behold, Billy Zane was back to the franchise three sequels down the line and eighteen years since his appearance in the original.

Let's cut to the chase. There's only one reason to bother seeing Sniper Reloaded; you're a fan of the original. On it's own merits, there is nothing of worth to non-fans of the series. The story is simple and predictable in every detail. The action sterile and the characters made of cardboard. From the hidden antagonist to the completely unnecessary female romance subplot to a relatively unknown actor playing Beckett's estranged son. Who himself is the most sad and tired excuse to make a Sniper sequel and somehow keep it tied to the original. Only fans of the series (and more so the original) should tempt to sit through this and then only to see GS9 Miller in what amounts to an extended cameo.

With rock bottom expectations that have been granted from sitting through one too many bad b-movie action flicks and/or sequels, Sniper Reloaded was everything I thought it would be. I enjoyed seeing Miller again, but everything else is better left unsaid. Probably the last entry in the Sniper series as we know it and the weakest too.
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Good escapism!
akitchener-0652914 January 2018
I enjoyed "Sniper: Reloaded" more than Sniper 3. Chad Michael Collins as Brandon Beckett takes over as the franchise's leading man, and learns his sniping craft under Richard Miller (Zane), which is ironic, given that Miller learned the tricks of the trade from Beckett's father in the original movie.

This is your typical action movie: some nice action scenes, a few plot twists and a satisfying conclusion, with some expected wooden acting. Definitely not as bad a film as some reviews I've read here would have you believe.
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jrrodgersjr28 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is below average for the story line and acting, and probably average for the general public. But for anyone who spent even a short time in the armed forces, it is far from being close to militarily accurate, and specifically to the U.S. Marine Corps. It appears that the production staff did not even bother to have this film reviewed by anyone in the Marine Corps before releasing it - review of the credits did not even show a technical adviser. As an example: at the end, the Officer In Charge of the Special Operations unit identifies himself as a Major. He is dressed in a US Naval uniform. Major is a rank in the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps - there is no such rank as Major in the U.S. Navy. Overall this movie is poorly constructed, poorly acted and poorly produced. I would be ashamed to associate my name anywhere with the production of this bad movie.
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poor acting, thin storyline and characters
yatonsai6 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
What's good:

The setting. I always appreciate films that aren't all US-based. (Shooting the President or something.... seen a million times.) Africa serves well as a setting point.

What's poor:

My initial hopes were lowered almost immediately. camera-work: poor (it takes place in one of the most colorful countries)- dialogs: poor emotions: poor - music: poor (it's Africa - just imagine the cool music you could use)- tension: low story: thin - illogical introducing of characters

but most of all: this whole movie is based on poor prejudices:

The loner-army-man who doesn't obey rules, (quite 80's isn't it) Hans and Peter as names for Germans!! (really, this is the best u could do?) sound bites, and illogical behavior during combat (it's trained army-men!)

to sum up: no tension, no story, no quality, none of the qualities why i would watch a movie like this
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Old wine in a new bottle
selvaseeralan8 October 2011
Other than usual melodrama sniper reloaded has nothing novel or exciting to offer. A pedestrian script with no gripping moments. The whole story was very predictable, with no unexpected plot twists or anything spectacular that will make it memorable. The movie is not completely worst its a good action packed entertainer with amusing cinematography in Africa. If you wanna lay back and watch an entertaining movie, this is probably one for you. However, if you are looking for a little more depth, pass on this one. It's not like you haven't seen this before,it was just okay, it has some good action, but over all not that great of a movie.The sexual relationship between the Lieutenant and Sergeant was completely unnecessary, made even sillier by the fact that she's one of the officers on the disciplinary review board. Conclusion: A mediocre action flick that had the common decency not to insult us too much.
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Kirpianuscus21 June 2018
If you like the genre, it is a choice. if not, it is predictable, unrealistic and far by title. a soldier and his revenge story. and nothing more. except Billy Zane lost in an ambiguous character skin. it is decent because it seems be more than a film around a pretext. the desire of actors to give a reasonable story is the lead good point. not enough . because the hilarious scenes and the desire to be touching not in the most inspired way.
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Another wothwhile entry in this series
Woodyanders26 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Rugged Marine Sgt. Brandon Beckett (a solid and likeable performance by Chad Michael Collins), the son of legendary sniper Tom Beckett, decides to track down the sniper who ambushed and killed off all the members of his squad during an abortive rescue mission in the South African Congo.

Director Claudio Fah, working from a tight script by John Fasano, keeps the enjoyable and engrossing story moving along at a brisk pace, maintains a serious gritty tone throughout, stages the thrilling action set pieces with skill and flair, and delivers a handy helping of graphic gore. The always smooth and charismatic Billy Zane makes a welcome return to the series as ace sniper and instructor Richard Miller. Moreover, there are sound supporting contributions from Annabel Wright as the sassy Lt. Ellen Abramowitz, Justin Strydom as the lethal Vincent "The Italian" Masiello, Kayla Privett as feisty teenager Kelli Van Brundt, and Patrick Lyster as the helpful Martin Chandler. The pounding score by Mark Sayfritz and Marcus Trumpp hits the stirring spot. Lorenzo Senatore's slick cinematography provides a pleasing polished look. A bang-up little B-grade flick.
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First of a revamped series
Leofwine_draca26 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
SNIPER: RELOADED is the first of the revamped SNIPER series, which started out as a trilogy starring Tom Berenger. He's ancient history now and the young, clean-cut hero of the film is in fact his son, played by the unappealing Chad Michael Collins. The setting is Africa, where a bunch of UN peacekeepers attempt to protect a European farmer from rebels and end up being massacred in the process, with the rebels aided by an enemy sniper. Our hero has to figure his way through a hostile landscape and team up with his dad's old partner, a welcome Billy Zane, to combat the enemy. Overall, this is a cheap and choppy B-movie that suffers from some terrible shaky camerawork, a lack of decent action scenes, and false emoting. Zane is welcome but doesn't get enough screen time, although that headshot he makes is fantastic. More sequels followed.
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Oh my Oh my... Snipers just shoot me!
Coulou_0158020 September 2011
Well, let me help you in choosing, actually not making a mistake, if you want to spend an evening with what you think will be a good action movie... What a load of nonsense... This film was a total waste of an hour and a half that I will never get back. This movie, if I can compare, was like a stew in cooking language. All the ingredients were inside, but they were all mixed and mushed up. I had great expectations since the one from 1993 with Tom Berenger, with all the modern weapons and gadgets but it let me down =( I wouldn't even recommend this movie to my worst enemy... Hope that'll help in your future choices of movie watching. Bonne lecture et a+
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Sniper Unloaded
dutch-5-74119529 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Did no one ask what happened to Thomas Beckett? Did he die in 1-3 and I missed it? The weapons handling made even the actors playing Marines look like insane gang members! Billy Zane was OK and his character well aged. The plot was full of holes,like where was all the com gear on the initial mission? No medics? Why would the Plantation Owner agree to leave given what was still in the home? In an age of wars around the world how can a war movie be so lacking in realistic portrayals of those that wage war? The brief and unneeded love seen was well.. sad. Also please note..the shot through the scope thing is not only OLD it is not possible with the scope used in the movie....The hint at a new series of movies caused me to rise from my recliner and yell at my wife's dog! A major in a dress navy uniform? He tells the investigation panel he slept with an officer on the panel? As a Vet and avid shooter this movie offended and disgusted me. Please make no more if this is the best effort possible. May I recommend perhaps a Sniper TV show with Billy Zane and a monkey side kick instead?
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