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MPAA Rated R for brutal violent content including rape and torture, strong sexuality, graphic nudity, and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is shown showering, back and butt are shown briefly.
  • A woman has sex with a man. She lies on top of him and thrusts as both moan. Her breasts are briefly visible. Not a long scene.
  • There is dialogue about sex and sexual abuse, but there is only one sex scene with brief breasts and buttocks. There is also the rape at the beginning, but nothing is shown except the woman's head- traumatic.
  • A woman assaults a man after he raped her. This is purely revenge and not meant to be sexual.
  • 2 graphic rape scenes. In one of them a man rapes a girl and in the other the same girl rapes the same man with a electric dildo.
  • A man and a woman have sex. Her bare buttocks and her breasts are shown for less than 5 seconds
  • A man rapes a young woman on a bed where she is tied up. She struggles while screaming. Not graphically shown but she can be heard crying and screaming so this scene could be very disturbing.
  • Two young women meet at a bar and start kissing. We see one woman put her hand up the skirt of the other. The next morning, they are seen in bed only wearing underwear. Non graphic.
  • A photo of a naked woman is seen briefly from a distance. No graphic nudity is featured. Fairly hard to see.
  • It is said that a man and a woman have a sexual relationship
  • The film contains recurring themes of rape and sexual abuse.

Violence & Gore

  • Much of the violence is offscreen or implied, not a lot of graphic violence
  • There are two scenes that involve car crashes. In the first scene, a man is shown inside the crashed car with blood covering his face. The second crash shows the driver covered in blood.
  • Characters investigating a series of killings look at many photos showing the victims' bodies and crime scenes. The photos are bloody and graphic. Including, but not limited to, numerous stab wounds, dismemberment, decapitation, mutilation, and torture of the victims. One victim's head is seen imploded from being stoned to death.
  • A man is shot by an unseen gunman and the bullet grazes his forehead and begins bleeding heavily. He is soon shown receiving makeshift stitches out of a sewing needle and dental floss, using alcohol to sterilize the wound. Blood covers his face. This is not shown in graphic detail and is more implied.
  • In self defense, a woman hits a man in the head by an oar, no blood is shown. He falls into a lake and she pins him down with the oar until he drowns.
  • In self-defense, a woman strikes a man in the face with a golf club and one of his teeth can be briefly seen flying out of his mouth. In several following shots we clearly see enormous swelling on his face as well as a dislocated jaw and a large laceration, presumably from his fractured jawbone.
  • After a young woman has her bag snatched, she follows the robber and punches him (bloodlessly) several times in the face until her bag is free.


  • The 'f' word is uttered at least 20 times.
  • The s-word, b-word, and other anatomically-related obscenities are scattered throughout the film.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two young women take a pill in a nightclub and then spend the night together.
  • Several characters and scenes where they engage in alcohol consumption. Mostly in a casual manner, and not to excess. One scene involves using alcohol to settle a man while his wound is being cleansed (also with said alcohol), and stitched up.
  • Lisbeth and Mikael smoke, but Lisbeth more so.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Rated MA15+ ( Strong Sexual Violence, Adult Themes, Infrequent Violence & Sex Scenes )
  • The rape scenes may disturb some viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • There is a scene where a man tells a girl to unzip his trousers and proceeds to grab her head and she is forced to give oral sex (no nudity). The actual act of this is not shown

Violence & Gore

  • A woman strikes an assailant in the face with a golf club so hard that his teeth are seen and heard clattering on the floor.
  • After being raped and while in the shower, blood is shown getting washed down the drain. Presumably because of the rape.
  • There is an intense and graphic rape scene. A girl visits her guardian's apartment in need of her allowance money. He takes her wrist and slaps one end of a pair of hand cuffs. She tries to flee; he chokes her until she loses consciousness. The scene fades to black then fades back in moments later where she comes to and is now on her front on his bed, gagged with a rag, and both arms handcuffed to the bed posts and her ankles cuffed to the foot board. She quickly begins thrashing and struggling to break free without success. The man pulls her shirt over her front, pulls her pants down and rips off her underwear. The girl continues violently struggling to break out of the handcuffs and screaming in rejection, and the man watches for a lull as if he's enjoying it. He licks her anus, then gets on top of her, applies a condom (offscreen), and we see her facial reaction to the penetration. Brief thrusting before she stops struggling and the scene cuts away. Moments later, the girl is dressing, clearly traumatized and hobbling in pain.
  • A woman goes to the apartment of a man. She tases him and he falls unconscious to the floor. He awakens naked with his hands and legs tied and his mouth taped shut. The woman shows him a raw video of him raping her taken on a hidden camera in her bag. For revenge, she violently inserts a large brass dildo into his anus (offscreen) then begins stating demands that he must abide by. She kicks the dildo in deeper as blood-curdling noises can be heard to his pain and shouting, then threatens to kill him if he ever brings a woman to his apartment alone for any reason. She then reveals a tattoo machine and graphically embeds the message "I AM A RAPIST PIG" on his torso. The tattooing is not shown but the end result, with blood dripping out of the tattooed letters on the man's torso, is lingered on.
  • The protagonist's cat is found dead at his front door, covered in blood, with its legs partially dismembered revealing bones and muscle tissue. It is shown more than once for many seconds. The body and its limbs are arranged in the shape of a swastika.
  • A man is gassed and passes out, and awakes to find himself tethered to the ceiling by his neck and back. After some talk with his torturer, who treats the setting in a routine, matter-of-factly manner, even going so far as to put on music, his head is covered with a plastic bag as he hyperventilates. An array of power tools are shown at the torturer's disposal. The man is eventually rescued.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are two very disturbing rape scenes. One done by a man towards a girl and another done as revenge by the girl towards the same man.
  • The cat's death isn't shown, but the gory corpse, and its arrangement in the style of a Swastika, will be disturbing for animal lovers, especially since the cat is young and gets some screen time to display personality.

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