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If any of the makers read this...
rooflivers8 November 2010
... review please, let me ask you something respectfully!: What do I have to do to get to watch more of these remarkable cartoons?!?! Shall I donate? You need a lucky mug in the studio? Write a permission? Whatever needs to be done consider it done! Because I just love these fantastic stories! The music, the art direction, the characters, the cast, everything was just great! And for a certain level I enjoyed it more than the movies! Don't get me wrong! I love the movies as well! The Burton ones, the Nolan ones are fantastic! (Let's just not talk about the Schumacher ones already!) These titles belong to these directors. It is their vision. This one is very creative as well, but this one is the real BATMAN!

The movie is not flawless though. Of course sometimes they do simple things, and there is no problem, I mean it is a cartoon, so they can get away with it! But one thing is for sure: Warner Bros. has realised that there are two groups of Batman fans out there, and one of these groups is all grown ups now! This cartoon is for them! I definitely wouldn't watch it with my child - there is blood. A lot of blood. - but for us it is like reading a comic book! They both come to life before our eyes.

I was waiting for this one and I was very happy to see it eventually! So if anybody would read this from the fantastic team of creators of this great tale: Please make more! You got one definitive fan! And I'm sure that I'm not alone! :D
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An exceptional production which brings out the best of the franchise.
Abhishek Vaidya13 July 2010
The story line has been amazingly written (rewritten since it's a comic book adaptation) with exceptional direction. Even as an animated movie it is on par with some of the best live-action productions. The voice acting is exceptional as well. But what draws you in most is the ease and fluidity with which the story has been told. The flashbacks add a more emotional element otherwise not seen in most batman production. The audience is able to look slightly more into the mind of batman. Though what makes this movie a true masterpiece is the dramatic finale. Only complaint is that some of the points in the plot are a bit obvious which tends to render some of the scenes moot.

A must watch for any batman fan and extremely entertaining for the rest.
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The Dark Knight returns triumphantly....
J Sheldon18 July 2010
Having this new Batman movie, I must say that I was amazed and caught off guard. I was expecting it to be good BUT not that good. The opening alone is a thing of beauty and one that stays in your head long after the the film has ended. Yes it is violent BUT you can't say its a great film then mark it down for being too violent. That makes utterly no sense. The people who watched the original animation series are now adults. The Batman comics are incredibly violent and the films aren't exactly for kids. I was amazed that D.C had the courage to present a story that was brutal, emotional, funny and with consequence. One scene in particular is as shocking as anything the Dark Knight had to offer. This is without doubt ranks as one of the very best DC animations and a good stop gap while you wait for the new movie to arrive. I know the Joker may not look like you expect him too but the Dark Knight proved that you don't need to have a skinny pale character in the role. This Joker is dangerous and for once you get the real sense that he is Batman's equal rather than a bumbling fool. He is crazy and has a death wise. He just wants to see the world burn. The other characters are well done, each adding to the Batman mythology. The Dark Knight isn't portrayed as some demigod without feelings. Here he is imperfect and haunted by past mistakes. You understand why he is the way he is. Nightwing was done well, cracking jokes and lightening the mood. With his character you get a real sense at his frustration with Batman and how hard it must have been for him to be the first robin. Their relationship is fractured to say the least but it also has the hallmarks of a father and son bond where there are many unspoken emotions running between them. I won't talk about the other characters as I do not want to ruin the plot. All I will say that even if you just watched the Batman films, you need to add this to your collection.
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zombybeaver16 July 2010
I had my hesitations about another DC Animated Universe movie, since Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths wasn't particularly sterling and came across as a mediocre production. However, this title refilled me with faith for Bruce Timm as a producer, and DCAU films in general.

Bruce Greenwood does a phenomenal Batman and Neal Patrick Harris complements him beautifully as Nightwing. However the shocker performance comes out of John Di Maggio, as The Joker, who helps the plot to flow elegantly from drama, to dark comedy. Though at times his voice reminds me more of Bender from Futurama, the performance was nothing short of stellar. I'd love to see him in future DCAU works to reprise his role as the Clown Prince of Crime, especially if Mark Hamill retires his clown suit.

While this is definitely one of my favorite story arcs in the Batman mythos, when I had watched the "First Look" segment for this movie I had my doubts as to whether or not they'd be able to fit such a large amount of content into their usual length animated film. However every bit of the storyline is fleshed out and you feel informed without being overloaded. As I've stated earlier it melds intense action, dark comedy, and tear-jerking drama together so well you'll watch it again and again.

To be honest, the finale for this was done perfectly. However, I won't spoil even a fraction of it.

You'll have to take your own look Under the Red Hood.

P.S. With cover art by Alex Ross, what other reason do you need to have this on your DVD shelf?
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Batman is back!
TheLittleSongbird27 February 2011
I love Batman, and I loved this movie. I did think it is a little too short though, and Joker's voice did take some time to get used to which is more to do with that I felt the voice didn't completely gel with the character design. Minor faults aside, what we do have is one of the better Batman movies (or anything to do with Batman for that matter) in my view, along with Mask of the Phantasm, the original Batman, Return of the Joker and Batman Begins. If we include series too, Batman:The Animated Series is your best bet.

The best asset of Under the Red Hood is the writing. It is just fantastic. Not only is it intelligent and smart but it is very deep and complex and delves into the characters far more effectively than any of the Nolan and Schumacher movies in my opinion. For example, Batman is not only dark, charismatic and brooding as he should be, but the writers brought a certain edge and poignancy to him too. The villains in general are also well developed.

I was also very impressed with the animation. It has a dark, haunting visual style, with smooth backgrounds, well drawn characters and atmospheric colouring, not to mention a beautifully realised Gotham City. The music is great too, very rousing and quite powerful and fits with each scene appropriately. The story is engrossing, with a great idea and well-choreographed sequences. Also the flashbacks actually add to the story in alternative to distracting from it. The voice acting is very well done from pretty much all, Bruce Greenwood does something quite special with Batman while staying true to the character, while Nightwing- wonderfully voiced by Neil Patrick Harris- is fun and witty and his frustration with Batman is done well.

Overall, a very well done animated film. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Incredibly Deep!
james-allen7224 February 2011
I remember the cover of the comic "A Death in the Family" and how shocking the depiction of Batman holding Robin's broken body was to me at the time I first saw it. The story inside was equally shocking and I remember really, really enjoying it. It was the first time that I remember seeing the joker as the horrid piece of malevolent garbage that he really is, instead of some thug who had a trademark ever-present grin. (I grew up watching the 60's series with Caesar Romero) It's been decades but I can still remember the depiction of the shadows on the wall of the Joker, holding a crowbar standing over robin with "HA HA HA HA HA HA!" all over the page. I've always kind of liked the idea of Tim Drake growing into his own man and becoming Nightwing and I had just been explaining to my wife the story of the two different Robins and their origins as well as the scene I recalled earlier, and how Batman had been so overwhelmed with guilt and had sworn to never take another sidekick, this being the reason that we never see Robin anymore. This movie really delved into that guilt that Bruce felt and I thought it was incredibly deep for an animated movie. I'm not surprised, really; The cartoons nowadays are nothing like the "Superfriends" cartoons I used to watch on Saturday mornings, but this one really pushed the limits and I was glad to see it. Personally, I'd really like to see a movie about Batman having his back broken by Bane, Azrael taking on the mantel of Batman and the chaos that ensued. I thought that was one of the best comic stories I've ever read. I liked how Azrael wasn't opposed to killing and didn't have the same moral code as Batman, but this movie covered that aspect of the Batman mythos almost as well. I think people tend to forget that part of the story, which is sad because it's one of, if not the most important aspects of Batman and what makes him a true hero! He's part of the Justice League and he doesn't have one single super power! That, by itself is amazing! He also has an iron-clad will that is seconded by none. And beyond all that, he's seen horrible things and gone up against even more horrible people, like the Joker, yet he will. not. kill. He won't allow himself to sink into that hole that he so really wishes to-he will never give in and that, in and of itself is amazing! Batman is a contemporary hero, myth and legend, not because he is impervious to bullets or because he can shoot lasers from his eyes, but because he is as human as you or me; He makes mistakes like you or I do. He is vulnerable bullets and bombs and temptations but he will never let any of those things stand in his way of obtaining justice-not as long as there is a breath in his body. He's earned the deepest respect of Superman! Therefore, he has earned my respect too. This movie really details the very worst thing that has ever happened to him since he put on his cape and cowel and it illustrates just how impervious his iron will is. I loved this movie! No Bat-fan should miss it!
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There was a Batman before TDK
joerg-nezmeskal2 August 2010
Seriously, I can't listen (or in that case read) to this crap anymore, that the creators of this film were copying or stealing from Nolan. Listen guys, there have been a Batman before TDK and there were some pretty dark and violent stories told about him like "Killing Joke" Millers "Dark Knight returns", "Knightfall" or in this case: "A death in the family", which is pretty much the source material for this incredible satisfying story. There are a lot of characters and story lines packed in this very short film but thanks to a great script and a great pace by the director nothing felt rushed and every character had his moment to shine. The movie was awesome and at least in my opinion much more entertaining and satisfying than Nolan's over-hyped "The dark knight". While Nolan's film was dark and depressing and pretty much a showcase for Heath Ledger's incredible performance, this is dark and somber as well but tells a powerful, engaging story in which you feel for the characters. Especially the last scene showed that Batman is much more than just a "High Tech-Rambo in a leather suit" but a very conflicted, torn human being. For fans of the Batman-comics highly recommended.
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Listen Up You Drug-Peddling Scumbags
gigan-9222 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers

Let me first off that I haven't read many comics. I'm just a Batman who fell in love with the character starting with the Kevin Conroy series. Ever since I've seen all the movies, followed most of the shows and seen most of these direct-to-DVD features. Now don't get me wrong, "Gotham Knight" was a damn good movie, but it could not surpass the greatness of "Subzero" or "Mask of the Phantasm". Put simply, that is because those two were actual stories while the latter a collection of short stories. So, here comes "Under the Red Hood", and the feeling the film left me with was one of awe and amazement.

The animation style is as crisp as ever and I certainly love it. The story was very dark and from what I hear it lives up to the comics. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this exhilarating piece. The action is nicely done, and the pacing was great. The voice acting was just bad-ass. Bruce Greenwood is perfect as Batman, a nice substitute for good old Conroy. Jensen Ackles could not have been better, and John Di Maggio is pretty good as The Joker, who had a larger role in the story than I had anticipated, awesome! Neil Patrick is Night Wing, pretty damn funny throughout. The music was also an added treat and delivered quite nicely. All through the film you will be shown intense sequences which will be far from dull and truth be told not meant for the kiddies. This is the true form of the Dark Knight.

Once you watch this film, with all it's great dialogue, superb action, vivid art direction and incredibly dark style, you'll definitely be inclined to watch it again and again. :D
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The best batman animated feature.
Gunberg Lange22 March 2011
This amazing Batman feature deserves 10 out of 10 stars. The story is written by one of the best writers of all. Even if it's "just a animation", it WILL blow your mind. It sure did blew my mind. I agree with Mr. Abhishek Vaidya, it is a true MASTERPIECE. I would recommend it to all batman fans, all over the world. If you haven't seen it yet, you don't know what you're missing. Even Nightwing has a cameo, the way he say things out loud, would want you to wish, he's in the movie some more time. I guess, this is the best Batman animated feature ever made. I'd wish, DC comics would made more of the same suspenseful animated features in the future.
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On par with the rest
cgatewoo13 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Everything about the new DC animated film is about what you should expect. The animation is distinctive from the actual series, which while being unsettling to those who grew up on it is still very good. The story draws from great source material. If you don't know the story, don't look it up until afterwards. Fight scenes are fun to watch. The big thing here is that each is charged with emotion towards the third act. This didn't happen before with the DC movies(Wonder Woman aside).

If at the very least, many people will find out that there have been numerous Robins.
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The best superhero cartoon
Attila Halász16 July 2010
This is exactly what i like about the Batman comics and it's based on my favorite story. I wouldn't say, the storyline is better. What is good about it, they kept the spirit of the Batman comics. I really don't want to say anything about the plot and probably you don't need it... it's a cartoon. But it's among the best ones. Great voice acting, good plot and fine animation. If you like comics, superheros or just a little bit interested you have to see it. The only thing what I'm sorry, that it's not a real movie with good actors. Really.... why isn't it the next movie... it would have been a challenging acting, good action and with the touch of Hollywood on the plot it would have been a blockbuster.
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A Batman story second only to the Dark Knight
Da'Mon Guy3 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Batman: Under the Red Hood is one of the best animated movies in some time. It features a compelling storyline as well as great traditional animation. it's a great combination of action, mystery and suspense. This latest tale adds a new dimension to the ever evolving character of Batman.

Batman: Under the Red Hood digs deep into the character of Batman as it shows us multiple layers to his personality that is not often displayed. We see his vulnerability as he revisit's the father figure/ partnership that he lost when Robin was killed. We are also shown how he has struggled with the grief or Robin's death and his subsequent failure to save him. This movie makes Batman real. In showing us his flaws, the movie grounds him. It adds a human and more real aspect to the larger than life persona of Batman. We get a new take on the character of Batman in his quest to unmask and defeat the Red Hood.

The other main characters in Under the Red Hood are equally portrayed very well. Each of them add a distinct element to the story. The Joker is played at his maniacal best right from the start. His crazed, psychopathic, are on full display as he adds to the mayhem that Batman must overcome. Nightwing, the first Robin, brings a bit of humor to this otherwise dark movie. The Red Hood gives a view of Batman's dark side. He shows us what Batman could become if ever lost sight of his sense of justice.

Batman: Under the Red Hood is a great movie. Comic book Lovers as well as casual fans will be satisfied when you watch it. This is one of those transcendent movies that becomes more than a good animated film. It's an excellent view and a great buy. This movie is one of those rare films like The Dark Knight that becomes more than just a good "comic book" movie but it becomes a good movie. Don't sleep on this because it's a cartoon or because it's one of those "superhero" movies. Give it a chance and you will not be disappointed. Batman: Under The Red Hood has definitely become one of my instant classics.
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Definitely the best of the DC direct-to-video features (so far)
Mr-Fusion11 October 2011
It's too bad DC comics hasn't been able to attain the kind of success that Marvel has with their big screen adaptations. But DC seems to be doing quite well with direct-to-DVD fare.

Adapted by Judd Winick from his own story arc, "Batman: Under the Red Hood" is a story brimming with themes of family, revenge and redemption. Five years prior, Jason Todd (the second Robin) was brutally murdered at the hands of the Joker. A death that scarred Batman nearly as badly as the death of his parents. At present, Batman (Bruce Greenwood) has his hands full with the sudden appearance of The Red Hood (Jensen Ackles), a new vigilante who's seizing control of Gotham's crime syndicates. Showing up in a guest-starring role is Nightwing (the original Robin, voiced here by Neil Patrick Harris) in a story that will face the Dark Knight with his past, as well as his worst enemy, the Joker (John Di Maggio).

The movie gets high marks for voice casting, alone. But even so, it's a stellar Batman movie, complete with first-rate animation, a heartbreaking story (geez, that last line before the credits rolled was a gut punch), and tremendous sound design. What surprises the most is the level of violence in this movie, usually achieved with off-screen sound effects that let the viewer's imagination fill in the blanks (always the right way to go). The action hits fast and hard, only slowing down to let the audience ingest the clues as to the Red Hood's identity.

Greenwood is right up there with Kevin Conroy as the greatest Batman on screen. Hopefully we'll hear him again as the Dark Knight in a future movie.

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An incredible Batman epic.
kevinxirau3 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Based on a recent graphic novel and taking place after the events of "Death in the Family", this Batman flick is, after The Dark Knight, the best movie ever to star the caped crusader. It combines an excellent story, great dialogue, awesome action scenes, and an intriguing mystery surrounding the enigmatic Red Hood. So let's take a peek under the hood.

Five years after the tragic death of Jason Todd, the second Robin, at the hands of the psychotic Joker (John DiMaggio), Batman (Bruce Greenwood) finds himself in the midst of a war between the criminal lord Black Mask and the mysterious Red Hood, who seems to know Batman all to well. Helping the dark knight in his quest to stop this madness is none other than Dick Grayson a.k.a.Knightwing (the first Robin, played by Neil Patrick Harris). But when the Joker is brought into the playing field and Ra's al Ghul somehow involved with the appearance of the Red Hood, will this conflict be too much for Batman.

Bruce Greenwood is great as Batman because he really captures the tortured and lonely quality of the character. While I still prefer Kevin Conroy, Greenwood has struck me as an honorary Batman actor. The same can be said about John DiMaggio as Joker. He's one of the best Jokers ever to exist, playing basically the classic Joker with a little bit of Heath Ledger in it. His best line is after he kills a few of Black Mask's men: "I'll need some guys. Not these guys because well they're kinda dead." Good stuff. Check it out.
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Best of the DC Animated Line-Up!
mitchell59541 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Batman Under the Red Hood is another film in the DC animated direct-to-DVD lineup. The last solo Batman film in this line-up was Batman Gotham Knight. I found that movie to be a disappointment, however, this film made up for it. I did not care for this film when I first watched it. However, when I viewed it again I loved it. This is definitely better than Gotham Knight. I even like this more than the Dark Knight Returns films. In fact this is probably the best film in the DC animated line-up so far.

Under the Red Hood is based on the comic of the same name. Under the Red Hood begins with the death of Jason Todd at the hands of the Joker. Then it cuts to years later. This new villain called the Red Hood shows up in Gotham in an attempt to control crime in Gotham. Batman needs to confront this new villain and face up to his past with Jason.

This film briefly covers Death in the Family and covers Under the Red Hood. The writer of the comic, Under the Red Hood is one of the people working on this film. I'm not familiar with the Red Hood comic. From what I hear it was not the best. Many people say that this is the definitive take on the Red Hood. From seeing this movie I can see why they think that. The writer of the original comic was involved because he wanted to make the story better, and many thought he succeeded. It is great to see someone get the opportunity to improve upon his work.

The voice-acting took some getting used to. I'm so used to Kevin Conroy voicing Batman, that this new voice did not immediately sit right with me. However, seeing the film again I like the voice actor of Batman. Bruce Greenwood voiced Batman in this movie as well as Young Justice. He does a good job as Batman.

Jensen Ackles, who voices Red Hood does a great job as well. I'm a fan of Jensen from the series Supernatural. The man has a wide range of acting talent. I wish he would get more work. Neil Patrick Harris does a decent job as Nightwing. Wade Williams as Black Mask was a lot of fun to watch.

However, John DiMaggio is probably one of my least favorite Jokers. He is definitely not up-to-par with Mark Hamill or Heath Ledger. I even like Jack Nicolson's Joker more. DiMaggio just did not sit right with me. I did not care for his voice, and I did not think he had any presence to him.

The animation is great, besides a few CGI shots. The action is great and engaging. Although, one action scene with a certain villain, I felt, was out of place in this kind of movie.

Overall this is a great Batman movie. If you are a fan of Batman and of the Red Hood comic, I highly recommend this.
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namashi_131 March 2012
'Batman: Under the Red Hood' is a Stunning Watch. Its Gripping, Edgy & Absolutely Nail-Biting!

'Batman: Under the Red Hood' Synopsis: While a new foe who uses The Joker's old alias wreaks havoc among Gotham City's organized crime, Batman finds him disturbingly familiar.

'Batman: Under the Red Hood' runs for 73 minutes, and every second, is worth watching. Judd Winick's Screenplay is Brilliant & Absolutely Nail-Biting. The Pacing & The Use of its Legendary Superhero, is fabulously done. Brandon Vietti's Direction is compelling, while the Graphics are Astounding.

Vocal Performance are amazing, but Bruce Greenwood as Bruce Wayne/Batman & Jason Isaacs as Ra's al Ghul, do an Impeccable Job.

On the whole, 'Batman: Under the Red Hood' is a Stunning Watch. Two Big Thumbs Up!
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Nice but not superb
Rostislav Mitev29 July 2010
This was one of the best BATMAN animated full-length movies, but not the ultimate movie I was hoping to be. Why? First the good things that make "Batman: Under the Red Hood" so entertaining: With no doubt in this movie we have so much violence that we couldn't see in all previous Batman animations put together. There are actual kills, blood and torturing scenes. I consider this as a plus. The animation is very smooth, the characters are very well developed, the action scenes are cool. I liked the way Batman was designed. It resembled more the TV series' from 1992 ("Batman: The Animated Series"), then the more recent shows "The Batman" or "Batman: the Brave and the Bold". I miss however the voice of Kevin Conroy - the best Batman voice ever! The Joker had a different look - I think it was a good interpretation, but again - the voice was not a good match. Most of the time the Joker speaks it sounds as a pretty normal speech - speech of a normal person. It lacks the crazy uber and undertones Mark Hamill could create. The plot was kinda inconsistent, We have one pointless appearance of Nightwing, one pointless fight with Ameizo - that seemed to me like filling a gap. The story was predictable and somewhat boring. However in overall the animation was very entertaining and fun to watch. I liked it more than any other full-length Batman animation, but still I would prefer the TV-series from the beginning of the 90's
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Oh yeah..
OneEightNine Media1 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Some good old fashion DC animation. I guess we can't really call it old because it was made about 6 years ago but with all the crap DC has been putting out over the past few years with all the New 52 garbage, this film feels like it was made a lifetime ago. Anyway, this was on TV so I watched it and enjoyed the heck out of it; just like I did back when I first saw it in 2010. The film covers the famous Red Hood storyline, but it did so way before the Red Hood got played out thanks to the video games and comics. I think they're going to dig up the Red Hood again in the future Ben Affleck Batman solo movie. Whatever, this movie covers the Red Hood before he became bastardized by DC.
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Another GOOD Batman Animated Epic!!!
zardoz-1322 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
"Batman: Under the Red Hood" is as good as any live-action "Batman" epic. The opening sequence shows the Joker using a crowbar to soften up Jason Todd before he leaves him trapped in a warehouse wired to blow up. Batman arrives too late to rescue Todd, and one of the Caped Crusader's immortal enemies, Ra's al Ghul, who had gone into business with the Joker. "Batman Versus Dracula" director Brandon Vietti has made a first-rate escapade with an enigmatic character, the Red Hood, devastating the Black Mask's crime empire. Batman doesn't seem inclined to want to capture the Red Hood and turn him over to the authorities. The biggest surprise of this animated, 75 minute extravaganza is the revelation about the Red Hood's identity. Not only do we get the zany Joker at his most sadistic, but also Batman teams up with his former partner Dick Grayson who is now Night Wing. The scenes where Batman and the Red Hood partner up to battle a quartet of virtually indestructible combatants is exciting stuff, as is the showdown between Night Wing and Batman against Amazo, a robot that can absorb superhero's powers. The animation looks terrific, and Bruce Greenwood makes a robust Batman. Batman gets to use his Batplane, his batarangs, and his own traditional weapons. Batman is haunted by the death of Jason Todd. It seems, however, that poor Jason isn't defunct. As it turns out, Ra's al Ghul confiscated his corpse and put it into his Lazarus Pit to rejuvenate him. Alfred doesn't look the same. He has hair. The Joker is just as dangerous as he has always been. Vietti doesn't let the pace slacken in this fast-moving actioneer.
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A fine addition to Batman franchise
Anssi Vartiainen18 March 2014
Every now and then there comes a film that exceeds all expectations. A film that no one really believed in, made for some easy dollars with minimal effort, which however manages to rise above its limitations to deliver an experience we're all going to remember. Batman: Under the Red Hood is one of those film. Released direct to DVD it tells the story of Jason Todd, one of the least likable Batman sidekicks ever conceived on paper. It doesn't have the voice talents of Mark Hamill as the Joker or Kevin Conroy as Batman, its animation looks relatively cheap and it lacks that tight focus films like The Dark Knight have, where it'd feel more than a "mere" superhero film.

And yet, somehow, it all works. Most of the excellence stems from the story, which is about Jason Todd, yes, but unlike in the comics, where he's simply a whiny little brat with few redeeming qualities, in here he's a surprisingly likable main character alongside Bruce Wayne. Yes, he's moody and brooding and even a bit whiny, but the film goes to extra lengths to show why he's like that and because of that he's more sympathetic than ever. The final scene between him and Batman is one of the best DC moments I have ever witnessed. It delves deep into the mythos of Batman and asks some really pointed questions, most of which we have been unable to answer. Not that the film gives us any definitive answer, because there are none, but it shines light on a certain point of view.

Furthermore, the voice acting is surprisingly good, lack of Hamill and Conroy notwithstanding. The animation has that direct-to-DVD quality to it and it's really nothing groundbreaking, but it does its job and every now and then there's a really cool visual scene. I also like the world they have built here. Unlike most Batman movies, where it feels like there's nothing all that important going on outside of Gotham City, here it feels like a proper DC universe - full of heroes and villain, magic, alien science and freakish beings.

Some have claimed Batman: Under the Red Hood to be the best Batman movie ever made, and I can see their point. It has a strong story, stays true to its characters, is technically solid and delivers everything we have ever wanted from a Batman movie. I'd claim that the average animation and some minor hiccups in the voice acting and all around execution keep it from being the best, but it's still a really good film. Easily recommended to all fans of Batman or superhero films in general.
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Batman: Under The Red Hood
Travis Schwantz5 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
*Review Contains Spoilers*

PLOT: A new masked vigilante appears in Gotham known simply and the "Red Hood". Batman must find out who he is and what his motives are as he pieces everything together and finds out all the answers...

MY THOUGHTS: What a bold and creative new story utilizing the Batman character and franchise. After watching it, I was in awe. One of the greatest animated superhero films of all time without a doubt. The plot has many twists and turns as you keep guessing the identity of this masked man only to realize the answer was right under your nose the whole time. The fact that Robin is the Red Hood makes you truly realize the affect of being in Bruce's shadow has had on the boy wonder. It also allows you to understand Batman's "rule" better as well. You get an even better understanding of the character.

PROS/CONS: If you are a fan of the Batman character, you are in for a real treat and will remain entertained the whole way through. If you're new to the character however, it may seem to lag a bit in some parts and you may not be completely involved in the story for the entire viewing.

RATING: 8/10 *Must see for any Batman fan*
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First Joker film I've seen that hasn't completely relied on him!
MildInconvenienceMan22 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked this film, and it is one of the only batman related films that I have seen that I though was good enough to be seen as similar to the dark knight franchise, this film utilised the characters from batman so we didn't just get a snippet of the characters we really saw a diverse selection that really did work well together.

Only real negatives to me is characters like night wing were forgotten about half way through the story, yes this did make sense in terms of the story but I would have loved to see a bit more of him. Other than that this is one of the first joker related films I've seen that have not become totally involved int him instead he is merely the backbone to the past, but does not completely run it, so we saw him in healthy doses that allowed us to see the other characters in more detail.

There also wasn't too much of the story just left to the imagination at the end, most of the story lines were concluded which was good to see in a film. The animation was pretty darn good, it was professional and didn't drop frames, due to animators laziness, it was all put together fairly perfectly.

This film was really good in my opinion, and I really enjoyed watching it, it was the first joker film I've seen that hasn't relied on him too much for the storyline, and instead was a little more adventurous.
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Mixed feelings but very satisfying.
Bouke v Laarhoven1 August 2012
The first part of Batman: Under the Red hood left me unhappy with the film. But after the quite shallow openingsequence packed with explosions and crowbar beatings the film starts to flourish. After you get used to the interpretation of the Joker you will really start to enjoy the film. More than excellent sequences will leave you amazed and sucked into the world of Batman. I was irritated by the voicing of Nightwing by Neil Patrick Harris (who I normally enjoy). It was too 'kiddy' and 'punchliney' for my taste. Also I felt that the character can be left out without harming the story. What also bothered me with the central part of the plot was that the twist was put in so early in the movie, which kinda leaves you waiting for a climax.

The lesser stuff aside, the emotional conclusion of the film is simply amazing and makes up for the flaws of the film.

Under the Red hood is certainly a diamond, but in the rough. It's imperfect but it is extremely enjoyable and will leave you wanting to see it again.
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really solid
jozerd3 April 2012
If you're reading a review on a batman movie, chances are: you're a batman fan. So see this movie. I think Nolan has done one of the best films ever in Dark Knight... I think this is my second favourite Batman movie. Batman's moralistic themes are brought full circle from the awesome opening scene to the exciting climax and satisfying conclusion. The voices are all good, the action sequences surpassed my expectations for animations. It's refreshing to have animation that is dark and bordering on gruesome. If only more animations went this way for a more mature audience. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Go see it.

I've also checked out Mask of the Phantasm which was also good, I'd give that one an 8. Batman Gotham Knight I didn't like for story purposes, but had some pretty cool visuals.. I'd give it a 5. Batman: Year One was a big character development movie for all the players in Batman Begins and Dark Knight. Some cool action sequences in that one. I'd give it a 7, although I liked it a lot more than Batman: Gotham Knight. I'm about to check out Batman Beyond Return of the Joker.
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dark knight at it's best
ashwin-aditya228 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a celebration of what Batman represents, a warrior in a constant unstoppable war between the good and the evil. This movie depicts the invisible aspects of this war, the turmoil, fear, sorrow, and sadness this war brings to those involved in it. The movie very effectively depicts the heavy burden the good side place on you, and the pleasures that evil side promises you. The Batman face the biggest challenge in the form of Red Hood - a character killing the members of the crime gang in Gotham city and overtaking their business. The story has been exceptionally told, the animation superb, voices good and the climax superb. If you are a true Batman fan then you will never forget this movie.
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