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A nice entertainer.....
darkknightbak4 June 2010
Vettaikaran is a nice racy entertainer with all ingredients for fans and other that they can watch more than one time because of the VIJAY's style fight dialog and songs.....

the movie is a clean movie that has love comedy action.....its mainly for vi jay fans.....the most collected record collection for sun pictures....its already declared as a super hit movie by sun pictures after Ayan and Padikathavan....Vettaikaran broke the collection records of these movie and becomes at the 1st position.....Songs have done a great job to this movie thats hatsoff to vijay antony for all the songs....also mass song "Puliurumudhu" for Vijay's style and getups...also lovely songs "Chinna thamarai","Karikalan","En uchimandela", and the intro song "Naan adicha thangamatte"...all songs was superb and Vijay performed well in all songs also Anushka...

A festival for Vijay fans and others....a watchable movie.......Overall a festival for Vijay fans enjoy..........
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100 percent crap 0 percent logic
ezhil-new8916 February 2010
I saw this movie few weeks before and there is nothing in this movie .. and because of movies like this Tamils cinema stays unrecognized and quality less ...

For the past Few years I am Watching Same replica of vijay's older movies his movie contains only the following :-

1. Mass introduction ( vijay splitting into 8 parts with crap old school graphics ) 2. Opening Unnecessary Fight 3. and opening Song ( Same crap only lyrics changes slightly ) 4. Heroine Introduction ( mostly he dashes heroine in any public place ) 5. Villain Introduction 6. Vijay and villain meets face to face 7. punch dialogs 8. song 9. fight 11.fight 13.villain kills vijay's friend or sometimes blood relatives 14.vijay plots revenge 15.vijay kills villain OR Villain changes his mind and becomes a good person..

If any one of you goes and tells him a story with the above mentioned plot.. he surely agrees to act as a hero under your direction..

Vijay is a mass hero .. he has many talents and i have appreciated his earlier movies. If he makes up his mind to act in only good movies with at least a descent story with the perfect entertainment .. vijay will not only fulfill his Fans expectation but also the other mature audience's expectation..
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Nothing special....Again a commercial one
Thiyagu-mjr24 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The plot of this movie resembled to the previous movies like 'Sathyam' and 'thirupachi' which made me boring.But the songs were the one which made everyone to watch it on the screen. Vijay Antony contributed his best. Anushka had no chance for acting in this movie.still she looks beautiful in the songs. the stunts performed are very awful.comedy performed by vijay is quiet nice.The comedian role played by vijay is better than his old fashioned acting.Finally it's again a superb commercial treat for vijay fans only...Others please do not waste your precious time on this. Let's hope a better one from him on the coming years.
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The best Tamil movie of the year
gajen-lankan29 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Vettaikaaran is another racy commercial entertainer from Vijay like few of his earlier movies, but what makes it standing out is the handling of the subject and a fitting screenplay for which director Babu Sivan gets the credit. Right from choosing the cast, conceiving the scenes and making the screenplay engaging, his efforts to make the film successful are visible all over. His screenplay has all elements to satisfy Vijay fans and to keep the general audience glued to seats, considering that the film doesn't even have a separate comedy track. His dialogues are also precise and not overdone. For a debutant, he has done a good job by mixing all commercial elements in right proportions for entertainment.

With respect to cast, Anushka does share a good chemistry with Vijay. She looks beautiful, dances gracefully and does her role perfectly. The Vijay-Anushka pair in songs is a lovely visual treat and they make a lively pair in the comedy and romantic scenes too. She shares a good amount of screen space in first half and makes a memorable presence in second half. Sanjitha Padukone, playing a sister-like friend to Vijay does a good job too, though we miss her in the second half.

Srihari as Devaraj has an important role to play especially towards the climax and performs well. Shayaji Shinde as the corrupt policeman impresses with his acting and provides some comic relief too in second half of the film. Salim Ghouse as the main villain Vedanayagam and Sai Kumar's brother Ravi Shankar as his son Chella share meaty roles, pitted against Vijay. The other supporting cast including Sathyan, Sugumari and Manobala has done their roles to satisfaction.

Racy Music from Vijay Antony with songs already being chart busters and a background score that suits the mood of the film are major credits for the film. The songs are all shot well with Puli Urumudhu topping the list. The song which shows the rise of Vijay in second half makes a big impact by giving the required adrenaline rush and placed perfectly in the film. The intro song "Naan Adicha" is very well choreographed by Shobi and towards the end when Junior Vijay aka Sanjay enters, the theatre is in splits. The kid does a very well stylish job true to the reputation of his father. Other songs are also visual treats and placed well in the film.

The brilliant cinematography by Gopinath who earlier impressed in Ghilli and Kuruvi is another plus, as the camera takes you through the fun-filled first half and fast-paced second half with the same ease. Editing by V.T.Vijayan ensures in keeping the audience engaged from beginning to end. Stunts by Kanal Kannan are mostly very good, unlike the past two films of Vijay and the unwanted elements have been avoided. The scene before interval where Vijay jumps off the waterfall is pictured very well. There are many good sequences in the film, especially the Vijay-Anushka scenes mixing romance with humour in the first half and the plots Vijay makes against the villains in the second half.

The review is not complete without talking about Ilayathalapathy Vijay who gives the blood and flesh to the skeleton of Vettaikaaran and makes it lively. Looking youthful as never before, dynamic and vibrant throughout, he has shouldered the biggest responsibility of satisfying his fans and general audience entirely. His dialogue deliveries, graceful and unmatchable dance movements in songs, hard hitting action and romance are always known for its brilliance. What is above these in Vettaikaaran is the gamut of expressions he brings in every frame, be it comic timing, anger, emotion or love. His hard work is evident in every frame. This film proves why Vijay is exceptionally best in the school of casual acting. The minor changes in getup he has done for a few short sequences are impressive. His style and screen presence leave a big impact on you and it is one of the best performances of Vijay in recent years.

Though it is Sun Pictures' Vettaikaaran that has made the film reach every nook and corner this time, it is Vijay's Vettaikaaran that is going to stay in the minds of people in the coming months. While this is a perfect Christmas treat for Vijay fans, it is also a clean entertainer for anyone who likes watching Vijay on screen.
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want to become mad, search logic in this movie
viisva24 December 2009
Stop wasting money in this type of movie and spend money for poor people.

100% Kadikarran.

Vettaikaran title did not suit for this movie, since Bagavathy movie story already used in diff way,they might have chosed Bagavathy 2 or hero character name.

Many people asked same question in this movie, How come a gangster head suddenly become a Political minister without winning in election?????

gangster-head met some person, no idea who is he, but he has rights to make him minister without political party meeting or what ever it is.

movie 1st half no story, just done with heroin. why because producer paid much for her. 2nd half, no one was not able to understand why all those new scenes are coming in action. like villain said, in 3 months hero become big gangster. next to this scene, hero got enthu song where all people will pray for hero and looking help.

Movie seems like they made lengthy movie but don't know how to work on editing section. all frames are like artificially attached, it doesn't has normal flow to understand.

as like everyone words, vijai cant success on original stories, he has to be always remake hero from other language movies.

questions : 1- in which college we are getting 1st year degree admission for aged people ? 2- can any gangster become Political Minister without winning election ? 3- in which police station,officers can have haircoloring by their junior police officer ? 4- Encounter specialist can shoot villains, but when he saw gangster in his, why cant he shoot them ? 5- in chennai which 4 corner road doesn't have traffic police in rush area ? 6- is people still there to believe all 0% logical movies ?

----------- Most wanted question :

Can we use our car remote locking, when car is completely under water ? also if we lock car from outside, outsider cant go inside but people who are inside can come out from car right. but our hero did a brilliant( his brain) job in it, he locked car from outside, so that villain cant come out from car, bcos its locked :).

even if hero doesn't lock , villain will die in water bcos he don't know swimming. but he died inside the car in 0% no water , why bcos our hero already locked car from outside ( note : all windows and doors locked ) .


English movie director shows their imagination power in screen, always they make story and select

suitable hero's. Tamil movie director's was making movies with message where public should understand life nature. but now few director making movie for hero and writing suitable story without any logical way and makes public fool.

Movies like " Nadodigal " has 100% logical story. that movie has no popular face, all new actors, that made huge success.

Since this movie 2nd half actions dint have continues line and it seems like trailer, why bcos all scenes are like attached artificially.

Kindly wait for few months, you can watch this movie on popular TV channels during festival time.
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The movie is an absolute treat for all Ilayathalapathy Vijay fans.
andrew-danney30 December 2009
Vijay's much-awaited film Vettaikaaran has come out with good response among his fans. Though the title makes you remember the yesteryear blockbuster movie, this film is a complete masala entertainer. Debut director Babu Sivan has become a lucky charm for Vijay in this action extravaganza.

THE CHARACTERS Ravi (Vijay), a youngster with lots of dreams about his future, makes his journey from Tuticorin to Chennai. On the way, he sees Suseela (Anushka) and falls in love with her instantaneously. Sayaji Shinde plays the bad cop who does everything to please Devanayakam (Salim Ghouse). Devanayakam uses Sayaji to protect his son Chella (Ravi Shankar) who tries to spoil the life of his fellow classmate Uma (Sanchitha Padukone).

THE PLOT Ravi is a happy youth who somehow finishes his schooling and makes his way to Chennai to achieve his long dream of becoming a cop. His inspiration was Sri Hari, a tough cop he admires from childhood. He joins a Chennai college and makes ends meet by driving an auto rickshaw. Like all masala movies, there is a love angle. Ravi falls in love with Suseela and wins her heart with the help of her grandmother. But life is not smooth sailing for this young man. His chance encounter with Chella changes the course of his life. Chella spoils the life of Uma, who is Ravi's classmate. When he tries to fight Chella, he faces trouble from Chella's father Devanayakam, the major villain of the story. What happens next? How does Ravi face the bad men? Catch Vettaikaaran to know.

THE TECHNIQUE Performance Vijay's recreates his magic on screen, after several not so good performers at the box office. The film's punch dialogues have received a huge round of applause from his fans. Be it romantic scenes or action sequences or comedy track or punch dialogues, Vijay has satisfied his fans immensely in every scene. Anushka plays the glam doll with just a few scenes and a couple of songs.

Director: Babu Sivan Babu Sivan shows no signs of being a newcomer. After playing safe by casting Vijay in this commercial flick, he has done a good job.

Music: Vijay Antony The songs are peppy and are already a big hit. 'En Uchimandai', 'Chinna Thamarai' and 'Puli Urumudhu' are the most popular ones. The picturisation of the songs has added to the charm of the music. Great work by Vijay Antony VERDICT The movie is an absolute treat for all Ilayathalapathy Vijay fans.
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Vettaikaran ---- a clean entertainment
pakhilraj27 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Vettaikaraan - Absolute Entertainer !!

In one word : Pure entertainer

If you are a Vijay fan, u can enjoy each and every second to the core !! Typical Vijay movie !!

If you are a neutral, you will not be disappointed for sure !!

1st half ---------

Superb intro of Vijay..happy that there is no fight in the intro !! First half moves in a rapid pace with nice comedies most done by Vijay himself !! No separate track for comedy--No vivek, vadivelu !! The comedy sequences in anushka's house are superb !! Great combop of Vijay and sukumari !! You will not feel any bore....superb entertainment !! Only two songs in the half which are pictured well especially karigalan... The scene before interval creates a big hype for the film's 2nd half !! Lot of expectations after that superb scene when vijay goes to villain's place with his friend in auto !! SUperb scene !!

2 nd half -----------

A Descent 2nd half....but not up to 1st one !! Little dragging is felt, but was well carried over by Vijay and the police officer char. !! Puli Urumuthu song picturisation was a great treat for Vijay fans !! Even though the movie goes on as an usual one, superb dialogs presentation from Vijay makes us feel good !! Climax was also descent one !! the movie finishes well !!

+ves ----- VIJAY, VIJAY, VIJAY -- Great comeback by the box office king !! Anushka -- done her part well.. No separate comedy track !! Superb First half Nice songs That police office char.. Nice dialogs

-ves ----- Nothing new in story little bit dragging in the end

Overall, a neat comeback from VIJAY...

If you are a vijay fan, MUST WATCH for at least 3 times !! For a neutral , a watchable flick which will give you plenty of entertainment for sure !!
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Regular Vijay movie
ashkg20017 February 2010
Being a Vijay fan, I am a bit disappointed that Vijay is trying to be in the same pattern of movies and never thinking of quality.

We have seen every scene of this movie some where else already. I am not calling it a very boring movie. But still nothing special. None of the scenes could touch me by any chance.

Vijay and the Villain Vedanayakam did perform decent in the movie. Anushka did not impress at all, except for the glamour. Her role was exactly same as the one of Thrisha in Thiruppatchi.

Vijay's son appeared very smart in the dance scene, surely he will be an asset for tamil movies in future.

In short this movie is all about Vijay beating thousands and thousands of stunt artists.

Unless you are a Vijay fan, I wouldn't advice you to go for this movie. For Vijay fans this could be an entertainer.
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A movie with zero logic!!!
Ramac771 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie have already been an expectation after 3 consecutive flops of the HERO...Although it made his fans satisfied...It doesn't contain any logic at any point...Once again songs had saved from maximum damage..The hero have to give up his old formula and he must have to choose a good track...

Punch dialogs are irritable...

The movie name doesn't resembles the story and in no way the title suits to it...

The second half was much disappointed ,as it was remaked from his old films Lastly,the movie makes people to search for logic as most of the scenes are out of the logic..

Finally,please don't waste your precious time in watching this movie in theaters...

Not a must watch movie.....
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vettaikaran...not good as the original...yet racy...
shyam-amdgs21 February 2010
vettaikaran is typical mass masala entertainer from vijay..the story and the plot have been used million times in tamil cinema...

the first half is racy and has lot of fun...vijay's screen presence is magnificent...rarely we can see a hero doing such a great effort in variety of areas like dance, fight, comedy and definitely vijay is one among them..he has the sole responsibility to satisfy the people and his i said ..he is doing it quite good.. the second half is a total mess, but the songs are awesome.

i recommend this movie if you are looking for some fun and entertainment..
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A few drawbacks but better than Vijay's previous two films
leabi_imh8 April 2011
This movie was good and though it has not deviated from the masala style, Vijay has acted well enough to make it entertaining. The comedy in the first half, especially the one between Vijay and Anushka is good. If Vivek or Vadivelu had been inserted, it would have been more entertaining. Salim Ghouse has acted well enough to be a typical Villain in a Vijay film. But the few drawbacks are there which could have been taken care of. The villain doesn't over react or get tensed when he is facing even his son's death! Also, Anushka's acting is typical Telugu style which spoils the movie. The whole movie was made like a Telugu one, which should have been changed.
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In all Vettaikaran is a good time pass movie and goes well with a pitcher of coke and popcorn.
muralikrishnan1520 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
In yet another commercial flick 'Ilayathalapathy' Vijay is back on the silver screen this time in AVM's Vettaikaran. After going down the ratings both amongst cinema fanatics and critics thanks mostly to successive 'flops' in Kuruvi and Villu, Vijay has at last found some kind of a consolation in this movie as a strong screenplay supported by a few excellent numbers from Vijay Antony has brought back some respect for someone who has just entered politics. As typical as any of Vijay's other movies, Vettaikaran too starts with the usual heroic introduction of the protagonist Ravi aka Police-Ravi, an over-aged student who aspires to become a police officer someday. In the first half of the movie, Vijay showcases his skills both as a lover and a comedian making it like every other commercial movie. All this makes the heroine Anushka (whose stunning looks definitely proves to be an asset to the movie) playing the role of a dumb-blonde fall in love with him. By the time the two get together they are in Chennai and Vijay who comes there to become a Policeman like his idol Devaraj I.P.S manages to get himself into the bad books of the villain Vedhanayakam (played by Salim Ghouse). The way he brings down Vedhanayakam and climbs up to the status of a hero in the society is the rest of Vettaikaran. Even though this is yet another commercial flick let alone stereotype Kollywood the movie is fast paced and out and out entertaining. The strong resemblance of the movie to Baadsha (1996) and Vijay's own Bagavathy fail to go unnoticed and the director deserves a lot of criticism for that. But in all Vettaikaran is a good time pass movie and goes well with a pitcher of coke and popcorn. Vetai mudinju pochu
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Vettaikaran (2009)
santhosh-1029029 May 2018
The movie was worst. Nobody acted good in the movie. Nothing was good in the movie. Songs and BGM were also worst in the movie. The movie was so boring.
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chennaiarun20076 September 2020
I did have the fine experience of watching this film in Devi Theater, Chennai. Felt good then. On later viewings, felt this is a generic and template commercial masala film. Overall the Telugu actor who did encounter specialist role was good. I wonder why Salim Ghouse dropped out of Saguni(which was a much better film) and agreed to a do a role like this. A guy who did Vetri Vizha.. a horrible way to sign out.
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Logicless with over mass and hyped movie.
haarishsesumano11 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
It may be a treat for vijay fan but their was no logical action, comedy or romance (worst part of movie). First I taught it was a cop movie and then went as revenge saga where hero has lot all hope where multi villan target antagonist. I really love vijay movie and expect him to play a domaniting character as a comedian antagonist and even anti hero concept but this movie has much of all.
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Film for Vijay fans
smartsun_198617 January 2013
Vettaikaran a mass masala entertainer with no logic. But does cinema need logic? Cinema is something where the unimaginable things are done. Cinema is something to showcase things not possible in real life, if logic alone exits then there wouldn't be an industry named Hollywood. But since its kollywood, we'll talk abt what persists here. Vettaikaran is a film for the masses. And to be true, am a big fan of commercial entertainers which makes ur heartbeat throttle for more and i found this film was one of the best for a mass hero like Vijay. Action sequences were the only thing which i found was insane. stupid fight scenes with too much dust. Otherwise its a decent film which has all the elements for a family entertainer. The film offers all the necessary ingredients for a good meal. And it did good business at the box office which the producer claimed to be one of the biggest grossers under their banner. I found the film interesting, and to people who need logic are supposed to watch out for adaptations and films based on real life incidents where things have to look more real. Pls dnt step in watching all kinds of films and post stupid comments here. Cinema is cinema. try differentiating genres
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