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MPAA Rated R for sexual content and brief language

Sex & Nudity

  • The movie involves talks of sex and sexual behaviour, there are references to masturbation and sexual desires. However the majority of the discussions are clinic in nature.
  • Jung is shown thrusting on top of Sabina as they have sex, blood is shown on Sabina's dress afterwards. We are left to infer that it was her first time having sex.
  • Sabina tells Jung to "punish" her as to sexually excite her, and on two occasions, we see Jung spanking Sabina's backside. One time, she is wearing a low cut top that shows her breast. We see her breast on another occasion in the reflection of a mirror as she lies in bed after (implied) sex with Jung. We see her breast a couple more times in this scene.
  • A patient is shown in a dress in a bathtub. Her breasts are visible through the wet dress.
  • Otto is implied to have had sex with a nurse, her breasts can briefly be seen.
  • We see a character caressing the breasts of a nurse from behind her as he kisses her neck, face and ear. We then hear him say "thank you, I needed that".
  • We see Jung spanking Sabina's buttocks with a belt (buttocks just out of camera view) as Sabina holds onto the footboard. Her breasts are visible over the top edge of her corset. This scene lasts at least 20 seconds but seems longer given the subject matter. This scene is again, shown in the reflection of a mirror on an armoire in the bedroom.
  • In the scene immediately following the belt spanking we see Jung sitting at his desk and Sabina sitting/reclining on a couch nearby. She is wearing the same dress and her left nipple is visible over the top edge of the dresses corset.

Violence & Gore

  • In two scenes, Sabina is carried and manhandled by nurses and doctors to get her into her room. She screams, laughs, cries and viciously struggles.
  • Sabina briefly strikes Jung with a knife across the face, resulting in a bloody scratch.
  • Jung slaps Sabina several times twice in the backside to sexually excite her.


  • One use of the f-word

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Sigmund Freud is smoking a cigar in most of his screen time.
  • We see smoking in many scenes by various characters.
  • Otto snorts some form of drug briefly.
  • In some scenes, alcohol is consumed.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Scenes involving Sabina at the start might prove to be distressing to some viewers, as she suffers from hysteria.
  • Scenes of spanking, both by hand and by belt, may be distressing to some viewers.

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