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All of the wide shots of the actors on the ledge were real. Restraining cables were either hidden from camera view or edited out in post-production.
Sam Worthington helped kick start Man on a Ledge into production when he expressed early interest in the script. Worthington partially admits to being intrigued by the role because of his fear of heights, and the majority of the scenes on the ledge were set to be shot on the real ledge of the Roosevelt Hotel, over 200 feet above 45th Street in midtown Manhattan.
Amy Adams was considered for the role of Lydia.
Det. Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks) helps Nick (Sam Worthington), a wrongfully convicted man who escapes from prison to prove his innocence. In 'The Next Three Days', Banks played a character who is wrongfully convicted and escapes from prison.
The signs the three women on the neighboring rooftop are holding up: "JUMP IN TO MY ARMS", "WE ARE WITH YOU!" and "Single?".
The sign on the roof of Englander's: "24 HOUR ROOF REPAIR". This is the reason for the massive blue tarp. Coincidentally or not, it provided additional coverage for Joey Cassidy (Jamie Bell) and Angie (Genesis Rodriguez).
Joey Cassidy (Jamie Bell) says three different lines three times apiece in rapid succession: "We're here, we're here, we're here.", "Hold on, hold on, hold on." and "Angie, Angie, Angie."
Jack Dougherty's (Edward Burns) two notes to Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks): "Room Swept No Prints" and "Running Print 5 minutes".
The antagonist in Man on a Ledge (2012) is David Englander (Ed Harris). The film revolves around a "Monarch Diamond." - England has been a Monarchy, of one type or another, for hundreds of years.
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The architectural building model used in the scenes with Ed Harris (beginning around 47:34), in which Harris' character, David Englander, shares his real estate development plans of the "Monarch Spire" to a group of investors, also appears in White Collar: Brass Tacks (2013). In that episode, Matt Bomer's character, Neal Caffrey pitches a slightly modified version of this same skyscraper model as "The Edwards City Tower" to real estate tycoon, Cole Edwards. (scenes starting around 18:54)
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Released one year after "The Ledge", starring Charlie Hunnam. While both movies share the same Macguffin, the plots are vastly different, with Hunnam's film revolving around a scorned lover that must make a choice to save his own life, or his girlfriend's.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The scruffy looking man who ultimately allows Nick Cassidy to prove his innocence is shown briefly in the scene when Mike Ackerman enters the police station and first learns there is a man on a ledge.
The train that hit the Jeep following the cemetery scene was operated by the New York and Atlantic Railway.
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