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A Fun Episode Directed By Neil Patrick Harris
slightlymad2214 January 2015
This is a rare episode, as it is not directed by usual series director Pamela Fryman, but instead it's directed by Neil Patrick Harris. Who does an excellent job.

Plot In A Paragaph: Marshall is continually telling the exploits of his crazy new colleague, Jenkins. What Marshall fails to tell his friends is that Jenkins is a beautiful young woman (Amanda Peet) which transforms those crazy exploits into sexually provocative acts. Marshall, who was worried about Lily's reaction, is devastated to learn that Lily isn't jealous when she actually meets Jenkins, as she does not believe that Marshall could attract someone as hot as Jenkins. Meanwhile, Robin is convinced she's made it, when one of Ted's students recognises her from her morning show. She enjoys the recognition so much that she drops by Ted's class just so that more of his students will recognise her, which they do. Ted learns that his students use her interviews for a drinking game.

A really fun episode, Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan are both excellent, as was Amanda Peet as Jenkins. The one thing I didn't like is how success always goes to Robins head.
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Jenkins (#5.13)
ComedyFan201023 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Great episode! Turns out that Robin's show actually has a lot of viewers. but only because she is a drinking game Every time she says "but ah" they have to drink. And she does say it a lot! The way the story went was so well done. that little rivalry between Ted and Robin was awesome, and so was thee way she handles the situation.

Jenkins story is perfect. I also was surprised that Jenkins was a woman, and such a hot one. I loved how it was him telling story as if she was a guy and then to compare that she is female. Then the whole thing with him trying to make Lily jealous was gold, and especially how it ended. I am sure it ended Marshall's reacher worries forever!
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