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complete waste of time
iceflame77777 April 2010
I expected this to be a comedy, like it was listed on here, but it wasn't funny, entertaining or interesting in any way. The majority of the film is made up of overly long soft core sex scenes. I'm not sure what the writers thought was funny when they were writing it, but there aren't even any jokes in the film. The acting is crap as expected, with the main character monologuing a LOT, if you have an actor who you know is crap, try and make them say as little s possible instead of constantly talking about things that have nothing to do with the scene. Also here are a LOT of pointless scenes in this film, of the main character shopping, playing golf and just driving around, with nothing else happening in those scenes at all. Save yourself the time and either go and watch porn or watch a decent comedy.
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The worst movie ever in my opinion
claudio-domingues25 June 2010
Before I review this movie, I have to say that I'm usually not "picky" about movies, and some of my favorite movies had really bad critics, but I still couldn't stand this movie. First a review about the general aspects of the movie. Overall it really looked like a work of amateurs, which would be fine if the other things were good. The acting, saving 2 or 3 actors, was awful and I really mean awful (even the dog was bad). Now about the story and the content. This looked, like it was said here before, just like a soft core pornographic movie. The movie had a lot of those scenes which were too long, repetitive and just lame, not adding anything to the story. Oh and the actresses that were in those scenes were some of the worst actresses ever. Really the movie went like: 5 min about the story - 10 min lesbian-zombie sex scene - 3min story - 10 min zombie orgy.

I never thought a movie could be this bad. Don't watch it unless you want to waste your time.
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I Am Legend spoof with a sexy twist
jloomis7514 September 2010
This is a spoof of I Am Legend with a twist - insatiable lust. The infected just can't get enough sex and Robby, our sweet virgin, is the last man standing who hasn't succumbed to his lustful urges in a post-apocalyptic world. There is definitely nudity and some soft-core scenes, but that's what fast forward is for if you're not into that sort of thing. Adam Davis is convincing as "the virgin" and is actually quite comical. Billy Bob the dog isn't to be outdone! And let's not forget Ron Jeremy as the elder vampire. There were some amazing shots and in a downtown city like Portland it's quite impressive to see how desolate the streets all look. I'm a person who watches and reviews many movies each week, including an immense amount of low budget and independent films. The cinematography is far superior to the great majority of low budget films (even ones with bigger names attached). The other aspect that really impressed me was the sound quality. Nothing is more irritating than having to replay a scene due to poor audio, or just as bad, being able to tell the difference between the original recording on set and the re-recording. Although not all the females in this movie are strippers there are a few (hey, it's what Portland is known for!), but there is a wide variety of sexy, scantily clad women to entice not just Robby, but the other beefy men in this film as well. So if you enjoy a little comedy with your T&A this should be right up your alley!
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A delightful romp through everything B-movie...a RHPS for the 21st century...minus the singing!
cclarkjames1 March 2010
As our beloved main character Robby makes his way through post apocalyptic Portland, OR he learns a thing or two about sex and love. Shot entirely in Portland, OR this comedy is enjoyable and light-hearted, with a great cast, endearing storyline and that special touch of a cult classic. The adult scenes are arousing without being grotesque or comical. The production design is perfectly attuned to the needs of the film, and I loved the hard working skeletons! Worth seeing several times-once with friends for fun and once with the Mrs/Mr for even more fun...who likes Vamp role-playing!?! This is also a great flick for film buffs...can you find all the homages to great B-movies of the past.........yes, yes, you can!
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LOVE THIS MOVIE! Portland strippers and great tattoo work!
alexeyer24 December 2018
I enjoyed the plot. Funnier than hell! A bunch of Portland strippers with their bad-ass tattoo work and Ron Jeremy?! What more can you ask for?!!! Great use of an hour of your time.
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