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A retired exorcist is forced back into business when his brother is murdered by Mexican gangsters.

Stars: Akchtonin Ramos

A comedy centered on a few ad executives who are sent back to high school to learn how to be cool again.

36 I
Crime | Drama

Two detectives look to solve a series of armored car robberies; the one hitch being the one who catches the crooks will receive a promotion.

Action | Adventure

When an ancient evil is unleashed upon the world, a young American must team with a beautiful Asian girl to seek out the 7 Masters of Chinese legend and prevent the coming apocalypse.


Hollywood stuntman Colt Seavers uses his daredevil skills to moonlight as a bounty hunter.

Director: McG
Action | Adventure

A young physicist investigates a mysterious object that crashed into a remote African mountain in the 1940s.


"Lore" tells the story of the lone survivor of an ancient race of paranormal beings who is abducted and forced to put his extraordinary abilities to work for the government. When an old ... See full summary »

Action | Thriller

A soulless con man sets out to steal a treasure made of ancient silver from a castle full vampires.

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